About me…

It is a Sufi Proverb that,

“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God”..

It’s a fact that people go for making judgments about your personality just by looking at you, and seeing how you act around different people.. However, according to my angle of thought, our personality isn’t merely one-sided but it consists of many aspects which are situations dependent. Hence situations are the ones which defines one’s personality; dealing properly with different situations can even make us matured at a very little age.. I, fortunately or unfortunately, am one of such cases.

I opened my tiny eyes in this large world on January 1, 1991.  It took seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three years to create who I am today.. Within these years, I have been given the freedom to explore the world in order to satisfy my curiosity towards all the strange and wonderful things in the world around me.

I grew up in a healthy family. With an elder brother, I spent my childhood and early years. My parents both had stable careers and this provided us with more opportunities to learn what we desired to..

My childhood wasn’t really a catchy and a colorful one. Despite being the first girl in both paternal and maternal families, I had always been an isolated kid with lack of interest in all what used to please other children. That made me search out my interest, and at the age of six,I ended with books.

So here was I, a bookish child. Spent most exciting years of my life in company of books . But with passage of time, my interests started widening and here I am now, with interest in more or less every field..  From art and literature to sports, from collections to entertainment, from innocent stories to scientific logics.. My interest is no more a ‘bounded’ one.. I am more willing to ‘accept’ life in its all forms..

All my life, I always tend to be a student.. Whether as student of engineering, project management or life, I always am willing to learn lessons and apply them in journey of my breaths. My Allah and my family comes at FIRST for me in this whole universe. Responsibilities associated with them lie on top of my priority list.. Among my self-made relations, there are a few loved ones of mine,who are more of my guiders and mentors.. And I value them with all my heart.. My relations are limited and they are VERY precious for me. People who endured me say that I am a sufferer of wanderlust in desert of thoughts , philanthropy and much more. I have been totally into literature and philosophy, and well perhaps more than desired. 

I am an engineer by degree, part of Project Coordination and Management in professional life, writer by interest, and event-organizer/entrepreneur by nature. Currently I have an experience of seventeen nineteen twenty twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three years at my credit. But am ambitious in turning out my dreams come true in the road(of life) ahead . Journeying through darkness, with a faint hope of leaving behind a spark – that would give reason to my existence.

Quoting Khalil Jibran,

“I am like a blind man who feels his way so that he will not fall.”

I am a flawed person. A brook with many stones, a clear blue sky with many blackbirds. I have many shortcomings. A rainbow that’s not long enough, a starry night with clouds. But I can only be thankful to the God who loves me just this way, and I can only be grateful to the people in my life who accept the clear blue sky with many blackbirds and who are patient with the rainbow that isn’t long enough. And because of this, I am taught love, because of this I love my God, and I love these people.

The main objective of my life is to fulfil the real meaning behind my existence. I tend to cover a journey through the eyes of what man holds within. And I have a desire for my existence to leave thoughts bewitched. I’m ambitious to pay my utmost concern to responsibilities assigned to me as a student and a human..



  1. Nice writings…
    May Allah help u achieving your dreams..Amin

    • That’s really kind of you young man :) Be blessed.

    • I agree, very nice writing….

  2. Very impressive introduction ! :)
    I’ve added you to my blogroll.

  3. Errr I am honored young man!:) I really am.

  4. I’ll second cavaliere’s comment; a very impressive introcution! :)

    You’re talented, mashaAllah!

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

  5. Errr!:)
    I don’t consider myself even a bit talented since it’s me who knows myself better than anyone else.
    But still, thanks for your concern:)
    And it was my pleasure. Looking forward to learn a lot.

