Writing… apparently is a small word yet contains the depths of oceans in it. They say, ‘Like stones, words are laborious and unforgiving, and the fitting of them together, like the fitting of stones, demands great patience and strength of purpose and particular skill.’ I, by no means, consider myself capable enough to possess this specific skill but since I had once read that ‘Ecstatic is the Soul when Heart and Mind in unison desires to Write, to write for Self, for Others and above all for God, from whom this gift of writing indeed is.’ So I just am searching for that particular ecstasy in journey of my soul..

My writing is a form of personal freedom. It always releases something in me. A spirit that moves within me and let me cross some barriers inside every time I write. It feels as though I am a window-plane that another spirit looks through. It seems to free me from the mass identity I see all around us. BUT when I’m conscious of it, of what I’m doing, I can’t write anything.*innocent smiley* But when I just let go, and forget myself, then it just seems to come through me. My writing is more of my catharsis. I write to save myself, to survive as an individual.

I was told by my Dedi ( a beloved relation ) that my writing is a weapon for me :) And it does wonders if I hold my pen to spread life, happiness and positivity among the people. I was told that it is the flow of words and sensitivity inside a piece of writing that stirs a heart. If I’ve touched a chord of someone’s heart with my words, the rules of linguistics automatically lose their value. From today, I tend to do this for the rest of my life :)

Writing is an exploration for me. I just start from nothing or just a single vague point, and learn as I go. I had read somewhere:

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time

I welcome you all to world of my exploration and freedom :) Hoping that my writings will be source of positivity for all of my readers. Looking forward to be in contact through our ‘writings’..

Ohh did I forgot to mention that like always, I’ll be needing your prayers this time as well?:)

Best regards,
Hira aka spotlesssoul..



  1. ur “Dedi” is correct…..
    u r an exceptionally fantabulous writer……

    • Errr.. I actually don’t know how to respond to your statement.
      I mean, I do want to thank you for your such a huge compliment but at the same time, my heart is engulfed by a desire to correct your this ‘misunderstanding’ as well :) This is way TOO high complement for a writer like me.

  2. now that is ur modesty….

    • Nops.. the reality:)

  3. You are an amazing writer, hira. I haven’t read a lot of you but what I have went straight to my heart. Straight! (:

    Keep doing wonders with your ability to write (:

    • Awhh:)

      You know? This comment of yours mean a LOT to me.:)

      Thank you so much:) InshAllah I’ll try to. Just require your best wishes and prayers:)

  4. Beautifully written :) !!

    • Thankew Huda:)

      And welcome to my blog:)

    • Btw I can’t see your blog:(

    • Nobody can see her blog :/
      I’m pretty sure it’s something like The Diary of a Serial Killer or something….

    • @ Absar on Huda’s blog
      Lol :D
      Really Huda? o.O
      And no mann!! i don’t expect her to be of ‘that’ type :P You’re expecting too high of her.

  5. Yea .. sorry about that

    It’s private :P

    • Itsh okie:)

      It’ll be my pleasure to have your comments here though:P

      Take cares:)

  6. Very nicely written Hira!

    • Thank you. :)

  7. Your name is Hira? That means a diamond, right?! *whoa*
    And you know something…you are the only one I know who has made use of this theme so wonderfully!! All the widgets and the sidebars add up to this blog!! =)

    • Awww.. Thanks a lot Priya :)

      And the main designing is done by my friend M.M (Mo) for me :) I then added up few little widgets. But still, main credit goes to her only!:)

      Hira means light :P Heera means Diamond ;)

      Welcome to my blog :)

  8. You are really an artist of words :)

    • Errr.. Not really :)

      But thanks a LOT for your comment :) It matters a lot.

  9. i like”My writing is a form of personal freedom”
    playing with words and expressing your feelings is art. and you are the expertof that art.

    • I don’t that that am anywhere even near to word known as ‘expert’ :) But still, your appreciation matters a lot.

