Immortal Love…

While talking to a thinker yesterday, I realized that life wounds all of us. At best there is sorrow enough to go round. Yet because the deepest wounds are those of the soul and hidden to mortal sight, we keep hurting each other day by day, inflicting wounds that time mercifully scars over. But the scars remain, ready at a touch to throb angrily and ache again with the old gnawing wild pain…

We all bear scars. Life is a struggle, and hurts must come. What needs to be considered is that we shouldn’t be the reason of anyone’s agony. Pains are part of life. But why the unnecessary ones? Why hurt the souls of innocent people? Why say things to them that they must remember with pain all their lives? Why say the smart, tart thing that goes straight to the heart of someone we love because we would relieve ourselves of the day’s tension and throw off a grain of the soul’s bitterness? Who are we to inflict wounds and suffering and scars on those about us? Staggering, blind mortals, groping our way from somewhere “here” to somewhere “there” conscious of little but the effort to stay “here” a little longer!  It behooves us to travel softly, regardful of one another’s happiness, particularly where our path crosses that of those dependent upon us for comfort or enters into the heart of innocent and sincere relations.

At times, life throws us from the seventh sky on the ground. Recalling those bitter and crushing memories renew the ache in our breast and the throb of pain in our throat. The scars provided by love are always thin, and the hurt beneath it quivers quickly. Lost, betrayed and shattered with a drowning heart we get engulfed by a layer of questions; Why me? What action of mine led to such circumstances? Is God checking/testing me or punishing me for my deeds? Never-ending list of questions make everything in our mind jumbled and we are left with uncertainty and doubt.

But right in that peak moment of doubt and dismay, a virtual hand comes and lifts us up. The softening and comforting tissues heal our wounds and the understanding pat on our shoulder makes us learn what we were supposed to learn from all those experiences. That hand, that realization and that support which becomes our companion when we think that we don’t deserve any love is by no one but the Eternal Love, Our Creator.

They say that “To trust in the arm of flesh is foolishness; to suppose that we are self-sufficient is naive. This nation will survive and prosper only as God permits it to do so, and his permission rests upon our obedience to him and his gospel. He brought forth this nation. He gave us our liberty. He inspired our federal constitution. But it is for us to preserve these priceless blessings by our repentance and obedience to God. Our sins and haughty attitudes can only bring us sorrow.” Allah allows us to experience the low points of life in order to teach us lessons we could not learn in ANY other way. The way we learn those lessons is NOT to deny the feelings BUT to find the meanings underlying them.

It’s said that ‘God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world’…

So, if anyone of you is also going through a twisted phase of life, look inside your heart and rebuild your connection with The One who’s most sincere of all. Because certainly He is the most loyal. He never leaves you no matter what you do, UNLESS you’re not willing to be loved by Him. I read a quote saying, ‘When someone walks out on you.. God walks in.. He’s been there the whole time. Your NOT alone’. Remember one thing, God is never angry to you. He’s just disappointed, or proud of you.

And as they say, ‘Though our feelings come and go, God’s love for us don’t’. So Let us all ‘try’ to make Him feel proud by submitting our desires to Him! =)



  1. Very beautifully said. It is very easy for us to blame God for every little thing that goes wrong in life. Sigh.

    • O.o
      BLAMING God was not meant by anyyyyyyyyyyyy means. It’s WE who go diverted from the right path and do mistakes but HE is stillll there for us to handle and hold us DESPITE all our mistakes.

  2. sigh… =)

  3. I’m the fire,I’m the flame,I’m the letter in your name”…nice message:)

    • Ermm. And what message did you figure out? :)

  4. Satisfaction from whatever is going around us is just so difficult. We tense ourselves if something goes wrong, we become happy if things turn out the way we want them to, thinking we made things go our way. We just don’t realize the power behind everything.

    People will hurt us, no matter how close they are. The reason being, they are human beings. However hard I try, I wont even know but my words will be remembered by someone their entire life and will keep on hurting them without that person even telling me. At times we are helpless, in fact at all the times we are helpless, its just the happiness of our creator that grants us things we so dearly want, or HIS disappointment that makes us feel we are hurt. Its HIM throughout.

    This is a nice write. Stay blessed.

  5. You just, said something that is going on through my mind nowadays. Exactly the same thing. I too now believe that if got failed in my love, in getting love from family or any other thing, I should just come to ALLAH. He will always be there to help me. And whenever now i say, ‘I LOVE YOU ALLAH’, I feel kind of proud in me, and a kind of happiness that ALLAH is being proud to see me loving him =)
    Very Good Thought Shared Hira. Thumbs Up. :)

  6. Its just that stage of relativity which matters, you have to be on the same intellectual grid, Off late, I have realized that the worries and the sadness, achievements and ha[[iness is nothing but relatively and yes it is shortlived no matter however great.

