I have been addicted to this heart-touching magical composition for two and half months.

What I need to ask in this post is that when does love actually destroy us?

Ishq apni sarisht mein barbadi nai pakezgi le kar aata hai. Phir iska mukadar barbadi ke hathon mein kab aur kyun thama diya jata hai?

A very beloved relation of mine, My dedi, answered it by saying ‘Ishq barbaad nahin karta. Iske reception, implication aur is main chupe muqaddas aur nek jazboon ka hawis mein tabdeel hona barbaad karta hai. Talab barbaad karti hai. Jab ishq main talab aur hawis khatam ho jaye, tow phir yeh barbaad nai abaad karta hai.

I can’t agree more with what she said :) She said what exactly was on my mind.

What do you all say?



  1. your dedi is right. Love never destroy us or harm us. Its the desires that do and too often we confuse one with the other :-).

  2. Khuda ki peda kerda her cheez ka relation insan k sath hay
    hataa k khud zaat e khuda ka rabat insaan k sath hay

    Or shaayad lafaz Muhabat ka he koi maa’ani Insaan or Khuda k dermyaan is ta’aluk ko nibhaata hay.Hum zindagi ki is hakeekat se ajnabyon waaala bertaao kertay hain.

    Muhabat aik aesi cheez hay jo insaano ko akser dhokaa deti hay.
    Akser insaan Muhabt ka matlab samajh letay hain bohat kam is hakeekat ko paatay hain

    yeh hamaaray samajhdaar honay se nahi aa jaati
    ye kisi wakat b aa jaati hay
    Yeh to aik jazbay ki soorat me hoti hay
    Jazbaatiat nahi.

    Jazabay or jazbaatiat me barra farak hota hay.
    Bus jis ne is farak ko samajh lia us ne Muhabat ko samajh lia.

    Hum logo se miltay hain, miltay rehtay hain.
    kai aik ko pasand b kertay hain

    magar yeh Muhabbat nahi hoti.

    Mehaz hamaara Dimaagh jo muhabbat k naam se waakif hay or iski zaroorat mehsus kerta hay.IS kamzor c kashish ka baaes hota hay jab wo logh aankho se ojhal hotay hain to shaayad humain kam yaad aatay hain or akser bhool jaatay hain.

    Hum her kisi se Muhabat k ehal nahi ho saktay.

    Muhabat jo saadgi or sachaai ka jazba hayjub aata hay to hamain zehan ki dunyaa se ooper lay jaata hay

    yeh aik esaa tajarba hay jo hum kisi zehni ya jismaani Kuwat se nahi ker saktay.
    Yeh to Rooh ki tamaam Quwatain lay ker aata hay

    jis se Mazhabi rehnuma,. Anbiyaa karam wali ullah guzartay hain

    Yeh hamaaray Mukhlis tareen jazbon me se aik hay.

  3. (:
    This ‘hawas’ takes out all the essence of true love. And sadly, it doesn’t qualify as ‘love’ then..

  4. I second your Dedi….

    Lust destroys the LOVE..but the actual thing is, LOVE is also not ISHQ….cause there is no expectation of having someone in your life but just a deep sense of feeling towards someone is ISHQ…..

  5. hmm…a very nice post…you have so much intresting to read here…will sure come back soon.

    Keep writing…

  6. :) Ishq ke baare mein “baat” kahan ki jaa sakti he. Agar hawas he to ishq nahi … aur agar ishq he to alfaaz nahi… :) ek nukta-e nazar he ye jis se ikhtilaaf kiya ja sakta he :) … Ahmad Navaid ka ek sh’er he:

    “inteha koi nahi he ibtida hoany ke baad
    ishq kya he jaan lo ge mubtala honay ke baad”

    Buhat achhi post thi, hamesha ki tarha. Sochne pe majbuur karti hui …

  7. Okay, I agree to an extent only. I don’t think lust destroys love. But I DO think lust is sometimes MISTAKEN for love, and where there’s lust but no love that’s where we destroy and get destroyed. Love is a pure emotion and it can’t be soiled or destroyed so easily. Where there is true love, there is hardly anything great enough to destroy it.

    Just my two cents. :)

  8. I slightly disagree with quoted lines.

    Longing and wishing isn’t lust; it’s a ingredient of ‘Ishq’.
    Whether he be Hazrat Musa(AA) or Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), every messenger of Allah yearned to congregate with Allah Subhan-o-Taala. Longing for Heaven and a beautiful after-life isn’t adulteration to Ishq-e-Ilahi. Craving to see a lost child or distant parents isn’t erroneous. Thirst of a mere glimpse of beloved isn’t lust.

    I reckon this longing, as a segment of ‘Ishq’. It’s when you suffer annihilation and your heart undergoes bulldozing. If you keep walking along the track of Ishq, you are going to land into the valley of peace and serenity. But it’s difficult to move forward with a sinking heart. Only strong people can do it. While rest of the people would pick backward path and dissipate their existence, broken-hearted and devastated.

  9. Great article, thanks for sharing this. I have subscribed to your RSS feed and am looking forward to reading more from you.
    Keep up the good work and don’t stop posting please.

  10. While I cannot understand its words, that’s a beautifully haunting melody! Lovely arrangement!

    In English there is only the one word, “love”, but in Greek there are several, each defining a different kind of love. It is impossible for pure “Agape” love to be destructive. It is what I strive for in my relationships.

  11. Lol; I heard it in the Ramadan. Toba :D By the way heart touching. :p

  12. Ishq hai bari zaalim cheez waisay. :)

  13. I don’t believe that love destroys but I do think the music is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I think you and I have the same names. Thats what got me to click on your link from someone else’s blog. I dont think love destroys…….however unrequited love… some extend…..becomes torturous. When you cant seem to move on from where you stood at some point in time……or maybe by then you’ve moved from love to lust and you dont even realize. Yeah maybe thats what happens.

  15. “Hosh walon ko khabar kya..bekhudi kya cheez hai….
    ishq kije fir samajhiye..zindagi kya cheez hai”

  16. True love lasts and though I know this is a cliché of a remark you really have to understand what I mean by “true love”. By this I mean that if you are selfish about love and believe that it must make you happy at all times you will never have true love.

    SELFISHNESS does not lie in Love, at all.

  17. Zindgi men insaan ko Mohbat kai dafa hoti hy Mgr jab Tamam Mohbaten aik jaga par Markooz ho jati hen tou ussay Ishq kehtay hen…
    Jab Mohabt men iinsaan wo sab kuch kr guzarta hy jesay k wo kabi soch b nai sakta tou ishq tou aik dewana pan hy… Ek janoon hy…. Yeh Dewangi aur Janoon Barbadi ka sabab banti hy…. Aur Haqiqat men Ishq men Barbadi he Ishq ka samary hy… yeh wohi smajh sakta hy Jo ishq kr guzra ho iska maza wohi bta sakta hy k iss Barbadi men kitna Maza hy….

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