Eternal Quest..

They say that the eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness, But then what pinches me the most is a question that what loneliness actually is? Is it actually a terror? Or a source of making someone vulnerable? Is it a medium for invoking creativity? Or just a deep yearning… a powerful one for union with one’s lost self? Are dying hopes really immortal fears?!


Keeping my experiences in mind, there’s no doubt in this fact that what makes loneliness an anguish is not that one has no one to share his burden, but this that he has ONLY his own burden to bear. And what if he’s even ‘told’ about being burden for others as well :) What feelings can that realization induce? Lolz. :)

It’s said that the end comes when we no longer talk with ourselves. It is the end of genuine thinking and the beginning of the final loneliness. The remarkable and most amazing thing is that the cessation of the inner dialogue marks also the end of our concern with the world around us. It is as if we noted the world and think about it only when we have to report it to ourselves lol. Perhaps my end has begin to come. Nevermind.


Anyhow, back to our ‘eternal quest’… Indeed the longest journey of any person is the journey inward. For the one who has chosen his destiny, he has started upon his quest for the source of his being. Our demons are, somehow, our very own limitations which shut us off from the realization of the ubiquity of the spirit… and it’s believed that EACH of these demons is conquered in a vision quest.

Most people have come to prefer certain of life’s experiences and deny and reject others, unaware of the value of the hidden things that may come wrapped in plain and even ugly paper. In avoiding all pain and seeking comfort at all costs, we may be left without intimacy or compassion; in rejecting change and risk we often cheat ourselves of the quest; in denying our suffering we may never know our strength or our greatness. -Rachel Naomi Remen

So, where does your quest revolve? What’s the centre point of YOUR eternal quest? :)

PS: If anyone has got answers of all or even some questions mentioned in my post, then it’s a kind request that do honour me by sharing your answers along with views.



  1. Woah, you think a lot!

    • It’s said that the end comes when we no longer talk with ourselves

      I totally agree, it’s when we cease todiscover ourselves taht we actually stop growing and that ahppens when we stop caring!

    • @ Sania

      Err yeah.. I think a lot. I wonder whether your ‘woah’ was indicating your surprise or sympathy :P

      Truly said about stopping our self-discovery :)

  2. Motivation comes through your Eternal Quest. Your struggle for Your motive is cause of one’s Eternal Quests. Lonelinees sometimes helps one to ponder upon eternal quests and sometimes depending on mood, shatters one’s vision quest. My quest revolves on Whether this world is real or imaginary!!

    PS I have added you to my blogroll. So beautiful blog. :)

    • Beautifully explanation of one’s quest :) But I wonder what stopped you from telling about your quest in detail. Cuz your quest in one of MOST pinching questions for me in my life :) Therefore, I wish to hear more of you regarding your quest.

      Err.. :) Thank you for honouring me. Welcome to my blog :)

  3. I am still pondering over my quest and have never found any satisfactory answer so far. Its good to find someone who is also interested in the same quest. It will be quite helpful to discover the answer on brooding togather. You are welcomed to my blog…. :)

    • Ooohh.. :) That surely would help us both to have new answers in pathway of our respective self-discovery. So, what exactly does mess you regarding origin of world? Am not sure whether we both are inclined towards same destiny or same direction or not :S But in my case, ermm, I dunno why but relation between ‘dream’ and ‘reality’ coincides a LOT with your quest. As in, it gets hard for me to realize that whether the moment in which I’m living right now is part of any dream or ‘real’ life.

  4. Firstly, I think I am going to abstain from using the word “Quest”, heh. Since it’s been exhausted a hell lot of times in this post itself. Well I read your post, and then I read the comments too. Didn’t see anyone actually *get* the question.
    The answer to all your questions is God.
    2008 was a year I refer to as the year I died. I lost my soul. Myself. My words, my visions, my truth. The year I was the most lonely. Having said that, what I learnt was, when you desert yourself, you desert God. I’ll use a dumb example here, from the film The Lion King, where the baboon leads Simba to the water body to see his Father. “You have forgotten who you are, so you’ve forgotten me.”
    It’s one of those things. (:
    Our faith keeps us in check, there are no rejections or well tough times in life, because everyone and everything happens for a reason. Whoever’s always in search of reason, never meets a lonely moment. So to answer your question, yes loneliness exists, in many different shapes and colors, originating from many different facets of life and the human brain, heart and soul. But an end to loneliness is a life rich with oneself, God and a purpose of being. It’s a new battle everyday. But one that leaves you spent in a way, you get a good night’s sleep. Heh.

