April 19…

The day makes me engulfed with a strange layer. I wish I could say that the day brings back memories but my mind was too young at that time to become a haven for reminiscences. It was too adolescent to retain the cherishing moments of a relation I lost in ashes of life and sands of time for the first time.

All my life, I always wondered about how my life would’ve been if she were alive today. I was lost amidst similar thoughts today as well when I encountered Umer Toor’s blog and a question written there that : ‘Why we run away from something too certain as death? I don’t. “More certain is death than even taxes.” Even so, why?’

I don’t know the exact answer, but perhaps most of us feel that we COULD accept death for ourselves and for those we love IF it did not often seem to come with such ‘untimeliness’. But we rebel when it so little considers our wishes or our readiness. But we may well ask ourselves when would we be willing to part with or to part from those we love? And who is there among us whose judgment we would trust to measure out our lives? Such decisions would be TERRIBLE for mere men to make. But fortunately we are spared making them; fortunately they are made by wisdom higher than ours. =) And when death makes its visitations among us, inconsolable grief and rebellious bitterness should have NO place. There must be no quarrel with irrevocable facts. Even when death comes by events which seem unnecessary and avoidable, we NEED to and MUST learn to accept what we cannot help (:

Indeed, the greatest blessing that can follow the death of those we love is reconciliation. Without it there is no peace. But with it come quiet thoughts and quickened memories. And what else shall a man do except to become reconciled? What purpose does he really serve by fighting what he cannot touch or by brooding upon what he can NOT change? We have to trust The Creator for so many things, and it is but one thing MORE to trust Him in the issues of life and death, and to accept the fact that His plans and promises and purposes transcend the bounds of this world and of this life. With such faith the years are kind, and peace and reconciliation DO come to those who have laid to rest their loved ones and – who, even in death, are not far removed from us. Bitter grief without reconciliation serves NO good purpose. And reconciliation, if not aided by strength of faith, is useless =)

I had read at some place long ago that ‘If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever.’ And to me, love is judged by the prayers we continue for the soul after death of the ‘body’.

Oh but don’t forget, ‘Death comes to all of us, but SO does life everlasting’ =)

Death is not the end. Death can never be the end.
Death is the road. Life is the traveller…
& The Soul is the Guide!



  1. Uve brought beauty into death by your words! Simply amazing! Love it!

    • I dunno what to say in reply, Ghazi =)
      You’ve left me speechless!

  2. there should be a ‘like’ button here too like FB cuz sometimes u dont have enough words to describe how u feel abt something ! :\

    • I’m glad that there isn’t =) I just HATE that ‘like’ button. It irritates hell out of me sometimes when people ‘like’ things which aren’t supposed to be ‘liked’. :/
      Ermm =)

    • but this is :) ab main kia boloon :\

    • Kuch bhi bol dijeye jo dil mein aye :)
      yaa… kuch bhi na boliye! :) I can understand what you wanna say… =)

      It’s a different matter though that i want you to say yourself :P :$

  3. ‘Death comes to all of us, but SO does life everlasting’ :) that is the motivation in my life :p you know what hena na :D
    hehe may we be with our close relations here in this life and the life after this ameen.

    • Sum Ameeen =)


  4. :)
    So so so so agree with what you are saying here
    ‘We have to trust The Creator for so many things…..And reconciliation, if not aided by strength of faith, is useless’
    -Thumbs up for putting it so well

    • Thanko Kdee =) I knew it but it took real effort from me to ‘accept’ it in my life.

  5. =)

    • (:

  6. Bitter grief without reconciliation serves NO good purpose. And reconciliation, if not aided by strength of faith, is useless =)

    Inspired by this line…..
    A very good read…

    • =)

      Thank you for appreciating.

  7. Your blog is famous :)

    by the way nice post!

    • Err errr :$ Can you define the term ‘famous’ wese? =) In your view, I mean.

