I have been addicted to this heart-touching magical composition for two and half months.

What I need to ask in this post is that when does love actually destroy us?

Ishq apni sarisht mein barbadi nai pakezgi le kar aata hai. Phir iska mukadar barbadi ke hathon mein kab aur kyun thama diya jata hai?

A very beloved relation of mine, My dedi, answered it by saying ‘Ishq barbaad nahin karta. Iske reception, implication aur is main chupe muqaddas aur nek jazboon ka hawis mein tabdeel hona barbaad karta hai. Talab barbaad karti hai. Jab ishq main talab aur hawis khatam ho jaye, tow phir yeh barbaad nai abaad karta hai.

I can’t agree more with what she said :) She said what exactly was on my mind.

What do you all say?



Aghraz ke gehray pardon mein,

Alfaaz ke jhootay rangon mein,

Har shaks muhabbat karta hai,

Hallankay muhabbat kuch bhi nahin.

Kia tum waqiye itnay dilkash ho?

Ya meri nazar ka dhoka hai?

Main tum se muhabbat karti hon,

Hallanke muhabbat kuch bhi nahin.


In deep realms of desires,

In deceptive colours of words,

Love reaches to every soul,

Despite knowing that it’s nothing.

Does the attraction really forms you?

Or is it just my madness making me blind?

I can’t stop loving you for a moment,

Despite knowing that it’s nothing.

Composed & Translated by:

Hira Zainab