Like Michelle Wie, I have played in rain of life before and have dealt with mud. I have played in wind before and have protected myself to stand still and tall. I have played in cold before and have still managed to save my energies, but not all put together. Together they are appearing to be the hardest conditions I ever played in.

Prayers required.

PS: I apologize for being so irregular at my blog from past many months. I’ve been trying to get back but somehow, few hurdles always block my way. Though I still am expectant to get back in this ‘learning’ mode and world soon.



  1. I hope everything is good with you Insha-Allah. May Allah be with you. Ameen

    • Sum Ameen, :)
      JazakAllah for prayer, Haris.

  2. Always expect the best.

    • Jee. :)

  3. apology accepted.

    • Thankew :)

  4. Sometimes life puts us in such tests, even with all the experience we have, we fall short. But then again, this is the very nature of life, a way to test us, chance for us to stand up and fight back. As only in such times, we take a step forward from being who we were yesterday and become stronger. It’s in these moments we can prove ourselves of our strength and make believe. No matter how well you forecast the storm, it has it’s different nature every time, that doesn’t mean we can’t live through it. – May Allah be with you through this and always.

    P.S. I didn’t know such great philosophers still existed in this generation, you have a truly incredible blog.

    • … am speechless!
      It was unexpected to see such EXACT and DIRECT words coming from a stranger, who doesn’t know me well. But it was exactly what i have been wishing and been waiting to hear. I knew it all. But sometimes one needs reminders. Sometimes one gets SO much tired both spiritually and physically that he requires a reminder to assure him that he’s on right track. And you just became the reminder for me:) jazakAllah young man. It means a LOT.

      Ameen at your prayer. Same goes for you as well :)

      P.S. Thank you for your err comments. Though I’m NO philosopher and I don’t even agree to possessing any sort of ‘incredible’ blog.

  5. May Allah save you and hope to see you back with a smile. Take care always. Best Wishes for you :)

  6. Inshallah……you are going out of every hard time with so ease you cant imagine

  7. May ALLAH brings all the happiness to you and for all the people who are your friends. Amen!

  8. after ages i have read you and fallen in love with u all over again!

  9. dint realize my frnd hs evolved ovr years… n so hs ur expressive skills…

  10. You will come out of this stronger than ever before :). Just hang in there.

  11. Life test and then teach.
    Thats how I think life goes . May Allah be with you in this time.

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