  6. I’d leave a flattering comment, but I’m afraid you’d call me “young man” too. And that’s the kind of thing I think is best left back in college :P

    • Lol :$ Does ‘youth’ has to do anything particularly with age?:) Truly speaking, my ‘youth’ does NOT have to do anything with that. It deals more with refreshing ideas, creative viewpoints and innovative approaches. :)

      And if you dun like to be ‘young’ (:P) then I wouldn’t call you :)
      And btw, i say that unintentionally :$ It’s never intended to say that by me :)

      Ohh last but not by no means least, Welcome to my blog :)

  7. Striking intro :)
    Loved the words “I always tend to be a student.. Whether as student of engineering or life, I always am willing to learn lessons”

    • Thank you :)

      They aren’t mere words. I actually really am a pure student in real life :) Observing and learning from little things give me satisfaction.

  8. it was a good introduction…..nice to know ’bout ur learning attitude…..’cuz dat is d only path of growth in dis world…..

    my friend its good to have books as the best friends but generally the same books turn u friendless….n being a social animal we human beings generally can’t afford to be alone…..

    btw being an Electrical Engineer myself….i was happy wen i came to knw dat u too belong to the same field……woh kehte hain na K “apne hi paani mein pighal jaana barf ka muqaddar hota hai”…..

    • Thanks a lot for appreciation :)


      Ahhan.. It’s good to know that you’re also an Electrical Engineer. Err:) You’re student or have become a complete engineer?

  9. complete engineer……and an MBA…..

    • Is that you?:)

  10. Finally I’m commenting on your blog despite being a regular visitor for quite sometime now. Sorry about it, but I am sure you do understand. :)

    I wish I could comment on every post of yours, and maybe at some point I would, but right now just wanted to wish you luck with the blogging. :)

    your Gudya jee.

    • Aayeiye meherbaan :)*huggie*

      Buhat dair laga dee aatay aatay :P Per kher, itni bhi dair nahin :P bas.. intezar khatam ho gaya tha :P if you know what i mean :P

      Thankoo :)

  11. phew, finally….. I am done going through all of your entries; the 2.5 years ki jhalkiyan in 2.5 hrs. They are jhalkiyan because you have been away for months in between. Things have been getting philosophical entry by entry. Thomas Finney/Calculus or Electric Circuits etc ka asar tau nahi lagta as they are just introductory courses in EE. I suppose you ‘v been through the first 2 semesters/terms so for….

    Hope your brother is doing well & is back by now. It was touching to read about the diverging & his extending in different direction from the common point.

    do qaumi nazria, qarar da’d-e-masad, Quid k 14 nukaat & pakistan k ibtidai mushkilaat ‘v been pet questions in exams. :)

    The drunk girls complaining was very brave of you. I need some time & reconsider decide its recommendation for future though. I guess I tend to agree with Mr. Sinha. btw, whats the status of that Jazba now?

    The blog introduction is pretty good hence the special mention in a blog entry is justified.

    The last post seem pretty much inspired by Ashfaq Ahmed’s work. Reminds Khayyam Sarhadi longing for his identity in Mann Challay Ka Sauda…

    Keep ’em coming…

    • Okay.. Honestly speaking, am AS shocked as i was approx. 2 months ago when i saw your post. I am shocked at how you took SO much time to spend at my crappy posts:S

      And am surprised at your information as well :P Wonder who you are mystery man/woman o.O

      But still, welcome to my blog :) and thank you SO much for investing your so valuable time and energy :)

      Jee I’ve been through first 2 semesters so far. :)

      My brother isn’t yet back :) But soon will be, inshAllah after completing his degree.

      Lol.. They’ve been ‘pet’ questions in exams but most significantly, they lay the foundation of this nation :) The foundation has been forgotten so the purpose behind a separation nation has also been diminished now.

      Status of that jazba :) Ermm.. Pata nahin. I can never say that am ‘comfortable’ with such people but kind of ignorance has though instilled in me now, honestly speaking. May be because I was so much bombarded with things making me think that i shouldn’t bog into people’s personal lives. So I’ve stopped doing that now.

      Lol :$ :)

      I’ve neither seen Mann Challay ka Sauda nor have been through much of Ashfaq Ahmad’s work, unfortunately. But i am SO willing to do so in my earliest convenience :)

      Keep your comments coming :) It was a honour to see your such a detailed reply.

