It has been long since I wrote anything of any sort related to what I feel. Write-ups related to my projects were either based on fact or theories for research. Sometimes I feel so different to myself, so dissimilar to what I used to be, totally unlike to how I used to take things. As far as letting my emotions out through words is concerned, I feel that I’ve become stranger in world of words now. May be I’ve forgotten how to write. The year is about to end. And so is my teen-age :) Year 2010 has been full of tests and challenges. To what extent did I actually face them is well, yet to be decided in overcoming years. Up till now, all I know is that amount of strength ‘added’ in me was not possible without these happenings. And what I am sure of is the lessons I learnt and blessings I had (and still have, all thanks to Almighty). Let us hope that upcoming year will bless me (and all of us) the hindsight to know where I have been, foresight for where I am going and insight when I have gone too far.

The idea of to-do-list struck me when recently I realized life to be very short. Somehow a strange feeling engulfed me making me realize that I have got lots to do but I have perhaps no time. I’m habitual of forming to-do-lists in the times of pressure related to workload,when I feel overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do and when I face a constant barrage of looming deadlines but a to-do-list related to life? Naah! Bad idea it always seemed to be. Things can’t be covered this way! But these days when I pondered upon it then I actually realize its significance.

The importance of setting ‘priorities’ got cleared to me almost 4 years ago. And it amazingly sorted out MANY issues in my life. The mess of depression no longer seemed a mess because I know that every thought clicking my mind belongs to WHICH priority level. I knew whether that thought is worth considering or it better be neglected (as it would have only added up negative energies). But I never realized that to-do-list can also do this to my life.

To-Do lists…they can make life more manageable by helping us remember everything we need to complete. For me, they made my tasks-to-be-done more CLEARER rather than a vague desire. It is said that, “One of the secrets of getting more done is to make a TO DO List every day, keep it visible, and use it as a guide to action as you go through the day.”

So I thought to write down MY to-do-list related to my life. Obviously there are MANY things but I only mentioned the things needed to be done as soon as possible.

My top three tasks are well a little more personal which I would like not to share with everyone but keep them safe in my own mind! :P =) Out of rest, I am sharing most significant ones with you…

  • To increase my tolerance level (which has become sensitive these days! :P )
  • To learn meaning and Tafseer of Quran.
  • To clear CCNA.
  • To learn more about spirituality.
  • To cover the journey within.
  • To become a psycho-therapist.
  • To become expert in home economics :P
  • To do something meaningful and memorable in field of writing.
  • To read books I have gathered in my shelf :P
  • To get connected with relations I lost in ashes of time.
  • To go to pilgrimage.
  • To have a detailed analysis of Conciousness and sub-conciousness.
  • To be expert in baking.
  • To get back in contact with ones I’ve been disconnected in course of time.
  • To be able to remove misunderstandings which have been developed in my relations.
  • To learn more about linguistics and literature (urdu and english!)
  • To learn Arabic.
  • To read and understand Iqbal’s poetry in detail.
  • To learn more about geographical changes of Earth.
  • To do more actions and use less words.
  • To spend a meaningful life and leave marks of my existence in constructive manner.
  • To be a ‘real’ better human and muslim =)


So now when the sun down is approaching rapidly, I would like you all to come up with YOUR to-do-list and realize what actually you want to accomplish in your life :) They say, ‘Avoiding the phrase “I don’t have time…”, will soon help you to realize that you do have the time needed for just about anything you choose to accomplish in life.’ BUT a set ‘definite‘ objective must be established if we are to accomplish ANYTHING in a big way.

As someone rightly said,

A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals. – Larry Bird

I look forward to see you defining your priority order and deciding your to-d0-lists. =)




  1. hira i just love it what you written. i am going to steal ur idea of to-do-list. but i will write as a note on FB.
    God bless you….may you see the fulfillment of all your dreams

  2. Well …….highly impressed……HOpe u get every goal dats in ur mind……

  3. Now thats a long list :O

    and its good to have it written somewhere, helps as a constant reminder to achieve your goals. And theres so much I wanna do tooo!! :/

    _____ _______ !! :D

  4. @ Hira, GOD Bless You and Help You Do these as soon as possible.

    @ Shagufta, You are one stupid person :P

  5. Hira: You are a blessed girl with a gifted talent. You must use it to explore the world around us. The jouney of life is not a bounded one, It must go on, the jouney can not cover wiithin a year, there are many jouneys in one journey. The more you cover the journey withing the close you are to sale the intellect. Jouney within is a never ending journey. Qouting Ghalib

    “Na tha kuch to khuda tha

    Kuch na hota to, khuda hota

    Na tha kuch to khuda tha

    Kuch na hota to, khuda hota

    Duboya mujh ko hone ne

    Na hota mai to kya hota “

  6. Hira: I always enjoy to read your Blog, you are a gifted soul, you must explore the world around you. Moulana Rumi says in his poem that if you want to cover the jouney within then you must have to sale your intellect to buy wonders.

    Journey within is not a bounded one, the more you dig , the bigger it is. The more you cover, the close you are. Qouting Ghalib here

    Na tha Kuch tu Khuda tha, Kuch Na Huta Tu Khuda Huta
    Duboya Mujkoo Huney Nay, Na Huta Tu May Kia Hu

    And now I’m working on my To List- get the influence by you.

  7. I like your list. The beauty of creating it is that you begin to invent your future – it is limitless. Best of luck in all that you pursue. Blessings.

  8. though its a long to do list but actually its a real true picture of inner analysis…. we should keep updating ourself by writing so but if we actually get the TIME… :P
    I am actually amazed why are we always short of time…???? :/

  9. hey hira baji the list u write is grt keep it up n follow it ;)

  10. Hira, Beautiful words here to remind us all of what it beautiful and important. I practice thinking thoughts that are good feeling whenever possible and know that mastering that art will set all negativity free. Thank you for creating such a honest and helpful post.

  11. do watch the “Bucket List”

    it’s a great movie and relates well to your article

  12. You Gimme Expression for ma hidden Speechless feelings ..

    Boht Duayen :) <3 !

  13. Great list dear. You remember your relations while making list its brings lovely smile on my face because i used to think that Hira is soooooooooo much busy busy busy no time to even think about past things….. now my opinion has changed.

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