Aghraz ke gehray pardon mein,

Alfaaz ke jhootay rangon mein,

Har shaks muhabbat karta hai,

Hallankay muhabbat kuch bhi nahin.

Kia tum waqiye itnay dilkash ho?

Ya meri nazar ka dhoka hai?

Main tum se muhabbat karti hon,

Hallanke muhabbat kuch bhi nahin.


In deep realms of desires,

In deceptive colours of words,

Love reaches to every soul,

Despite knowing that it’s nothing.

Does the attraction really forms you?

Or is it just my madness making me blind?

I can’t stop loving you for a moment,

Despite knowing that it’s nothing.

Composed & Translated by:

Hira Zainab



April 19…

The day makes me engulfed with a strange layer. I wish I could say that the day brings back memories but my mind was too young at that time to become a haven for reminiscences. It was too adolescent to retain the cherishing moments of a relation I lost in ashes of life and sands of time for the first time.

All my life, I always wondered about how my life would’ve been if she were alive today. I was lost amidst similar thoughts today as well when I encountered Umer Toor’s blog and a question written there that : ‘Why we run away from something too certain as death? I don’t. “More certain is death than even taxes.” Even so, why?’

I don’t know the exact answer, but perhaps most of us feel that we COULD accept death for ourselves and for those we love IF it did not often seem to come with such ‘untimeliness’. But we rebel when it so little considers our wishes or our readiness. But we may well ask ourselves when would we be willing to part with or to part from those we love? And who is there among us whose judgment we would trust to measure out our lives? Such decisions would be TERRIBLE for mere men to make. But fortunately we are spared making them; fortunately they are made by wisdom higher than ours. =) And when death makes its visitations among us, inconsolable grief and rebellious bitterness should have NO place. There must be no quarrel with irrevocable facts. Even when death comes by events which seem unnecessary and avoidable, we NEED to and MUST learn to accept what we cannot help (:

Indeed, the greatest blessing that can follow the death of those we love is reconciliation. Without it there is no peace. But with it come quiet thoughts and quickened memories. And what else shall a man do except to become reconciled? What purpose does he really serve by fighting what he cannot touch or by brooding upon what he can NOT change? We have to trust The Creator for so many things, and it is but one thing MORE to trust Him in the issues of life and death, and to accept the fact that His plans and promises and purposes transcend the bounds of this world and of this life. With such faith the years are kind, and peace and reconciliation DO come to those who have laid to rest their loved ones and – who, even in death, are not far removed from us. Bitter grief without reconciliation serves NO good purpose. And reconciliation, if not aided by strength of faith, is useless =)

I had read at some place long ago that ‘If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever.’ And to me, love is judged by the prayers we continue for the soul after death of the ‘body’.

Oh but don’t forget, ‘Death comes to all of us, but SO does life everlasting’ =)

Death is not the end. Death can never be the end.
Death is the road. Life is the traveller…
& The Soul is the Guide!

Illuminati Touch…

Yeah… My life has recently sensed illumanati touch by drawings made by a very dear friend of mine =) The way Illumanatis use symbols to represent a word depicting a proper theme :) Here, diamond is used to depict my name and corresponding themes :D Here are the images given below:

Let ‘Hira’ see the world in all dimensions… And let the world see ‘hira’ embedded on a diamond..

Because they say:
‘The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear’.

And the second one is the complicated version:

Since twists and turns constitute the major part of one’s life, let ‘Hira’ see the twisted world and turned life and let the world see the twined & twisted Hira on a dimond, a hard rock.

“And finally I twist my heart round again, so that the bad is on the outside and the good is on the inside, and keep on trying to find a way of becoming what I would so like to be, and could be, if there weren’t any other people living in the world.”

PS: I really wuv my saheli :)) And really glad to have her as a precious blessing in my life. =)


Like Michelle Wie, I have played in rain of life before and have dealt with mud. I have played in wind before and have protected myself to stand still and tall. I have played in cold before and have still managed to save my energies, but not all put together. Together they are appearing to be the hardest conditions I ever played in.

Prayers required.

PS: I apologize for being so irregular at my blog from past many months. I’ve been trying to get back but somehow, few hurdles always block my way. Though I still am expectant to get back in this ‘learning’ mode and world soon.

Eternal Quest..

