Undefined Destination.


Life is a journey marked with the highest mountaintops and lowest valleys, winding roads, steep hills and slippery slopes. But what must be kept in mind at every step is to ‘define‘ the destination. Destination, if not defined, makes a journey proceeding towards nowhere. Setting the direction of journey helps it in becoming ‘fruitful‘.

So, by this topic, I want everyone of you to come up with three answers:

* What’s your say about significance of ‘defined’ destinations in our life? What difference, in your view point, can make in one’s life and in one’s journey?

* What do you think of ‘destination‘ of Pakistani nation? Is it defined or is it not? In either ways, what’s the reason behind your conclusion?

* Have you ever tried figuring out destination of YOUR journey? What hurdles did or do you face in this effort?


Once our destination is ‘defined’, then we may not change the direction of the wind, but we ALWAYS can adjust ‘our’ very own sails to reach our destination.

Awaiting your replies,
Hira Zainab.