    And like that author said in “the alchemy of desire”..
    “There are no demons to slay from outside of ourselves.” (:

    Rest assured, you’ll find your answers on your own, with time. Inshallah.

    p.s:- My laptop’s been virus-ified, I can’t use google (haha imagine that!) and so can’t sign on to my blog and *approve* your comment. Impatient, are we? ;D Heh, well if you’d view my profile, it says a lil about me, haha lemme know if you want a detailed version. Tata.

    • .. Ermm :)

      Where were you before young lady?!:)

      You know? Your answer was a MUCH needed and required one. I didn’t know whether someone will ever give me this answer. But now, it seems the most exact answer, keeping all my experiences in mind.

      I won’t be saying anything about or on your answer :) Your answer is so true and real, that it surpasses the stage of ‘being commented’. It’s far beyond that.

      I just owe you for it all!:) Seriously.

      It was a real strong reminder or perhaps a wake-up call. But these days, every day I try to give myself one. And gear up for a new day. But everyday a happening encounters me with a failure in my tries. Yet at every new sunrise, i begin to revive new sensation in my tries. But you know? A moment comes… when you get tired.. Tired of each and everything. Tried of what you yourself are. And then, you just tend to find an escape. Escape from everything and most significantly, from your very own self. Sighhh :)

      I’m just LOVING to have you at my blog!:) Keep coming.

      Be blessed wherever you remain as you yourself deserve to be blessed, mashAllah.

      PS: Oopsiee :P I didn’t know!:$ Ermm.. :) Yesh. I’ve seen your profile now. I actually DO want a detailed version :P But i would rather rely on passage of time for knowing you in a better way. :) *huggie*

      JazakAllah for everything!:)

  5. “It’s said that the end comes when we no longer talk with ourselves. It is the end of genuine thinking and the beginning of the final loneliness”… WOW, that was deep and meaningful, and so true!

    We think it hurts being alone, but does it really? We think of being lost if we’re alone, but are we really? The longest journey of any person, the journey inwards, starts when he’s alone. Thats when this person actually gets to decide if he wants to talk to himself or bring about an end to his being.

    This post is so thought provoking… A nice write I must say!

    • Well said about journey towards one’s own self. But sometimes it becomes unbearable to be with your self. For biggest burden, at the end of the day, is one’s own existence on his shoulders. At such moments, it becomes tough to be yourself or to be WITH yourself. You tend to either get frustrated, melancholic or be an escapist.

      JazakAllah for your all worthy comments.:)

  6. Eternal quest? What more could it be but one’s quest for God!

    That’s what came to my mind after reading your post :) A very good one, ma sha Allah!

    • :)

      True you are :)

      JazakAllah for appreciation!:) Though i dun think there was anything good in it :S

  7. there’s no doubt in this fact that what makes loneliness an anguish is not that one has no one to share his burden, but this that he has ONLY his own burden to bear.. i agree with that. What punches a man’s quest is the thing when he has no one to share with his burden or no one shares his burden. that causes him to show himself unique for the sake of proving himself. and causes eternal quest. what you think?

    • Umm.. I dun really think so :)

      Eternal quest doesn’t get birth with ‘uniqueness’. It rather does get birth with ‘curiosity and demons inside’… The demons inside when try to stop us from something, make us rather ‘aware’ of our steps towards that specific journey. And curiosity puts us on pathway to some quest. What do you think?:P

  8. do check out my response to your comment on the ‘pain and purposeless’ post on my blog :)

    • Ohhkay!:P

  9. Well, it’d be better if you’d sometimes post about other stuff… apart from psychology and spiritualism and …once in a while :P :P
    I mean I’ve been reading books on such subjects the last few days… I find them interesting… but then there’s a limit to it all!! Your readers like Mo would like to read your other write ups, too… :P

    • I dun write at my blog on ANY topic. Never ever. When i say that it’s my catharsis, then it’s all related to me. :) Or happenings around me. Just the way of expression is getting different with passage of time.

      Pray for me naah. I’ll try to get back to light topics once I’ll be out of mess around me.

  10. oye madamjee !!!!

    y r u so much involved in these kinda stuffs like “eternal quest” n all…..
    i know v all r free to think bout anything but don’t u think that its too tender age of yours to think bout such heavy stuffs……

    Its my belief dear that we’ve got jus one life n we’ve to live it to the fullest then y be so much worried ’bout such non-sensical questions which are gonna serve no purpose whatsoever….

    i believe even if i’ll find “god” which is highly unlikely in these times n particularly in ma case then even he or she…..whatever gender god is having…..will never b able to answer such stuffs……I believe even god will say that “F*** u man…..i’d sent u on this earth to live life to the fullest n help others n not to b worried ’bout such stuffs”

    But ma fren that is ma feeling n u r free to discard it or delete it…….but i’ll still maintain one thing that u’ve got a gr8 writing prowess !!!!!