      Thank you :)

  10. first time on your blog…
    brilliinat thoughts….
    wraped in beautiful words….

    • Welcome to my blog :)

      Thank you :) Hope to be in contact through our ‘writings’ :)

  11. Advice is not easy to give so it is very hard to listen to it and implementing it in real terms. The best advice I could give her came from the prospective of being 24 years old, looking back. I ask myself, “If I could go back what I would do differently?” When I ask that question, the answer is always the same. I would pursue my writing career at a much earlier age.

    She might be aware of this fact that writing is very personal. In writing a note or a poem, especially the initial ones of our career, we put a part of our self on the nib of our pen. Not just our efforts and our imagination, but parts of our personality and parts of our life. It may be fiction but a part of our true self is very apparent in our writings.

    I can only speak from a personal point of view here. The first article on a social problem I wrote was very much like a child to me. I put so much of my experience into the writing. I put my time and energy into creating my thoughts alive on a paper. I worked on it each day, nursing it along, day by day, watching it grow and develop by adding and amending different things. When I would hit a snag in the writing, I would work through the problem, time and time again, as a mother would with a child. I had no idea if other authors develop such a close relationship with an article of three columns only, but I did and took months and months to complete it. The note became a part of me. In fact, the note was put away for years. I kept it buried and shared it with very few people. I took it out when I was asked to publish it in a newspaper at the age of 20 and then I read it again. The note was so intriguing; I knew it was already a winner on University level. It just needed to be rewritten and updated. I took it out, spent a week rewriting every paragraph it had. I polished it up, edited it over and over until I felt it was ready to go out to the newspapers‘s proof-reading section. After I was sure the manuscript was ready to be viewed, I wanted to stop and not take the chance. I was so afraid of failure, of rejection, that I came close to burying Only a Game. A brother of mine intervened this time and insisted that I should send this article out as the issue was as new as it was years back. I was almost physically sick when I sent it out. It was at this point, I realized that failure had been mine all these years because I was so afraid of failing that I was unwilling to take the chance on success. I had defeated myself because I was unwilling to face the possibility of failure. This is the major; I would repeat major difference between Imama Hameed and Hira Zainab. I was afraid to take chances when I was of her age and she is never hesitant taking them. When I had a dream of her becoming a world-class writer one day, I never knew that once she would start stepping up through the stairs of success for fulfilling my dreams with full of her heart, dedication and sincerity.

    Some writers like Hira Zainab may have a natural talent and they write the same way they breathe and talk. These are writers since a pen touches their fingers. They are never an aspiring writer. They are the living-art without the need of an accomplishment. The rule of natural writing is equally implemented in composing verses too. Like a true poet, she never wrote a poem to become a poet. It is about the way she could understand life, and felt it everyday. The way she could observe something common inside this world, and change it into an extraordinary experience. For me, if as a poetess, she is not published yet, it does not mean she isn’t one. It just means she may have not had the opportunity to do so. And therefore, as a writer it is something similar. Effort creates a tangible result, but talent gives it the spicy flavor.:)

    Sometimes talent needs a lot more effort, than those who are not talented because those who don’t have talent have to work a lot more than someone who does have it. Those who are not talented, work too much to do something that gives a good value to others, and those who feel have talent may feel big efforts are not needed. They have it all already.

    But at the end, as time passes by, effort does pay its result. Natural writer or not, talented or not, you are a writer who carries a greatest responsibility of making up the people’s mind, just by devoting completely to your dream and giving the extra mile.

    In the last, I just want let her to know that we each have a few stars passing over our heads. The star of opportunity comes and then quickly vanishes. Never be afraid to reach up and grab your star and go for a ride. You never know where that star will carry you. Those who find success early on are the people who are not afraid to try ever. Those of us who achieve success in our later years are the ones who were a bit slower to realize that success is possible for anyone and everyone, but you have to be willing to work for that success. You have to be willing to take the chance.:)

    I hope, I did make myself clear here to her that why I as well as the people above called her a naturally talented person. I am so anticipating that she would keep on fulfilling her duties as a torch-bearer for many, many more. Blog is just a start, a first step for a star like her. Her destination is the place where the whole world will recognize H-Z through her writings. Afterall, Venus shines in the skies.