      Be blessed whoever you are and wherever you remain, Ameen :)

  12. Hi!!

    Just arrived at your blog and I have to admit it looks super!! Totally professional!!

    Loved the intro that you’ve written. Now I’m all the more excited to read you. :)


    • Welcome to my blog, Isha :)

      Thank you SO very much for your special care and concern. Means a lot :)

      Awww.. I would love to read you as well :) But wonder what’s your blog URL :S

      Bless thee :)

  13. yep….u r very correct……

    • :)

  14. Great words to tell this world about who you are (Y). About being a student, its only the way we perceive things (and our attitude) that makes us a student, attending college or going through heavy course books isn’t really necessary, and for that matter, life is the biggest teacher of all. May Allah help you in all fields of life.

    • Life indeed is the biggest teacher of all :)
      Welcome to my blog, yet again :)

      And JazakAllah for your prayer. :) Ameen. Same goes for you as well.

  15. Plain st8 n covered in words as r u young lady….

    • Welcome to my blog :)

      Despite that your statement is a bit controversial yet i feel my responsibility to thank you for considerating comment :)

      Be blessed as you deserve to be blessed, young man :)

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    • Errr.. I dun think I would be appropriate for such kindda tasks bruva :)

  17. Whoaa. You sure as hell were right about the “having a lot in common” deal. (:
    Heh, though it did kinda get me going *ehh* to have received a comment on my much older post.
    You’re on the right track kiddo, most of us make it there after going through a huge stray line-up. Mashallah. Keep writing and keep educating yourself and rare few that tag along. (:

    Abhi bohat garmi hai and I look eeky, I’ll dress up some tomorrow and come read your stuff. Heh. You’ve got lots going on the blog, noicee. =D


    • Awww aww aww!:)

      Welcome to my blog, first of all :) Honoured to have you here.

      Ermm ermm ermmm :)

      Aww:D What have your looks to do with ‘comments’ and ‘reading’?:P Or does looking ‘eeky’ keeps you away from doing anything of any sort.

      Power failure has taken place here as well. But strangely that never offends me ermm :)

      I’ll be waiting for your worthy comments, answers and views :)

      Be blessed always and everafter!*huggie*

    • Haha nahin, aween messin’. ;P

      Yep, I’m another weirdo who has no issues with power failures and eeky summers, heh. JazakAllah bachay, you’re a gem. And meethi, of course. Had you been tairdhi mairdhi, I’d have called you Jalaibi. ;D *hugs back*

    • WoW.. Another similarity in us ;)

      I am no gem. It’s that a gem always tends to see a gem in every stone… whether that stone is similar to most useless piece on Earth.
      Lol :D You can call me anything you wish to :) I would rather be honoured. You yourself are enriched with honey-like-sweetness, mashAllah :)

      Khush rehiye hameeesha!:) Respect and prayers go straight for a person like you.

  18. Hi,

    i really like your “THISWANNA BE” on your blog i.e

    ” i want to be remembered as the girl who always smiles even when her heart is broken and the one that could always be brighten up your day even if couldn’t brighten her own ”

    I wish i could try to be the same for others:)

    • That’s actually a quote :) But in my case, I mean it. Sometimes I get failed in achieving my this desire while at other times God bless me with success in it.

      Welcome to my blog!:)

    • nice quote hira:) i knew it. But in this ruthless word it’s difficult to be a man/woman which above beautiful quote portrays….

      on the funnier side i will comment that it’s diffcult to be spotless as well;)

      Thanks for your welcome:)

  19. Lolz. :) True Yaasir. But that’s where the test, the ‘real’ test begin. Any journey if not savoured with pains and pangs is plainly useless. That’s why it is a ‘desire’, sort of a ‘target’ which I need to ‘fulfil’. When I was talking about my failure while encountering it, then it was because of very same reason. But you know what? Lemme tell you another ‘fact’ which I myself have learned in my life. Lemme tell you that IF one never lets faith and honesty go anywhere, he/she ALWAYS ends up in a miracle… he never can be empty-handed. Because he possesses the power and strength invoked by faith. Why not you try reviving these strengths?!:) Am also in same tries.