They say that the eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness, But then what pinches me the most is a question that what loneliness actually is? Is it actually a terror? Or a source of making someone vulnerable? Is it a medium for invoking creativity? Or just a deep yearning… a powerful one for union with one’s lost self? Are dying hopes really immortal fears?!


Keeping my experiences in mind, there’s no doubt in this fact that what makes loneliness an anguish is not that one has no one to share his burden, but this that he has ONLY his own burden to bear. And what if he’s even ‘told’ about being burden for others as well :) What feelings can that realization induce? Lolz. :)

It’s said that the end comes when we no longer talk with ourselves. It is the end of genuine thinking and the beginning of the final loneliness. The remarkable and most amazing thing is that the cessation of the inner dialogue marks also the end of our concern with the world around us. It is as if we noted the world and think about it only when we have to report it to ourselves lol. Perhaps my end has begin to come. Nevermind.


Anyhow, back to our ‘eternal quest’… Indeed the longest journey of any person is the journey inward. For the one who has chosen his destiny, he has started upon his quest for the source of his being. Our demons are, somehow, our very own limitations which shut us off from the realization of the ubiquity of the spirit… and it’s believed that EACH of these demons is conquered in a vision quest.

Most people have come to prefer certain of life’s experiences and deny and reject others, unaware of the value of the hidden things that may come wrapped in plain and even ugly paper. In avoiding all pain and seeking comfort at all costs, we may be left without intimacy or compassion; in rejecting change and risk we often cheat ourselves of the quest; in denying our suffering we may never know our strength or our greatness. -Rachel Naomi Remen

So, where does your quest revolve? What’s the centre point of YOUR eternal quest? :)

PS: If anyone has got answers of all or even some questions mentioned in my post, then it’s a kind request that do honour me by sharing your answers along with views.

Sedated Emotions..(Song Lyrics)

I was told to write song lyrics for an informal art movie..
This is what I could come with:

Scene: End Scene of movie.
Concept is derived from ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost.
Main theme lies in: ”Two paths diverge into a yellow wood’, ‘I chose the path less travelled by and that has made all the difference”.

And in this story it’s applied to Aamir who has made a mistake and his life diverged into two choices; one , he could blame himself and make amends or two, he could go on blaming everyone else but himself and live in neglect forever’ .He went for second option. And blamed Hira (his elder sis) for every failure in his life.. But in end, he realizes his mistake, when Hira had left him with a caring note. And he, for first time, accepts his mistakes and gets ready to fight in his life..


Here I lie, heavy hearted at the end
A solitary wanderer lost amidst thoughts
Fiery and ruddy are the eyes, foggy as tears blend
I try to say, they will rekindle all my dying thoughts

All about me has turned black with gloom,
My bones seem to rack with grim despair,
And oh! All I just feel is pending doom,
Every breath of mine is a gasp for air.

Lying broken and trampled, here I recall
My egoistic fights whenever made me fall
You washed my wounds, made me stand tall
Need you here, now will you not listen to my call?

My sedated emotions are recklessly screaming
I couldn’t comprehend the woe they went through
Numb I stood there, my sentiments were freezing
I couldn’t see your beauty with love false… Or true…

… Ohh! I’ve never been so weak, yet so strong …

Giving warmth in despair, tickling ribs when tense, together we have grown,
In caring, comforting and compassionate acts, our love that we have shown,
Reassuring the heart that despite of parting, we’d ‘never walk alone’.

… Ohh! I’ve never been so weak, yet so strong…

Though during the Parting of the Ways, the bereft heart grieves,
Strong is our bond, my sis and shall not crumble like withered leaves.

… Ohh! I’ve never been so weak, yet so strong …

A new meaning with an old cause.
I will not quit….I shall fight on..

Special thanks to My Dedi aka Imama Hameed for her special concern and support. Without her encouraging words, I seriously couldn’t have written a single verse :) Love you a lot and blessed to have you at my side.


And here I stand again!!!
Lost with shattered thoughts..
Lost in the desert of life, blinded by the salty water in my eyes..
Lost in the dillisions of sight, trying to recognize my vagued selfhood..
Lost in the ashes of time, failing to distinguish between right and wrong..
Lost in the storm of realities, trying to understand my perplexed personality..
And again, here I am!!
Here I stand again.. lost having a fogged identity!!!