  7. nyc word n i liked your new layout :)

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  9. Hira,

    So insightful. Beautiful writing. We, as humans, with ego often inflict on each other what is not deserved at all. Often times we are not aware we are projecting our subconscious onto another, in that instance, I have great understanding and forgiveness (easily) for another. When one, on purpose, fully knowing they are inflicting pain in any fashion, I also have forgiveness for, but often times that is the pain that cuts us that much deeper for it is meant and not merely a reaction of one’s subconscious.

    What you have to say about the human mind and spirit is beautiful, as well as what you have to say about God. Yes, in times of great despair and confusion, in so many ways unbeknown to us and often not even in relation to said pain or problem, a great hand does indeed come down to either take us form a situation, put us in a new one, change our perspective or that of one inflicting pain (us included), and tightly close a door so the ones in front of us are clear for our sight to walk through, as beforehand, such doors may have been merely closed off to our sight.

    As for me, I never believe God punishes me or tries to teach me a lesson. God is everything good, everything beautiful, everything positive and loving. Negative is ego, greed, hatred and everything of an evil nature. When such things are presented in me (whether I am the one projecting or the one receiving) regardless, it is me, myself, who is to learn a lesson. For myself, here and now on this Earth to simply be a better person.

    We are all put by another for such reasons. Sometimes it is to guide, sometimes to be guided, sometimes both at the same time, and always to learn something about ourselves. In everything, I see no failure only lessons. If we are paying attention to such times when change and opportunity are presented in our lives (in many forms too) it is up to us to make a change to alter our paths. Oftentimes I find such pain comes when it is time for change. Needed change and not a simple misunderstanding. As humans, we often stay around people, jobs, places, situations far longer than we are meant.

    To me, this is where pain presents itself. All we need to do is recognize the start of that change, heed the warning early when instinctually that is first felt (which we often also ignore) and keep walking forward no matter what. Doors are ever present for us. Some to be left open, some slightly ajar, some closed very tight never to be opened again and some revolving and I like those the best, those are meant and eternal.

    This is a beautiful piece. You understand human nature very well and you understand your own faith as well. Excellent writing so much to make me reply back in a small book of my own *smile* In you, I sense no ego. I sense a very enlightened spirit.

  10. you gave words to my feelings very nicely………….. :)

  11. “We all bear scars. Life is a struggle, and hurts must come.” you said it all in that one line!

    I could write novels about pain. Not the kind of pain you get when you break your arm, but the kind that makes your broken heart go into your throat, so that it takes all of your energy and concentration to breathe. But how many of us make life useful by living it?

  12. I agree with the Divaa Divine. Your line says it all and it is in showing that vulnerability to others that real connection develops and healing and growth and joy occur.

  13. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm grtttttttttt :)

  14. truth becomes clearly undeniable when put this beautifully! We need more such reminders around us. everyday. Thank you for this one.

  15. […] We desperately need to realize that there exists someone whose love is greatest of all. And even though ‘temporal’ relations may come to an end, an ‘eternal’ relations remains right with you! Right in depth of our hearts, there lies that someone… smiling at all our follies and stupidities and always ready to hold our hands and give us the support with His Immortal Love. […]

  16. Avery nice thought… :-) Indeed when we are facing a difficult time, it is Allah Almighty who supports us and heals our wounds. So we should have complete faith in Our Creator because after every hardship there always comes the time of joy and happiness. We should look at hard times as a test of our patience. ” Faith is a gift from God that He makes available to anyone who wants it. All you have to do to get it is ask Him”….. :-)

  17. […] And while covering the journey from darkness to light, Allah’s love for us starts depicting itself in signs spread all around us. Who says miracles don’t happen? They happen, in every day life, in minutest of things, IF only we ‘try’ to reflect. And these signs have the potential to make any wanderer a ‘wonderer’ under the shade of Immortal Love. […]

  18. Its true ALLAH TA’ALA is with us and HE knows the wisdom behind every happening.So leave everything hurting on HIM, He will do better or we can say best of all for us.

  19. […] We desperately need to realize that there exists someone whose love is greatest of all. And even though ‘temporal’ relations may come to an end, an ‘eternal’ relations remains right with you! Right in depth of our hearts, there lies that someone… smiling at all our follies and stupidities and always ready to hold our hands and give us the support with His Immortal Love. […]

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