    Lolz. That’s more of a realistic side!:) You exactly are true in concluding that it’s difficult to be spotless. Sometimes because of one’s very own role, and sometimes just because of the fact that ‘no one’ can see ‘anyone’ spotless. Choosing this nick is because of many other reasons as well, apart from being ‘tending to spotless’ lol. :)

    Be blessed always!:)

  20. Hey! An award is waiting for you here;


    • Oo my =) Am sowie for being so late in checking it :$ Thank you SO much! =)

  21. Very nice site!

    • Thankew. :)

  22. Hi there,

    I as well givin you the “fabulous blog Award” – Great work :-) God bless.


    • Oo :) Thank you SO much :))

  23. too Good ..

    • Thank you. I wish to see your blog though as well.

  24. i want the blog link of sadia api !!

    • Who’s there?

  25. Jibran all time favorite…. His words always seem to have resemblance with my school of thoughts…. great admirer of him…. thanks spotless soul for sharing his quote… :)

    • He’s my all time favourite too :-) And it was my pleasure to share HIS thought.

  26. so profound and so touching… God bless..

    • Thank you Alice :)

  27. Ermmm Ermmm Ermmm … :/

    • Ki hoya? :D :$ :$

  28. Wow Hira! I’ve been skimming through some of your posts for a few days now and I’m blown away! MashAllah you are a naturally gifted writer!! I wish I could write like you. I hope to read more thought provoking posts from you– keep them coming and best of luck!!!

    • Err err :) Ermm I’m speechless.

      And I wish to see your blog link as well =)

      Thank you SO much =)

      Looking forward to be in contact in this journey of exploration.

  29. Mashallah great description. amazing:)

    • Err =) JazakAllah. I wish to see your blog as well.

  30. I read it all…its nice….you ve got a very good thinking skills…..impressed….

    • LOL! :P :P

      Ermm *blushed* Thank you so much Awais :P It’s really kind of you to comment like that :D

      PS: I loved reading it today, Aun :D In 4 months and 9 days, how much situations have become different :))

  31. AMAZING!!!

    Its the first time im reading a blog…
    N now i plan to start my own!

    I’ll be reading ur entire blog…really looking forward to it!

    • Awee =) Thank you Ghazi. :))

      Keeping in mind, the inspiration YOUR writing posses, it really IS honourable for me that you’ve started your blog after my blog =)

      May you’ve a fruitful journey in the world of self-exploration.

  32. this is really thought provoking :)
    Count me in as a regular visitor or better say reader of your blog :)

    • Awwh!! =) I’m really honoured Batool.

      I look forward to be in contact with you but I’m unable to find your blog link :/ I wish to see your blog as well =)

  33. Interesting quote by Khali Gibran, since I actually am blind. I was always told, or so they tell me, it’s not that I’m blind, it’s tht I have “vision” I have learned to rely on instinct, but mostly, it’s like closing my eyes, and leaning into the wind.

    • =) And how has been your experience with your instincts? Did they always guide you?

  34. Your writing amused me except the first quote of a Sufi proverb ““I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God”.., this is how Sufism goes into extreme level which tends to a Shirk or Bida’th.

    • I don’t think so. Shirk and Bida’th comes when ‘self-exploration’ is mixed with ‘self-praise’. In my case, I know the source and answer to EVERY possible question in the world, it’s only Almighty =) I just tend to figure out the ‘links’ and ‘chains’ which connect the source and destination. Every question finally leads us to one answer, and that’s Creator Himself. I wonder how you inferred shirk n bid’ah from that =)

    • God lies WITHIN me =) I don’t have to go to any other place to look for God. That’s the simplest and most direct meaning I take from that quote.

