‘It is your own thoughts, fears & interpretations that cause you pain, NOT the world. You can tell how strong you are by how much truth you can tolerate.’

The metamorphosis of man/woman’s level of tolerance brings them to a stage wherein they can themselves assess whether they are capable of accepting what’s true or not. – Sultan Hijazi



  1. Agree!

  2. agreeeed :)
    but instead of accepting it we always deny it as humans :)

  3. Very Trueee! :-) “Reality does bite but atleast it’s real thing” as they say. . .

  4. […] Pain… […]

  5. so true and I think that is what defines our true character :-)

  6. The tolerance of truth is directly proportional to PAIN…

  7. Agreed with you on this point.

  8. :)

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