    • Errmmm.. :)

      To tell you something, neither there’s any writing power nor ability to bog into ANY philosophical topic. It’s all just a catharsis. :)

  11. Destination is merely a fantasy. The zeal, energy, struggle & erudition part or precisely ‘the life’ subsists in voyage of race. Race isn’t a dream; its pragmatism.
    You inhume into or exhume out of philosophical element, decomposition of ‘real you’ initiates. Denying the dream of destination and dissolving into the dream of destination; both would hinder your swift to finish-line. Think of next step while your current step is in the air and eventually you will land into the valley of ‘you’.

    Alhamdolillah, I discovered the oasis of myself with least to and fro movement.

  12. So. .

    On a naive demand of someone special who never likes me hidden somewhere else, and who asked me posting on a right place, I am finally here. I thought writing a lot on her new write-up, gripped the pen up and put it down after a while. She knows this well that I usually wait her to come up with something new each time and keep on praying to give her pen the power a true writer should have but I don’t know why, for the few days I am being unable to say something over the work she does. Maybe at times, we just love listening to the things that our beloved has to say. And listening to her specially, is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force for me. When I really listen to her both in real and virtual terms, there is an alternating current, and this recharges me so that I never get tired of her saying a lot of things. And to tell you guys truly, I am constantly being re-created when she talks.:)

    Some times, we require just a little light that could protect us from the chaos. For me, nothing is more distressing than a thought that escapes itself before even I write it down, ideas that fly off before my gripping them and words that disappear, already eroded by my forgetfulness or precipitated into others that I no longer master. These are infinite variabilities the appearing and disappearing of which coincide. You know this all, Zaini so do you know me well. Among all the beautiful comments, you have been getting above; my commenting would be as impractical as I could imagine, Gudya. As I said, I don’t want to post something that goes irrelevant with your brainstorming work. Give me sometime to take the essence out of it or maybe in the coming days, you would be the one who will ultimately make me to understand it all. I would like taking its references during your response to my catharsis.

    My prayers for you would never be getting ended even when one day, I stop commenting here for my lacking of words and intellect. I believe that Allah’s answers to me are wiser than my prayers for you and I have shed more tears over my answered prayers than over unanswered prayers.

    Love you, Zaini.

  13. (:

  14. Assalamolaikum, I clicked on comments to leave a comment but what i was going to say, Hafsah in the third or fourth comment already said.

    First of all doesn’t matter what “they” say a humans eternal “quest” is. Our eternal quest is to find our path which leads to Allah. Remember in the quran and Hadith it is mentioned that Allah gathered all the souls before they were breathed in before He created Adam and took a vow of obediance from them? Our eternal quest is to fulfil that vow. our entire life we’re struggling in one way or another to ful fill it.

    Secondly this happens to me form time to time. My mind ceases to talk to me, I sleep wake up as if I ahd been dead, I hvae no thoughts, no dreams, no talking in my head but I call it peace. It is the state where I do not care about anything, the world, people dying, people being born, anyone. I feel peace. Allah is there and He is watching everything, everyone I am not to take burden where my actins would fail me in complying…I do NOT call it lonellines. I call it a state of peacethat i love, because I am what i should be. I ahd learnt as a teenager that stress and thining can ONLY lead me to trouble, even if it is … for good cause. Actions arealways better, donate money, help someone get up or aid in illness or anything that would help them stressing only gnaws the mind and kills ones soul.

    As for being young, I suppose wisdom has no age.I read some people commenting on your age and you being young. Although it is not bad for you to think so and for you to write so, indeed it imparts wisdom, but to let things affect your life, would be hypocritical as it would mean a wise person is writing wise but not acting wise.. Or letting his wisdom ruin his life.

    I had shared this for you and aadil mainly :)

    I hope you can fuel charge your mindfor action and come out of the mist if it gathers around you…

    May Allah give you peace and courage for action, ameen.

  15. hey M.M. is correct in her sayin ma fren !!!!!!

    • :) I understand.

  16. Hmmm interestin :-) Lot of different opinions here, N that’s exactly how it should be as well, if we all start thinkin the same way, no discussions no fun :-P Well in my views there this life is through all a joureny, N we keep on lookin for answers, we keep on walkin N we keep on thinkin that we got the answers, but actually every answer leave us with even a more difficult Question. Eternal Quest got no destination if I can say it this way, it goes on N on, N those who “maybe just maybe” really or finally got their quest is no longer among us on this earth hmmm – because we grow N we learn as long as we live, our quest depends on our priority N the way we see life, the faith the belief we follow, the purpose of life we’ve discoverd for ourself. So basically I would say it’s all about finding peace in small things, N just keep on giving your best, rest will follow. God bless :-)

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