Undefined Destination.


Life is a journey marked with the highest mountaintops and lowest valleys, winding roads, steep hills and slippery slopes. But what must be kept in mind at every step is to ‘define‘ the destination. Destination, if not defined, makes a journey proceeding towards nowhere. Setting the direction of journey helps it in becoming ‘fruitful‘.

So, by this topic, I want everyone of you to come up with three answers:

* What’s your say about significance of ‘defined’ destinations in our life? What difference, in your view point, can make in one’s life and in one’s journey?

* What do you think of ‘destination‘ of Pakistani nation? Is it defined or is it not? In either ways, what’s the reason behind your conclusion?

* Have you ever tried figuring out destination of YOUR journey? What hurdles did or do you face in this effort?


Once our destination is ‘defined’, then we may not change the direction of the wind, but we ALWAYS can adjust ‘our’ very own sails to reach our destination.

Awaiting your replies,
Hira Zainab.



  1. These are difficult questions. All of them. We do try to ‘define’ our destinations but what happens in actuality, more often than not, isn’t linked to what we defined. He plans and HE is the best of the planners. So I’d say, our definition only gives us a direction. We should have defined destinations, but we should be aware of the fact that the definition is only ours, and that we might have to change it based on HIS planning.

    The destination of Pakistani nation is not defined. I mean obviously HE is doing HIS planning and knows what is to become of us, but from the nations point of view, it is not defined I think. We dont have anyone who could define the destination for us. So that leaves us all to define our own destinations, not as a nation but as individuals.

    And this is the most difficult question :-). All I can say is, I have had to change my definition several times, and each time it felt as if the journey is starting all over again, with all the time that I have spent so far deducted from my life. So every time I restart, I have less time to redefine my destination, and less time to re-direct myself to the destiny…

    • :)
      Ermm. First of all, I would like to thank you Haris for coming up with this answer. Because it indicated many hidden loop holes in my answers and by figuring solution to them, i got to know what really a destination can be. So your answers helped me solved the riddles of my mind :) JazakAllah. They mean more than A LOT.

      Though i somehow am less convinced by your answers. I’ll though try to come up with my answers in a post and wish to discuss your answers in detail :)

  2. And i remember what i have already commented about it.
    what now came to mind is, is there any destination in life? i think not. we have goals. after achieving one we move for the other and then the other. if the destination is achieved, what will remain as the purpose of our life? may be i am wrong… but i want being corrected if i am wrong

    • :)
      You’re true to an extent. :) I agree with you at one point. But if destination is defined, it doesn’t serve as ‘goal’ but an ‘objective’ and defines priorities in life. :)

  3. I’ll come around laters and write my take on that. But OMG! Great to you see after.. umm August?
    Sigh, you otayy? :)

    • :) errr… yesh in tries to be :) And Alhamdullilah, i am to a big extent. Though at some moments, the path gets hard and everything appears to be vague and fogged. But ermm clearing all such things with strength of faith is perhaps what we call life :)

  4. where were u for so long ??

    • Err. Just a little busy in university tasks and life riddles :)

  5. Destiny…. Acheivment of destiny is death cause nothing left beyond acheiving destiny…

    Life is just a game and we are players, either we win or lose, we have to play again till the time its not decided when will the game be over… The game over; the destiny met….

    What else you have in mind regarding Destination…. we start and we end… the end is our destiny of life…. the ultimate edge….

    Destiny of Pakistan is decided but we are unaware or don’t want to figure out….

    • :)

      Do you think that just flowing/going with ‘undefined’ pathways in life journey is the right thing to be done?

  6. the question is do we need a definition or we let our prayers and wishes lead the way?

    • We need a definition and then let our prayers and wishes makes it easy for us to lead towards that destination :) Nai? Both are dependent on eachother. One without other is incomplete.

  7. Our prayers and good deeds can find our destination. And our destination is in Allah hand. We can’t do anything. So let Him. He will run our future:P

    • Our future is in Allah’s hands :) Our deeds still are in our hands. That’s why He has made us crown of the creations. Because we’re provided with all paths and then RIGHT to CHOOSE what’s right. :) as our destination. What do you think?

      Welcome to my blog though :) Looking forward to learn a lot from you.

  8. Questions are very simple and with the good intention to have answers to ensure we are on right track and not lost – so end of the day – love’s labor not lost.

    so the answers should be also confusion free and as plain as questions asked in good intention and not with the intention to brag on “wisdom”.

    so let’s address Hira Zainab’s self-probing questions;


    * What’s your say about significance of ‘defined’ destinations in our life? What difference, in your view point, can make in one’s life and in one’s journey?

    {{{{{we all are lost until GOD by HIS special grace put us on HIS RIGHT path, we do our best or our “friend” Satan do his best by constant whispering in our heart that forget Emotional Intelligence and Enjoy life by all means and this way we overlook our “defined” destination – we came from HIM and we are destined towards HIM. If we all “realize” this – the Earth will become Heaven.}}}}}

    * What do you think of ‘destination‘ of Pakistani nation? Is it defined or is it not? In either ways, what’s the reason behind your conclusion?

    {{{{{Pakistan’s destination depends on our determined destination – If we – majority of Pakistanis are lost, Pakistan is a lost case too – and it is at the moment}}}}}

    * Have you ever tried figuring out destination of YOUR journey? What hurdles did or do you face in this effort?