  35. It’s interesting the metaphors one could come up with, trusting your instincts is like trusting fate. Of course this is not always going to keep you from getting hit by a car when crossing the street with your instincts, therefore one has to reason that there is a purpose to everything that happens to us, whether it’s painful or joyous. Thus is is simply about faith and acceptance. Although, I do trust fate, which is probably one of the most foolish things one can do, but more often than not, when we close our eyes and don’t think about things, it’s that kind of surrender which leads you through the storm.

  36. The reasons behind my assumptions are :

    “I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God”.

    Take the first part..“I searched for God and found only myself” What does this mean?

    Is that yourself is a God?

    Second part…” I searched for myself and found only God”.

    It means God is in with you?

    Can you elaborate? why is so ambiguous?

    • Selam Masood,

      Your questions are rhetorical ones I guess. This “argument” between Sofis and the others is a thousand years old.

      We can’t take Ayat and Sunnah (I don’t know if you object to this too, though) literally, hence the tafsirs.

      Sofism is an interpretation just like the one you tend to subscribe. To claim there is only one way , strictly, to understand Quran, and claiming it’s the *only* Haqq way is a bit arrogant. (Have you heard the story of 4 blind men and elephant, if not yet, google it, you may find it interesting)

      “To know Allah , is different from knowing his existence”.



      P.S: I’m not a Sofi.

  37. Hira you wont find my blog link anywhere because I DON’T blog. haha :D
    Actually I only write whenever there is an assignment due LOL :p
    But I like READING good blog posts, and I found your blog’s link at one of my Friend’s blog
    and I find it INTERESTING :)
    Keep it up girl :)

    • Uhho! :) Ohkay. :)

      But I still would have LOVED to see your writings, be in form of assignments ;)

      Thank you girly :)

  38. Oppps, excuse me Hira,

    I liked your blog and bookmarked. Thank you.

  39. You seem very much interesting and i am always in search of writers like you, it will be a fun to read you, enroll me to your blogroll too cuz i am new to it, hehe, and yes it is an impressive about me seriously, awsome, GOD Bless You…. :)

    Salman here

    • Thank you Salman :) That’s so very kind of you.
      And yes, I visited your blog and it’s looking awesome in new layout.

  40. I think this is my first visit to your blog. Absolutely LOVED what I saw. Will surely be back for more.
    Warm regards and best wishes.

    • Thank you SO much =) I’ll certainly be looking forward to your precious comments on my articles as well.

      Bless thee.

  41. You seem to have a mysterious personality..

    oh btw, you’re elder than me! :D

    • Woah! :D Really?
      Add an ‘about me’ post/page to your blog too :) I wanna know about you too :P :) (Whatever you wish to reveal).

      And I’m not mysterious AT ALL! :) Life indeed is mysterious.

  42. Yup!! :D Almost two years.. ! ;) API! :D

    i did write an about me page,and that’s even published.. =| can’t you view it? maybe i can’t get hold over WP actions.. ):

    ur not? Ayi hayi! My bad.. :D coz that’s what i can absorb from your page. It seems like still there is so much hidden in you that at times, even words aren’t enough for you..

    • Oye hoye =)

      No I can’t view you ‘about me’ page :/ Use widgets of wordpress to display pages on your main layout =) You seem to be a quick learner so you’ll have a command over WP actions in no times =)

      Ermm ermm :)) You got me right at aspect when words get short of me. :)

  43. Reh-Reh kar kahaan ghaayab ho jaati hain aap ?? :)
    koi recent post nahi.. aisa thori accha lagta hai *smile*

    • Ermm mere exams ho rahe thay :$

      may I know who you are? =)

      Ermm ohkie dokie =) I’ll try to update on regular basis now :$

  44. yayy finally i did it this morning! Thanks for the guidance! I wish this happens soon because it’s really confusing.. :$

    see see see!! :D :D

    • Yesh I saw that =) and commented too.