    And yeah, Zaini, dreams were mine but efforts and credit is all yours.:)

    Love you~

  12. “My writing is a form of personal freedom.”
    “when I’m conscious of it, of what I’m doing, I can’t write anything.*innocent smiley* But when I just let go, and forget myself, then it just seems to come through me. My writing is more of my catharsis. I write to save myself, to survive as an individual.”

    Thats the beauty of your writing :-)

    Your blog is like an Oasis (for me ) :-)

    Keep writing , keep ‘exploring’ ;-)

    • Awhhh :) I dunno what to say.. That’s really sweet of you to comment in that way :) May my blog always remain an oasis but during the path of real/true direction :)

      Thank you Nayni :)

  13. catharsis
    What does that word mean? I don’t know… ):
    And… well… I don’t have to tell you that again and again… because you won’t admit… BUT YOU’RE AN EXCELLENT WRITER!!! Thought-provoking. Deep. Philosophical. Quite mature and amazing for a girl of your age. (:
    P.S. You’ve all my prayers.

    • I told you already :P But still, catharsis is used for those people who use their any art/habit/talent as a way to deal with their depression. Catharsis is purgation, describing the release of the emotions of pity, depression or fear.

      I really need your prayers Mo :) A lot of them.

  14. Hira, You have extremely beautiful writing style….
    It is an honour knowing you through blogging world
    Thanx for visiting my Blog

    • Thanks :)

      Your blog? It’s not visible with your name tag :s will you please tell me which blog do you own?

  15. You’ve all of them… Really (:

    P.S. A question for Imama Hameed:
    Was you article published? (:

    • Yes, Momal. It got published 5 years back, I assume.


  16. Well, I havent read much of your writings, but whatever I have come across, I have enjoyed it. Great word used by someone above when he (or she probably) said that you’re a fantabulous writer. Keep up the good work.

    BTW, could you please translate your writings in easy english :-P

    • Err :) First of all, welcome to my blog young man.

      And though I don’t agree to what you think regarding my writings, but still i feel honoured that you took time in reading my articles :)

      And errr:$ I dun think that it’s that tough english :S :$ If you want then i can include the meanings of difficult words at the end of my post. What do you say?:)

      Bless thee wherever you remain.

  17. i have so many thoughts similar to yours….i love to write too and after reading your blog, have started my own…do check it out :)

    • Just checked. It’s really great and worth- doing =)

  18. you know hira…
    i always say that WORDS do not matter…
    they never do to me.. but your expression through words makes me feel that they do :)

    • This comment of yours means a LOT mano =)

  19. i was here :P…somehow by mistake :P

    • Where? :p and what do you mean by MISTAKE? :/ :/

  20. An exceptional piece of introductory note…… =D

    • Err :$ Thank you =)

  21. Always get a positive note whenever we drop by your blog :)

  22. Let Go of this one thing in yourself Hira. Its this ‘Err’ which you express when you see someone praising you. I can understand your humbleness and down to earth personality that makes you a little under estimate yourself or say that you have still alot to learn, but, you are still better than many and so people just Praise and say ‘WoW’ at your words. I hope I din’t go all rude here.

    Reading your way of expression just makes me stand in front of the mirror as I myself don’t even know what I want to write, but feels like something inside me that wants to SPEAK, and so I start with a word and just let it speak. In the end ‘voila’, a long post full of feelings, emotions and true words. This is the best way to express yourself through your writing and the actual way of your type of writing, i.e Personal Freedom.

    You in yourself are a masterpiece. Thank ALLAH for this, and indeed keep this in mind that there is alot to explore yet, in your own self, and then the Universe.

    I know you again will get all ‘Err’ seeing this, but still I just have no words for your way of writing and being so REAL about every little thing of this world.

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