Your Blog: One word & One Line!

Every blogger has strange and unique relation with his/her blog :) A blog to a blogger is kind of a personal possession whose worth can only be realized by one owning it. For some, it provides a medium to share what they never shared while for some, it becomes a tool to continue their journey of curiosity, self-discovery and knowledge.

Rules of this post:

Describe your blog in one word and then one line.

Describe my blog in one word and in one line. :P *innocent smiley* (It’s not a compulsory question :P you can skip it if you want to! =))

The purpose of this post is to revive the ‘aim’ and define the ‘destination’ in this blogging journey of ours.
Let me begin by answering the main question about my blog.

My blog in…

One word: Catharsis.
One line: The depth of my words depict how deeply engraved on my soul are wounds of my demons and lessons of life.

PS: I would prefer if you come up with critical descriptions helping me to improve my journey over here =)

I would like to link Hafsa, AD, Aadil, Awais, N.A, Ghazi, Siras, Charles and BMK for their precious answers.



  1. Answer 1:
    Putting my thoughts into words to remove the knots in my head :)

    Answer 2:
    Gets me thinking, a catalyst to my thought process, the starting point of my blogging expidition. :)

    May we all write to inspire and bring a positive change to this world. Ameen!

  2. 1:)
    Safety valve :)
    As it provided me a harmless and pleasurable outlet for instincts which demand satisfaction ,and which can be indulged here more fearlessly than in real life.

    The very title “Hira’s life” speak for itself rather than the person behind the blog but if your blog is you and you are your blog, and your blog is critical to your life and experiences,as you,THE PERSON then yes, your blog description must reflect the person behind the blog.
    Deep,Devoted,Dynamic :)

  3. Your Blog:
    In a word: Answers
    In a line: Opening Hira’s Life attempts to answer the questions that Hira’s mind – which happens to be thinking beyond the threshold of thought itself – happens to churn out.

    My Blog:
    In a word: Everything
    In a line: I write on the behalf of curious infants who have yet to learn how to hold a writing device.

    Cheers ;-)

  4. Your Blog:

    In a word: Remarkable
    In a Line: Seems that every piece that is posted here is full of feel and precise attempt of valuable thoughts.

    My Blog
    In a word: Incomplete
    In a Line: A place where I always come up to find solutions for problems which never Exist.

  5. My Blog:
    My blog is like a sheet of paper where every word is written by s silent watcher, an innocent bystander.

    Your Blog:
    Not everyone may have the chance to peek in, but those who will are guaranteed to have the privilege of catching a glimpse of your valuable thoughts. :)

  6. Life
    Capturing and preserving the memories of my life to ensure joy and satisfaction at my deathbed.

    An enlightening and beautiful collection of deep thoughts.

  7. Sanctuary:
    For me my blog is a sanctuary to meditate, discover myself a little more and breathe with comparative ease, away a choking real world.

    A place where there is a lot of food for thought and that too rich in the ingredients required to nourish the intellect.

  8. My blog:
    My blog to me, is a random useless page and like a last or few last pages of my note book. Where I scrible and draw almost about everything in my mind.

    Your blog:
    Fridge/Food storage
    My view is the same as the above comment.


    As the title goes: It is an effort towards a reign of quality, as opposed to the dominating “reign of quantity,” to quote the great metaphysician of 20th century, Rene Guenon.

    I am sorry I have not read your blog much. My one-line is ‘under-construction :p’!

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