  45. You should seriously consider authoring a book. :)

    • Ermm it’s a HUGE compliment actually from someone who’s new to my blog =)
      Welcome to my blog and thank you. May be someday I will, if life permits. =)

  46. jee shukriya.. (for updating your blog) :)

    • Ermm ermm :) May I know who you are? I would like to visit your blog too =)
      Oh and btw I will be looking forward to your comments on my posts too.

  47. “I am like a blind man who feels his way so that he will not fall.”
    i like this quote very mch
    n may u suceed ito achieve ur goal n 4 me u r a grt philospher 4 me as ur whole intro impressed me
    may u have a happy life

    • JazakAllah for all your prayers,appreciation and concern!:) Means a LOT for me!

  48. Very nice blog I really enjoyed your writings.

    • Thank you. Blog kept by you is an inspiration itself!:)

  49. You sound very wise for someone so you! Your words are beautiful.

    • Welcome to my blog!:)

      I feel honoured to see these words coming from someone who’s a profound and an impressive writer herself!:) Thank you. :) I wish to learn more from you.

  50. really nice introduction…very deep words for just a 19 year old :p..gudluck with ur EE…I have done the same engineering too..

    • =) Ahhan. From where?
      And welcome to my blog!

  51. well, i did it frm uet lahore..nd thanks, ur blog is really gud…

    • Goodie :) And what’re you doing these days?
      Thanks for appreciation. I’ll be looking forward to your comments at my write-ups.

  52. Ok, so i have some confessions to make, hehe :P

    1. I love your blog from the core of my bloggy bloggy heart.
    2. Your blog is MASHALLAH so much full of resources.
    3. I am happy to see someone from Electrical Engineering on blogging.
    4. I love the way you have dedicated yourself to your family, specially your parents.
    5. I love both the quotations written here.

    So i think you might have got the idea that i do love this blog, hehe :P

    PS. If you can tell me who is this BMK? he is as BMQ on my blog, lol

    My blog: http://www.salmanss.blogspot.com

    • Aww! =)

      That’s really very kind of you to leave such an overwhelming comment, Salman :)

      I dunno what else to say =D Hoping to be in contact through our writings.

      And BMK is BMK :D He has his weblog on http://bmkdot.wordpress.com/. =)

    • Sure we will be in contact with writing, but my blog has now changed as you commented pretty late :P
      I am a friend of your friend Shagufta, and my blog address is now http://www.salmansaeed.info

  53. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So good to find anyone with some authentic thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for starting this up. this website is something that’s needed on the net, somebody with just a little originality. useful job for bringing something new to the internet!

  54. Your website is valueble for me. Thanks!…

  55. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for sharing.. waiting for more .. …

  56. Can I just say what a relief to search out someone who truly is aware of what theyre speaking about on the internet. You definitely know find out how to deliver a difficulty to gentle and make it important. More folks need to learn this and perceive this aspect of the story. I cant consider youre more popular because you undoubtedly have the gift.

  57. Sorry you are in my team now :-)

  58. salamunalaikum.

    Mashallah, Im impressed the way you have described yourself.
    May Allah help you ,guide you and bless you.A;meen.

    • Walaikum us salam.
      JazakAllah Hamid :)
      You also be blessed always, Ameen.

  59. Impressive Masha ALLAH :)

  60. Hi,

    I want to know if you hire writers for your website?

  61. This was novel. I wish I could read every post, but i have to go back to work now… But I’ll return.

  62. this is awesomeeeeeeeeeee :))))

  63. Impressive intro dear. I wish I could be a composed writer like you or a young man.
    Keep this lamp burning as,
    Jalee jo aik shama tu raat pe bhaari hai

  64. MashaAllaha! Its been a pleasure scrolling through your blog! May allaha fulfill all your wishes and dreams. Ameen.

  65. Hi there! Where did you get layout of your website? It is pretty amazing :D

  66. I like your articles. They are very good. I finished writing my first blog. Read it. Also give a comment how to improve me writings.
    here its address

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