    {{{{{When I am a lost soul, I never think of Destination. The lost person can’t see beyond his nose – so how he/she could be “such a Visionary”? Hurdles are all the hurdles we make in our way to Recognize our self – who I am? what is my role? Who is my master? Where I can get guidance for successful journey of life? Who can best tell me my Destination? No one other than our Creator and ONE WHO is waiting for us on culmination of Destination to welcome us and entertain and reward us if were not a Lost Soul and tried to figure out and then marched on the RIGHT PATH to THE DESTINATION. Those are the successful souls and QURAN is the best GUIDANCE BOOK to guide you the right path and right destination. The rest are distracting noises – to keep you astray and hide the Destination. All will reach the Destination somehow but mostly as blind losers and to an ultimate shock – they were lost all this time. May ALLAH keep us on RIGHT PATH to the destination with HIS blessing – reserved for those who follow – HIS GUIDANCE. Aámen!}}}}}

    • :)
      I dunno from where should i actually start.
      First of all, welcome to my blog. It was unexpected to see such a detailed answer from a new visitor. And am blessed to have another precious visitor on my blog and I’m looking forward to learn a lot from you.

      As far as your answer is concerned, it’s precisely what i wanted to hear right now :) I agree to each and every word. :) At few moments, i wish to add up few things in order to make your answers complete by what i figured out in life. But seriously am really honoured and pleasured :) JazakAllah :)

      I am amazed at your figuring my intentions out but at the same time, pleasured to see that you didn’t go for option of ‘bragging wisdom’. I really respect you for that.

      Be blessed always and everafter :)

  9. 1) the Significance of defined destinations in life = significance of soul in body

    2) Who Pakistan is??? offcourse we are….didn’t we have defined destinations….we have…and due to this we are working for it since a long time…..but the problem is that we are not realizing the significance of our destinations….

    3) like every one…..”upto my knowledge” i have also defined destination……

    • Welcome to my blog, Awais.

      I agree to your first answer :) The way body is incomplete without soul, our life is also incomplete without any destination. Though i think that by term ‘significance’ in second answer, you meant ‘definition of PATH leading towards our destination’. Am I right in guessing that?
      It’s good to know that you’ve defined your destination. May Allah be your helper and guider in letting you avail that, Ameen.

      Bless thee.

  10. Spotless – I am very thankful that you found my comments of some worth. I simply tried to answer since I felt your curiosity to discover yourself was very genuine and touched my heart. No one should brag wisdom. If some one has this gift of God, he should thank HIM and not brag about it. If he does brag then his wisdom is something misleading him and may mislead other. The present world is in full chaos – thanks to the “wisdom of such wise people”. What the world need is simple down to earth honest people. There is no dearth of “smart crooks” who leave no chance to cheat and deceive people. May ALLAH make us one of his Good people who are on HIS right path and also help astray people to be back on Right Path. A’amen.

    P.S: please delete my duplicate comments above. Thanks.

  11. Spotlesssoul said: {{At few moments, i wish to add up few things in order to make your answers complete by what i figured out in life.}}

    I would love to hear what you figured out. Let me learn some from your experiences. We all have different lessons learned. It is good to share for each others benefit.

  12. * What’s your say about significance of ‘defined’ destinations in our life? What difference, in your view point, can make in one’s life and in one’s journey?

    – Well this is a very difficult question, and I doubt if there’s any right answer to it. But I think having “defined” destinations is hard at some parts of life. For example, when we are 15, many of us really can’t figure out the rest of our lives, and I think that’s okay. Unless you have a very mature mind and have reached a certain point in your life, you really won’t be able to forecast your future. You can only dream to the limitation of what you’ve been told. So, you may have an objective, but many parts of it might remain undefined, and as life goes on you figure those blanks out. However, that being said, it is always good to have a plan and to have a dream – without this you can never pursue anything. But maybe it’s okay if your destination changes, or if you start having a different dream.

    * Have you ever tried figuring out destination of YOUR journey? What hurdles did or do you face in this effort?

    – Yes, I have drafted a plan for my destination, and over the years I have been facing hundreds of problems chasing my dream. There has been times when I have been told I am trying for something that’s never meant to be, and I’ve been let down many times. There are still hurdles and barriers, but I believe if you set out to reach a destination, there’s still a way to have it. For many reason, I can’t state what exact barriers I still have, but I know the only thing between a dream and achievement is desire. You have to love your dream that much to make it come true, and it’s god’s way of testing.

    And in this quest even if you do not end up with what you exactly wished for, it’s the things you did to try on your own to reach that matters at the end. Don’t let others define your achievement, rather ask if this makes you happy. After all, the ultimate real destination of all mankind is common, happiness.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t come up with any perfect answer, but I think this is a very relative subject.

  13. a) All of us reach the destinations; If reached destination were pre-defined, we rejoice otherwise they will merely be ‘The End’.

    b) No!
    A destination once set lures you to move on right passageway. Nation Pakistan is either going no where or just wandering around.

    c) Alhamdolilah I was born with destinations and I don’t perceive anything as a hurdle in pathway; everything further strengthens me.

  14. well im agreed wid u
    ifwe dun knw the direction of our destination we wont be able able to achie any target :)

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