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Confession Court

Blessings to everyone reading this post =)

Hehe… Am back, FINALLY! =p

Sounds unbelievable, ehh? And temporal too! =P But I just hope that it won’t be, this time =)
A lot has happened in this duration, a lot of changes have surrounded my my life… and well, precisely this is exactly what ‘life’ is all about. Day to day to struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world’s creatures. As human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to CHOOSE how to react. Every decision that we make leads us down another road. We will never come to exactly the same crossroads. Every decision the we make has significance. The tiniest choice that is made reverberates throughout the entire universe. Such an amalgam of happenings my life has become, making me see a hopeless tomorrow with a doubtful future. There’s a fear inside of me that no one can explain, not even me. I seem to be walking on treacherous grounds not even I can see. But for now all I want to do is keep my head above ground with faith that a day is near when I surely WILL meet the fears in me =) And will set them aside in days that go by, and only look back to see the fear that WAS in me. I’ve been slowly dying, that’s what’s inside of me. A deepening sea of nowhereness consumes, creating a void. I stood a mute witness to see it all happening, thinking of a reason to define my thoughts again in order to bring a new meaning to pointless reign, trying to revive a cycle to refresh the damaged cause.

In middle of all this chaos related to me, I still see the strength within me, to fight. Strength induced in me by faith in ALLAH. But in addition to that, I sense a courage brought to me by the people who love me. And today, I want to thank all of them because their presence really makes me stand tall in the season of fall.

Mama: You are source of energy in my life =) I owe you my life. You’re the perfect mother I could ever think of having in my life!

Hammad: The most sincere friend and the most PURE relation one can possibly possess :) He’s one person with whom I’ve shared things which I can’t even THINK of sharing with anyone else. He’s one person whose words REALLY effect and matter for me. I trust him more than myself. (And yeah Hammad, I know you don’t like my blog to be a centre point for depressed souls :p just lemme write 2-3 posts and then I’ll be fine, I promise *innocent smiley* )

Dedi: I might be related to her in more ways than I can count but there’s only one role in which she fits, a Dedi. Your ‘current’ presence in my life is one of BIGGEST achievements in my life =) I may never end up being a proper daughter but you ALWAYS end up being a perfect Dedi. I loose words to respond to your overwhelming love always =) All i know is that you’re someone for whom I have felt EVERY little kind of emotion and someone who has taken form of EVERY little kind of relation in my life, from a mother to a mentor to a teacher to a sister to a friend.

Aapi: She’s someone who I know I can ALWAYS count on, no matter what happens. She has been with me from the beginning, through thick and thin, and no storm could ever be able to take her away from my life or weaken our bond. Distance, no matter how far, can’t change the way WE feel for eachother. Haina aapi? :)

Mano aka Fati: You’re the reason to the fact that friendship matters a LOT in my life now =) From your ever-lasting supports to strong understanding to unspoken love, everything makes you a special friend. Thank you for everything.

Mo: As I had said earlier, you are the ray of hope in my life :) You make me realize that ‘little special things’ DO matter and bring miracles.

Momo: Even if we never spent long durations with eachother, the special essence of OUR bond remains intact. :)

Maria: Out of everyone, WE share the longest relation :) You were the person who ‘introduced’ friendship in my life and every moment spent with you is saved in my mind as a special cherishing memory.

Saba Nazir: You still ARE part of sincere and honest friends I am blessed with, in my life =) Even if ‘I’ don’t remain in contact *innocent smiley*, it doesn’t change your position in my life.

Aun: Very few people succeed in making a “distinctive” place in our lives after a very short period of time. Also, there are very few people which make you feel real “comfortable” in their company. And you’re one of those specific and few people in my life:) We’ve not been friends for long. But purity and honesty in our bond is enough to be considered among the special blessings I have in my life :)

Fari aka Abstract Fantasy: You’re one of ever-lasting supports in my life. Your silent yet strong support has various times lifted up my spirits. I know I’ve failed you many a times but you never uttered a word =) and it makes you have a real distinctive place.

Sana Afzal: You’re the angel of my life :)

Aashi Jee: I miss you… LOTS! But you ARE a gem I have found in my life :)

SB: They say relationship doesn’t get closer by meetings, but it is sweetened by THOUGHTS. One’s care and concern doesn’t need to be expressed through words, it’s a sensation which is unique in its existance and feeling. Thank you SB for your special concern always. You’re my twin afterall =)

Saleem: I really have NO idea ke aap kiss mitti se bane ho =) But your special concern every time matters a lot. Be blessed wherever you remain.

Seemi & Haidar Miraj: Thank you for making me part of your dream, Tamasha =) It made me understand and learn things I couldn’t have learned in any other way.

That I love you all is NO wonder. But the fact you all care about someone like me and be there for me always, that is VERY special =)

Special thanks to Ghazi Aitizaz for constantly forcing me to write when I myself thought to have forgotten how to write. Also thanks to all those who kept on visiting my blog even when it was stuck and non-active.