April 19…

The day makes me engulfed with a strange layer. I wish I could say that the day brings back memories but my mind was too young at that time to become a haven for reminiscences. It was too adolescent to retain the cherishing moments of a relation I lost in ashes of life and sands of time for the first time.

All my life, I always wondered about how my life would’ve been if she were alive today. I was lost amidst similar thoughts today as well when I encountered Umer Toor’s blog and a question written there that : ‘Why we run away from something too certain as death? I don’t. “More certain is death than even taxes.” Even so, why?’

I don’t know the exact answer, but perhaps most of us feel that we COULD accept death for ourselves and for those we love IF it did not often seem to come with such ‘untimeliness’. But we rebel when it so little considers our wishes or our readiness. But we may well ask ourselves when would we be willing to part with or to part from those we love? And who is there among us whose judgment we would trust to measure out our lives? Such decisions would be TERRIBLE for mere men to make. But fortunately we are spared making them; fortunately they are made by wisdom higher than ours. =) And when death makes its visitations among us, inconsolable grief and rebellious bitterness should have NO place. There must be no quarrel with irrevocable facts. Even when death comes by events which seem unnecessary and avoidable, we NEED to and MUST learn to accept what we cannot help (:

Indeed, the greatest blessing that can follow the death of those we love is reconciliation. Without it there is no peace. But with it come quiet thoughts and quickened memories. And what else shall a man do except to become reconciled? What purpose does he really serve by fighting what he cannot touch or by brooding upon what he can NOT change? We have to trust The Creator for so many things, and it is but one thing MORE to trust Him in the issues of life and death, and to accept the fact that His plans and promises and purposes transcend the bounds of this world and of this life. With such faith the years are kind, and peace and reconciliation DO come to those who have laid to rest their loved ones and – who, even in death, are not far removed from us. Bitter grief without reconciliation serves NO good purpose. And reconciliation, if not aided by strength of faith, is useless =)

I had read at some place long ago that ‘If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever.’ And to me, love is judged by the prayers we continue for the soul after death of the ‘body’.

Oh but don’t forget, ‘Death comes to all of us, but SO does life everlasting’ =)

Death is not the end. Death can never be the end.
Death is the road. Life is the traveller…
& The Soul is the Guide!


Awards & Accolades…

I would specifically like to thank all those who’ve been recognizing my blog, reviewing it or giving awards =) I don’t consider myself worthy enough for even single of them, but STILL your recognition, bestowal and the fact that you took time out to read and appreciate matter a LOT! =) I can’t thank you enough for considering my words so significant.

Fabulous Blog Award:

I would specially like to thank Aadil, Mishaal and BMK for giving me the Fabulous Blog Award. As far as the rules are concerned, I took 10-15 minutes to think if I really have any ‘obsession’ these days and I realized that my life is hollow these days. The fire of obsessions and passions has perhaps finished. And I pass this award to Hafsa, Inspirations & Aspirations, N.A Musaafir-e-Dasht, Momal Mushtaq and MOST importantly AD for her BEAUTIFUL and unmatchable blogs.

I just have no words for Haris,a very brilliant blogger himself, for considering my blog among the top three blogs in his view here. He described my blog as:

I just like this blog. I probably have many reasons for liking this blog but don’t have words to explain. The way feelings and emotions are expressed in each and every post, and the way the deepest of thoughts one can ever have are brought to surface is what I probably like about it. Another important reason for me to like this bog is, that I really get to learn from this blog, A LOT…

Am just speechless, Haris! =) I’m sorry for being so late in responding you. I saw it few days back and was totally out of my words. Thank you so much. May Allah bless you always.

The most recent analysis has been done by Amna Zahoor as Amna Zahoor-Opening Hira’s Life. at Sofa-Communications. It’s a blog run by four ladies Sonia, Oxana, Farishna and Amna. I had never visited this blog before and I don’t even know Amna =) Still I was shocked today to see my blog to a post there where a whole analysis was made. Amina & Farishna express as:

The personal blog that I liked is Opening Hira’s Life, by Hira Zainab. She is from Pakistan. She is an engineering student having the capability of writing. Her blog depicts her thoughts about life, and its’ experiences. After looking at her blog and reponse of her readers, one can guess that she is famous among people who like to follow blogs.

Her blog has a beautiful combination of background and text colour. The black, white and red colour text enhances the reader’s attention. Also, she has decorated it with the different art images according to her text description. I liked her recent post, confession court, in which she told the readers about the people she loves. She expressed her feelings about their importance in her life. This post shows her sensitivity and care for the relationships.

Furthermore, the gadgets are arranged and easy to fine in her blog. She has shared some poetry and there is also a list of blogs which she likes to visit. There is guest book for comments and feedback from readers as well.

Hence, I think this is kind of different blog with no personal pictures but with personal feelings.-Amna

This blog is truly interesting. I love art and the colours in the background and the content just blew my mind. Do check out this blog everyone.- Farishna

I ermm am really overwhelmed for your concern and appreciation, Amna and Farishna =) It really means a LOT!

At the end, I would here specifically like to mention two recent additions at my Blogroll, the two new bloggers: Awais and Ghazi Aitizaz. I would like you all to visit their blog and encourage them to keep writing & sharing =)