“Learned helplessness is the giving-up reaction, the quitting response that follows from the belief that whatever you do does NOT matter.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger



  1. Didn’t you read Hadrat Ali quote…???

    “Mene apne Rab ko apney iradon k tootney se pehchana” and there is always a reason behind… :)

    • A time comes when we get tired of trying to understand the reason behind series of events which throw us from seventh sky on earth.

    • Complete quote:

      “Main ne Allah ko pehchana iraadon ke toot jaanay, niyyaton ke badal janay aur himmaton ke past ho janay se.” – Hazrat Ali (A.S.)

      Ref: Nahj-ul-Balaghah, saying # 250

    • =)

    • Thanks for completing the quote Senilius… :)
      if we seriously think over…same happens to the man and he comes to know the Allah when he is in extreme situations…that time he find no way other than saying ALLAH ALLAH…

  2. i can understand at times one become helpless..but have to rise up again strongly..and move on…

    • A moment comes when we get tired. Tired of rising up again and again and giving ourselves hopes :)

  3. and sadly, most of us do that. Sigh.

    • Because life makes us do that :) It’s a strange thing. I have never seen anything more betraying than life itself.

  4. Never knew Arnold could talk sense. :P

    • The strongest sense comes from at times ‘seemingly’ senseless people!:)

      Their appearance of being ‘senseless’ is a great sense in itself, you know! :p :)

    • I know. I am one of those people. :P

    • That’s very self-obsessed of you! :P

    • Oho! Aisa waisa! :P

    • See :P I got it :P *glasses off*

    • You have glasses? :P

    • As a matter of fact, I do :P It’s though another matter that I never bother to use them *innocent smiley*

    • Used to have them too. Seldom used them. ;)

  5. Yup..but this tired feeling is just a state of mind..Have to rise again and again…nd enjoy the journey irrespective of obstacles till we reach the destination…

  6. i believe that in this world each one of us is so daymn insignificant that how can we not strive to make ourselves significant in some way or the other. Its way easier to give up and not matter than it is to take a stand, do something and make yourself matter!!

    • =)

      Thank you girl! for a needed reminder :)

      At times we succeed making ourself matter in ‘every’ other thing EXCEPT one in which we like us to be. And that hurts!:)

      Welcome to my blog!:) Looking forward to hear more from you. And would wish to see your blog too.

  7. Learned helplessness and apathy often go hand in hand.

  8. Absolutely agree!!!

  9. I’ve just stopped in to say hello and say thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciated your kind comments.

  10. I am a bit surprised that Arnold said that – not incredulous but surprised. I’m not a fan of learned helplessness although in a sense we all navigate it.

  11. Never thought on this side of helplessness. Great thought! Let me ponder on this!

  12. Hey, its been long, since my first visit… I haven’t been blogging for quite a while..
    So, its good to be back, and read your insightful posts – like this one.. I think this gives us food for thought, “learned helplessnes” is something I believe everyone of us have been guilty of committing, and maybe not too infrequently! :)

  13. ahh…. absolutely :-)

  14. Many times we might be tempted to feel as though we do not matter, but if we did not matter we would not be here in the first place. Our “mattering,” as such, does not have to be on some grand scale. We can be that one small piece that completes an entire puzzle by simply being who we are.

    We can be put a smile on someone’s face or place a thought-filled notion in their minds. Your post has caused us to stop and consider, to derive a deeper meaning, and in that sense you most certainly do matter!!

  15. True that!
    The last thing I’d want to do is give up. And that too, without trying, at all. But then there are situations, where giving up is the last option because whatever we do really doesn’t matter.

  16. why do i get the negative connotation… or is there one?

  17. Erm.

    I didn’t know Schwarzenegger was an expert on psychological phenomena?

  18. This is true, Helplessness is rightly understood in this quote I believe. Though give up should not be an option. Because what we do DOES matter, even the smallest of action have it’s effect. Things don’y always go our way, actually usuly the don’t :-P but we always learn somethin from it. As long as the candle of Faith is burning, there is no helplessness :-) God bless.

  19. very nice share…

  20. Salam. When I was going through the comments and your replies, I could feel myself in the same situation :-S. A time comes when you get tired of hoping for everything to turn out your way. You just stop being optimistic. Its so easy to ask others to be optimistic and to stay positive but one only realizes when he faces the same situation :-(. I hope everything is OK at your end Insha-Allah.

    I tried opening your post that was titled LOVE but your page said “Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.” Well, it should be there shouldn’t it :-).

    Take care

    • Walaikum us salam :) and welcome back to blogging world Haris. How did your exams go? :)
      And well :) I can truly understand the meaning of each and every word said by you but alhamdullilah my optimism is returned to me now. These days I’m just in conflict between crushing realities and my heart.

      And it’s back now!:) It’s there now. :)

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