      Thank you =)

  8. I enjoyed reading this. You write very welll, and your positive approach to a normally negative topic, like death, is quite inspiring. Thank you for sharing and keep writing. =)

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation Samantha =)

      And well I had to try hard to develop a positive approach on this topic :) They constitute of lessons of my life after all.

  9. Death is a full-stop after the sentence of life. After it, a new sentence begins. :)

    • How true and how amazingly you said it =) You just reminded me of a quote I recently read. It said that every full stop ‘ends’ a sentence, but few more dots’ show CONTINUITY. Strange but true. Every end can be a new beginning :)

  10. I mean lots and lots of readers and comments, i mean people to interact with… Thats famous in my opinion….

    oh by the way check this out

    • Ermm ermm =)

    • Have added this one to my blog roll too! :)

  11. بی بی آپ اتنی مشکل باتیں کیوں کرتی ہیں

    • Ermm. Iss mein mushkil kia hai? :) Sach tow hai sab.

  12. Allah says “every living bieng has to taste death”. doesnot matter he is Prophet, an angel or a man……..every one has to die once……….death is the only reality………even life orignates from death……….

    • Truly said =) I agree to each and every word.

  13. death – i have imagined it and i have seen it happen – i am just to feel it and become part of it! but Alhamdullilah there is always peace when I think death unless of course if it is dying in a bomb blast somewhere and not being found to be buried!

    even though it isnt taxed – death i await with open arms :)
    even though i m a sinner and no saint!

    • =) I feel like hugging you for this comment *innocent smiley*

      Bless thee =)*huggie*

  14. Death is a bend. Direction changes. Voyage continues. Somewhere else. Something different. For all I can assume from life, after life, could also be an interesting journey.


    • :) I just am LOVING the way you said it! Thumbs up!

  15. ah mortality, merciless thread of grace, hast thou bound me to my fate that e’en fair destiny can show me no recourse? that I know shall come a day, when I will look back on today, only to know that tomorrow shalll never come.

    thus as i was born, then shall i die – awakened to conciousness.

    funny thing about the afterlife, i believe that immortality is achieved simply by living on in peoples hearts, the ones we love and who love us. that if i impress upon them them n an essence of myself then i will live forever, spiritually.

    • Well body has to meet a specific end when tomorrow doesn’t come but for ‘soul’, there’s no day when tomorrow doesn’t come. Because soul never dies =) Everlasting life awaits for the mortality of body to be proven.

      I just LOVED the way you said that ‘Thus as I was born, shall I die – awakened to conciousness’. The more I read it, the more I love it =)

      Yes I agree with your part of immortality =) Something I previously mentioned in regards to journey of body VS that of soul.

  16. I loved this statement “And to me, love is judged by the prayers we continue for the soul after death of the ‘body’.” How true. Your words about death strung together run far deeper than the words themselves. Thank you for this.

    • My My =) Thank you so much for your kind words. Your words have kind of made me feel overwhelmed =) bless thee.

  17. fir se gaayab !!

  18. maut ko samjhe hain ghafil ikhtimam-e-zindagi
    hai yeh shaam-e-zindagi, subh-e-dawam-e-zindagi

    – Allama Iqbal

  19. Death is so beautiful, i could never take it so lively… :)

    your words have magic to fascinate the soul …keep writing :)

    • =) Thank you so much for thinking so high of me. I don’t think I deserve that though :)

  20. You write so beautifully, MA :) It was long ago that I dropped by at your blog, but you had amazed me back then, too.
    Your ideas are so strong. I admire that. :)

    • Welcome back to my blog =)
      I wish you drop by more often than this ‘once in while’ visit :D
      Ermm. That’s really kind of you to say like that :)

  21. As I was reading this I thought about the people I’ve lost from my life (they’re still in my memory) but I also feel a loss of people who were dear friends at one time and yet I have no idea where they are now. What are they doing? How do they look? What sort of life have they had? It causes me to feel an emptiness inside, a space no one is filling.

    • The space may not be ‘apparently’ filled but the fact that they once EXISTED in your life fills the space in relations you possess in your life :) They’re still there with you. It’s just that now they are in form of spirits, with a spiritual connection, sharing an eternal bond.

