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They say, ”Lack of sufficient, relevant feedback is one of the most common resources of dissatisfaction and frustration for distant learners.” So, here I am with this page as well =)
I believe that cheers hearten a man. But jeers are just EQUALLY essential. They help maintain the sense of balance and proportion. All I need is an HONEST feedback, not a ‘positive’ one. Because I’m in favour of the the fact that positive feedback makes the strong grow stronger and the weak grow weaker. And I’m looking forward to revive my ‘strength’ with YOUR feedback. =)

Awaiting replies,
Hira Zainab aka spotlesssoul.



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  2. Nice one Hira…………….

    • Thank you Mubashir for your visit=)

    • Indeed … a writer urges for a true and honest review even if its bitter…. keep it up ukthi…

  3. are you really back? pehlay ye batao. :)

    • Errrm?? Irada tow yehi hai :)
      Abhi exams hoing issliye baqi sab blogs per regular nai ho paye. Per apne pe tow ho gaye hon :/ :( :$

      And I never went :) I was right here… but silent! I used to read each and every comment posted.

  4. I like a the blog, it is good that you are keeping one. One recommendation/thought, it looks really really busy to a new user. So if you switch over to another blog or change the design of something so that it is plain and simple, and easy to browse through, and has a flow, that would be even better! =)

    • I can understand your point Anum =) Currently am not active here and this theme helps me to keep pace up :D if you know what i mean :$

  5. Loved it ! :)

    • Awwh Samreen =) Welcome to my blog and thank you =)

  6. It’s a very nice blog! The first thing that hits the visitor’s eyes is the tremendous theme. The content and widgets are splendid too!
    I really appreciate your passion for writing!

    Keep it up! :)


    Farrukh Zafar.

    • Thank you Farrukh =) Your appreciation matters a lot. I’ll be looking forward to be in contact with you through our writings. Although all your posts on whom I wanted to comment didn’t allow me to comment :P (comments were off). I’ll be looking forward to your comments (suggestions and advices) too on my write-ups :) You’re the best essay-writer of our event after all ;)

      Bless thee =)

  7. This is my first visit on your blog and truly speaking I didnt read any of your post but the first thing I like about this blog is its layout……..

    • Thank you :) Though I’d really like you to share your reviews or suggestions after reading my write-ups =) Few articles are mentioned under the title ‘Posts you may find interesting’ in the right side bar.

      Oh and btw, Welcome to my blog =)

      Looking forward to be in contact in this journey of exploration through our writings.

      Bless thee.

  8. Firstly, A BIG thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your thoughts behind. :-)

    You blog has a whole lot of things going on. Lots to read. I read a few and my, you sound way matured then your age. (That was a compliment by the way).

    Will keep coming back.


    • Awwwhh! :) Well your blog just blew my mind away with the beauty it possessed =)

      And ermm :$ Yeah it’s a compliment which has somehow turned into a ‘fact’ now =) Am listening it from past many years :))

      Will be looking forward to see you here more often :))

      Bless thee.

  9. HIII!!!! I love your blog’s layout.

    Oh and of course, I love your blog too now :)

  10. hiiii!!!

    ur blog is really good,,,, like ur way of thinking ,,,,, wish u r the same in ur practical life, cz nw a days its easy to say sum thing but too hard to keep those wordz

    • Well. It’s my BLOG which is supposed to be something personal :) And filling it with ‘shallow’ words only would mean that i am filling MY LIFE with shallow things, which I’m sure noone can do to his/her life :))

      Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your appreciation :)

  11. I LOVE the posts… Although I’ve a million objections regarding them, since they’re written by my VERY own Era :P Oh and ofcourse I love the layout ;)

    • =)

      I didn’t get the point behind the reason you stated for objections :S I mean why are they objectionable cuz of me?:S

  12. Hey..You have a real good blog going on here.Its amazing.have a good day!

    • Hey :) Welcome to my blog. And that’s so very kind of you to appreciate my blog. I wish to see your comments on my write-ups too :) Bless thee.

  13. visiting your blog for the very first time, and seriously, its awesome! The theme is quite appealing,but when it comes to the content; girl, im a fan! ;)

    • Awwhh :) Thanks a lot lady!
      First of all, welcome to my blog :) I’m more than overwhelmed :$ I don’t consider myself my self deserving a bit of such appreciations though :)

      I’ll be looking forward to be in contact with you in this journey of self-exploration through our writings. Bless thee.

  14. Thanks for the warm welcome! n u deserve a lot more than just a few phrases of appreciation (:

    Samere, it will be a pleasure to know you better ‘coz your writings attract me like a magnet! ( honestly! ) and i can somehow relate to them as well..


    • Awwh!!! =) Well that’s just the ‘way’ YOU look at my blog, nothing more :))

      And ermm… may be because my writings engulf around aspects of what we know as ‘life’ :) and life teaches all of us ‘same’ lessons from ‘different’ situations. And as I believe, everything starts from a single point and leads towards a single point i.e The Creator. So somehow everything gets connected and all of us become inter-linked :)

      I would love to read your comments and analysis on my write-ups :)

  15. Then i must say that Seeing it ‘my way’ makes it even more beautiful.. (:

    Jeez thats almost the same response i made at my blog..!! The Creator’s Connections.. what else can i say!

    And i would love to do so! (: I’ll surely be visiting your blog on a regular basis..

    • All I can say is that I’m honoured young lady! =)

  16. i love this! Great thoughts there. Hope u go long way….

  17. i just love it! Found some intresting thoughts after a long time. Hope to see you go long way.

    • Thank you yet again! :) It was very pleasing to read your feedback. Hoping to see more of you :)

  18. You got an very interesting blog, N you write so very well :-D I think I’ll visit it bit often. God bless.

    • Welcome to my blog, Dua :)
      Thank you so much for your consideration!:) That’s indeed very kind of you. Hoping to know you better through your write-ups.

  19. salamz!
    its Syed Faisal Shah from ISB.m Telecom Engineer n doin job in NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS. as Core Planning Engineer.
    really hira main hairan hra hn k ek shaks ne apne barey mein kia kch likh rakha hai n kitni vocabulary n kitna knowledge hga tmry pas n tum bht he achi family ki larki lugri ho…meray lye khushi ki bat hgi k meri tumse baat hti ho I wud be very lucky to av such an excellent friend lyk u…I av added u on MSN .i shall be really very happy if u allow me:)

  20. I appreciate these comments and blog.

  21. I appreciate these comments and blog.

  22. nice work..seems like u r blessed with a third eye..never been to a blog before..glad to have stumbled upon yours ..i will be taking time to read all your posts..

  23. Articles and content in this section of the website are really amazing.

  24. Interesting blog. I invite you to peek my italianiglish tinbox

    have a nice life

  25. Very interesting!

  26. hira, i am very impresed with u may GOD gives u all that things which u wants to be…..

  27. Posts of this blogs are long enough that you might forget the real purpose of writing as well as reading.

  28. nice one hira zainab

  29. Your Blog Is really very good and it actually brings inner thoughts which even cannot be found without tiny observations .. Keep it up .

  30. Reading the comments above, I feel like I have come here for the very first time, Zaini.:) And I would really request you to come here, there and to the other blog posts, too.:) In short, blogger’s presence is required.:)



  31. Nice Blog Hira

    Some times we lose to win the game but matter is if its a game.

    Mr. Cool

  32. Hey hiraaa.. I honestly think that u think like me. Though m from an opposite fields. M a pharmacy student:p Can we be friends ? :) it was great reading your blog. Loved it. God bless u dear.

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