Aghraz ke gehray pardon mein,

Alfaaz ke jhootay rangon mein,

Har shaks muhabbat karta hai,

Hallankay muhabbat kuch bhi nahin.

Kia tum waqiye itnay dilkash ho?

Ya meri nazar ka dhoka hai?

Main tum se muhabbat karti hon,

Hallanke muhabbat kuch bhi nahin.


In deep realms of desires,

In deceptive colours of words,

Love reaches to every soul,

Despite knowing that it’s nothing.

Does the attraction really forms you?

Or is it just my madness making me blind?

I can’t stop loving you for a moment,

Despite knowing that it’s nothing.

Composed & Translated by:

Hira Zainab



  1. why is this untitled Hira?

    is love so chaotic?

    why do we always have a sense of doubt about ?
    is it blind? is it mad? is it this and that?

    love is purely the essence of me and you, we will not survive without it like a body without a soul. it has eyes wider than the eye – feelings beyond touch and it is from it that a world is form, which is better and brighter from the one we walk in.

    • It’s untitled because I didn’t want to specify it and bound it around one word. For me, love has no specific definition. And everything related to love is also independent in its essence and existence.

      And well. I dun agree to the part of doubt :) Love IS blind because faith is blind. It never considers risks because faith never does.

      Problem comes when there comes a conflict between faith and love.

      And i just LOVED the way you concluded :) how true!

  2. LOVED the poem! Short but very very lovely :-D I have to agree with you that love is within ourself, we actually love the image of someone that we creat, but it’s very rarly or one can say nearly impossible that the person can fulfill the expectation conneted to the image that we love. In my opinion love is not blind, it just sometimes closes its eyes N wish not to see anythin apart from what it want. Basically it’s LOVE’s way to protect the image it has, by goin blind. If we look at it: Love is nothing – if we feel it: Love is everything! God bless.

  3. Love has it’s own disastrous and miraculous effects.. Leaves you helpless and hopeless at times.

  4. oh i didnt read urdu poetry for a long time…. this one just touched my heart…

    beautiful :D

  5. Kia tum waqiye itnay dilkash ho?
    Ya meri nazar ka dhoka hai?

    i just feel like reading it over nn over again … speechless … such a difficult emotion, so truely translated

    tears roll down for i m deeply touched … MashAllah
    Blessings be upon u !!

  6. Oh you write beautiful!

    This was very beautiful.

    Har shaks mohabbat karta hai.

    True! Beautiful!

    And sorry for coming around late!

  7. very well written hira
    love is quite a different felling that sometimes we can not explain it in words 2

  8. Good one:)

  9. Excellent piece of poetry…
    Gr8 Job

  10. Good. Keep it up.

  11. Love is blind, because faith is blind. So true Hira =)

  12. Beautiful.

  13. Lovely !!

  14. Zeeran, zabran, Shadan, Madan sab shaaan Nabi(S.A.W) which aeiyan…
    Aaaman Logan..Khbr na kai…. Khasaan Ramzaan Paayan…..

  15. The above lines are enough to depict the reality of existence of Love,,, Because ov which the whole world was created…
    Those lines aren.t mine but ov Great Sufi Buzurg Hazrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh(R.A) written in state of Marffaat and Wajad….

  16. lovely poem.

  17. very nice Hira, love these verses. Epic.

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