  22. I am no stranger to death, no more than i am a stranger to life. Death is anythingbut pleasant, for the living, for the dying it is freedom from this earthly human weight. I do not feel badly as I once did about death,Ii do not fear it for my own self at all. You have a firm grasp on the cycle of life and how this universe works. My oh my you are far past your age in spirit. You need to publish this Hira. All of it.

  23. Dukhyay di gal Dukhya jany….Dojay noun ni ki Khbran….
    Wichar janday nay Yaar jinhan day… O ronday tak tak kabraan…..

    • Umm hmm. Give a read to what I wrote =) spent my life ‘watching’ and ‘wondering’ , but that’s not supposed to be done umm =) Qabroon nu ronday howe takna insan nu na-shukra bananda hai!

  24. Assalamu alaikum,

    I feel its a great blessing from Allah that one remembers death, one of the most discussed facts in Islamic literature with minute details. You have tried to put mixed realities and emotions in a fantastically (I say this bcoz u have dun it in very short writeup). An amazing thing about Islam to note is, Our Prophet (PBUH) has turned our emotions towards getting benefited in the akhirah when its controlled (i mean remembering the virtues or promises of Allah on the death of some one close). I was listening to one lecture, where the speaker quoted a saying of the prophet(pbuh) that “To keep your heart clean(spiritually) do 2 things: 1) Recite Quran Daily and 2) Remember Death (Allahumma Barikli fil mouth wa fee ma ba’adal mouth)”

    There is this book which is real eye opener “Remembrance of Death” by M.Zakariya Kandhalvi.

    Some of Allama Iqbal’s great great poetry …

    “It is death that has compelled man to bow before God, otherwise he was far self-conceited to do so.”

    Marne waale marte hain lekin fanaa hote nahin
    Ye haqeeqat me kabhi hum se juda hote nahin

    “Those who die never become extinct and in reality they never separate from us.”

    Mout Tajdeed-e-Mazak-e-Zindagi ka naam hai,
    Khwab ke parde me bedari ka ek paigham hai.

    Death is the binding element of this ruffled force (man) that subjugate even the high heavens.
    Death means the rejuvenation of the taste for life. Under the cover of sleep it is a message of wakefulness.

    Ye nukta maine seekha hai Abul Hasan se
    Ke Jan Marti nahi marge badan se

    “The subtle point that life would not end with the death of the body I learnt from Abul Hasan ”

    …. There is one famous poem that I really like from an Indian film (one of my fav)

    Maut tu ek kavita hai ..
    mujhase ek kavita ka vaadaa hai milegi mujhako ..

    dubati nabzon mein jab dard ko neend aane lage
    zard saa cheharaa liye chaand ufak tak pahunche
    din abhi paani mein ho raat kinaare ke kareeb
    na abhi andheraa ho, na ujaalaa ho, na raat na din
    jism jab khatm ho aur ruuh ko saans aae .

    mujhase ek kavita ka vaadaa hai milegii mujhako ..

    Death you are a poem..
    a poem has made pact with me that I shall meet her ..

    when drowning pulse will bring on painful sleep
    when Moon carrying her yellow face will reach horizon
    when days still in water and night close to shore
    there is not yet darkness, neither light, not night not day
    when body is gone and soul still breaths.

    a poem has made pact with me that I shall meet her ..

    -There is one aspect worth mentioning here is “Waiting for your death”
    Hazrat Bilal radhiyallahu anhu, the Muazzin of the Holy Prophet was on his death bed and his wife was crying. He says to his wife, “Why are you crying? Tomorrow I am going to meet the Holy Prophet and his companions.”

    This is becoming a post in itself…Stopping here..Jazakillah for the good post.

    May Allah bless us with “Aafiyat” before and After Death. Ameen.

  25. tu esay amroze-farda say na naap,
    Jawdan, paham-e-rawan har dam jawan hai zindgi

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