Awards & Accolades…

I would specifically like to thank all those who’ve been recognizing my blog, reviewing it or giving awards =) I don’t consider myself worthy enough for even single of them, but STILL your recognition, bestowal and the fact that you took time out to read and appreciate matter a LOT! =) I can’t thank you enough for considering my words so significant.

Fabulous Blog Award:

I would specially like to thank Aadil, Mishaal and BMK for giving me the Fabulous Blog Award. As far as the rules are concerned, I took 10-15 minutes to think if I really have any ‘obsession’ these days and I realized that my life is hollow these days. The fire of obsessions and passions has perhaps finished. And I pass this award to Hafsa, Inspirations & Aspirations, N.A Musaafir-e-Dasht, Momal Mushtaq and MOST importantly AD for her BEAUTIFUL and unmatchable blogs.

I just have no words for Haris,a very brilliant blogger himself, for considering my blog among the top three blogs in his view here. He described my blog as:

I just like this blog. I probably have many reasons for liking this blog but don’t have words to explain. The way feelings and emotions are expressed in each and every post, and the way the deepest of thoughts one can ever have are brought to surface is what I probably like about it. Another important reason for me to like this bog is, that I really get to learn from this blog, A LOT…

Am just speechless, Haris! =) I’m sorry for being so late in responding you. I saw it few days back and was totally out of my words. Thank you so much. May Allah bless you always.

The most recent analysis has been done by Amna Zahoor as Amna Zahoor-Opening Hira’s Life. at Sofa-Communications. It’s a blog run by four ladies Sonia, Oxana, Farishna and Amna. I had never visited this blog before and I don’t even know Amna =) Still I was shocked today to see my blog to a post there where a whole analysis was made. Amina & Farishna express as:

The personal blog that I liked is Opening Hira’s Life, by Hira Zainab. She is from Pakistan. She is an engineering student having the capability of writing. Her blog depicts her thoughts about life, and its’ experiences. After looking at her blog and reponse of her readers, one can guess that she is famous among people who like to follow blogs.

Her blog has a beautiful combination of background and text colour. The black, white and red colour text enhances the reader’s attention. Also, she has decorated it with the different art images according to her text description. I liked her recent post, confession court, in which she told the readers about the people she loves. She expressed her feelings about their importance in her life. This post shows her sensitivity and care for the relationships.

Furthermore, the gadgets are arranged and easy to fine in her blog. She has shared some poetry and there is also a list of blogs which she likes to visit. There is guest book for comments and feedback from readers as well.

Hence, I think this is kind of different blog with no personal pictures but with personal feelings.-Amna

This blog is truly interesting. I love art and the colours in the background and the content just blew my mind. Do check out this blog everyone.- Farishna

I ermm am really overwhelmed for your concern and appreciation, Amna and Farishna =) It really means a LOT!

At the end, I would here specifically like to mention two recent additions at my Blogroll, the two new bloggers: Awais and Ghazi Aitizaz. I would like you all to visit their blog and encourage them to keep writing & sharing =)


Deciding turn…

In this stillness born, here I get engaged with my endeavor to gather my energies to get back to some personal note. I fear to be not succeeded in reviving my ‘bonga pan’ :) But I can atleast strive to share…

I was asked to discuss my activities these days. Something which I’ve trying to do so in past two months. Helpless though I stood in matter of sharing. I assume that it would be a bit early to conclude about the ‘impact’ of past two months on my life. And I would rather prefer to discuss the influence they left on my life, when I’ll be able to turn the pages of my life. Not only many relations entered my life in this little spam, but also revival of many realizations and tasks took place.
On top of all significant happening lies the sensation of passion I sensed yet again during this previous spam. Passion indeed is an energy. And in past some time, I not only felt the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. The strength which nourishes you inside even if your health or routine doesn’t allow you to do so. And my passion is revived by my entry in Tamasha. First event which will be conducted by a society called “Jaago”.

I’ve written introductions of Tamasha at various places, explained it in front of many people. But now when I am supposed to describe its imprint on my life, then I’m speechless. I really am.
I entered Tamasha team as an event head of essay competition. I was last person to enter it. From most junior batch lol:) Unforgettable meeting that was with Haidar Bhaiyya :) He took sort of an interview of mine to see whether I complement with Tamasha‘s theme or not :P And on entering it, when the fire of passion started revolving around my life, then I just couldn’t hold myself back. From my daily conversations with fellows/friends to documentation of whole event, from my calls to companies to meetings with other members, everything in my life seemed to be in realms of Tamasha.
But when website was launched, I was mentioned there as Director of all events. It was as surprising for me as anything could be. Since I didn’t consider myself appropriate for it. But just being under this ‘tag’ made me unravel much more in this journey. Which I’d be sharing some time later :)

Anyhow, here’s final version of our website : Tamasha-Jaagoo. If life, time and situations would permit me, then I’ll be sharing many things related to our whole event :) And since I’ve not given any proper introduction of it, so you can read introductions in ‘About’ section in this website:P

Back to where I was. In past some days relation of ‘mother’ has been very significant in my life. Be it in form of comforting shade under the lap of Mama or in emotional boasts-ups and warm shoulder of Dedi :) Words will NEVER be enough to describe the worth possessed by presence of both of you :)

The clock is ticking last moments of this day. This reminds me of last night :O Has anyone of you ever sensed the ecstasy of being in ‘rainy’ full moon night ? I sensed it last night for the third time *innocent smiley* And just being under the clouded-full moon and shower of nature makes me mad… mad enough to get new energies induced in me :)


Time is passing gradually. The awareness of passage of each and every moment brought by ticking of clock is throwing me in desert of reminiscences. A movie that begins to sway in front of curtains of my vision. Special days remain special, no matter WHAT! Each and every second is grabbing me to moments of last year. Same time, same place, but ‘opposite’ situations; different dreams, different emotions. And most significantly, different me :) It seems strange to suffer the elevation of life on scale of 180 degrees. How many of you have suffered it?:)
Tomorrow’s day would perhaps be no different to many of you. But for me, it perhaps will be. For I’ll spend moments of 7th Aug,2008 BUT by ‘living’ in 7th Aug,2009.

Fire cracks in the street bring me back to 2009 and am reminded of Shab-e-Baraat. A night of decisions. And once again, am amazed at ‘synchronization’. It always happens in my life. The moments which once made me stand on deciding edge have tonight brought everyone in field. Every fate would be decided by the Fate-Writer. And am stuck in amalgam of my thoughts. I was fully prepared for my ‘deciding turn’, yet my life handled by my Creator took me to the other ‘unexpected’ turn. How many of you are prepared to be on ‘deciding turn’ tonight?!:)

Errr.. Special thanks to BMK for pushing me to share my routine and daily life activities at Bongi Khana.