Err err err :)

Yeah .. finally I am! :) What else to say?!


I know it’s been 50 days now (: And honestly speaking, at this stage, I dunno what to say. I dunno how to explain that why did i disappear? I dunno how to confess the reasons behind my silence. I dunno how to describe the walls of iron curtain and reticence. I dunno that why did the walls of quiescence inside me became so high that i simply got unable to peek through no one else but myself. Or may be it was my own strong desire of being stifle and choke off which made those walls seem so high.

But whatever it was, I am back now :) And I actually SO strongly feel the need of mentioning few names, which became the ‘real’ source. I feel a real sense of gratitude, special concern and what not for Umeed aapi (AD) , Absar, Kalki and Narendra Sinha for asking about my absence.

While enlisting everything, a voice echoes in my soul… A voice saying that my silence shatters something in her halos of mind. A voice of someone whose shattering I can’t afford (: I would try to come over my silence Dedi :) I wouldn’t have been able to fight with it without your words, like always :)

A heartiest thanks to all those who’ve been continuously checking my blog :)
Mo , your blog won’t miss me anymore :P *huggie*

Lets hope that I’ll overcome the balustrade caused by my demons, and end up being triumphant in the conduit of self-exploration.. (:

Not to forget, that I really need your prayers this time. For ‘everything’ in my life. Only they can do miracles. And i certainly need to have miracles in my life.

Be blessed everyone, wherever you remain. :)



  1. Welcome back…and yeah..! am the first one to welcome you……
    Have suns..! wishing you a peaceful & full of happiness life…
    May god bless you too…! & once again…I admire you writings…!& the way you write themmm

    • JazakAllah for all your prayers :)

  2. You are so very artificial!

    • What actually made you even THINK like this?:)

      Am shocked.. I seriously am :) But i would love to know the reason behind this statement. If you are linking it for sake of ‘usage of words’ then DONT. Because i myself am a STRONG haterer of words :) Cuz for me, they’re the shallowest thing in world. Alfaz khokhlay pan ke siwa kuch nahin :) But emotions fill up their shallowness, true emotions :) not ‘artificial’ ones..

      Welcome to my blog btw :) Hoping to be in contact with you.

  3. AH FINALLY we get to see you again! Welcome back kid! :)

    As for the prayer, May Allah give you whatever you desire, and grant his blessing in it.

    • Aww :) Errr.. i actually am quite surprised :) I seriously am.. :)

      But still, your concern matters a LOT for me :)

      Ameen sum ameen :) It indeed is a beautiful prayer.

      JazakAllah for everything :) for all your care, support and prayers. Be blessed always :)

  4. You are.. Yous eriously are.. If I would have to play with words then I can by revolvinga round the SAME thing using heavy FASCINATING words… SAME thin g? There isn’a ctually anything rather where you are revolving.. Or..or maybe you are genuine, I am artificial!

    • :S

      You know i HATE words. JUST cuz of SAME matter of exaggeration. One can ‘exaggerate’ nothing as everything through heavy words and i HATE it.. I say only something if i MEAN it.. Seriously.. don’t you think you’re being way TOO early in judging me or reaching any conclusion :S :)

      I can understand now what made you say so. But I myself dunno how to make you assure of the fact that ‘playing with words’ is NOT my hobby. In fact this post has been written with so much difficulty that i may not express :) just cuz of the fact that i’ve been out of touch with my very ownself. This loss of contact made me loose words of expression as well.

      But whatever the case is, I would like you to be in contact :) And would love to know if you think still the same after knowing me.

      Be blessed always wherever you remain :)

  5. Welcome back! :)
    hOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON! :) lots of prayers!

    • Thanko SO much Sania :)

      How’re you yourself?:) What’sh up these days?

  6. Well yeah, time flies.

    I am here after 60 days or maybe more than this span and during checking your writings here, I was thinking upon the same notes. Now, I am in the middle of this post and realizing how fast time seems to pass and even though minutes and days sometimes may seem to go by slowly, the weeks and the months flash by so quickly. In the blink of an eye, years are behind you and recent memories become nostalgic.

    Often in life we come to a crossroad. At this point, we become unable to understand either we should continue on the same road or change. People often choose to continue on the same path, not because it’s the best choice, but they are too afraid of change. Even if it’s good.

    Today, you have chosen to change something that you were not finding temperament of, yet you went for it. It sounds like you are about to embark on a road to finding your true calling. It certainly will not be easy. There may be barriers to your path, but I have a feeling that you will be able to overcome them and be successful in your new venture of writing regularly.

    I think, I don’t need to tell you that how much I am happy and satisfied to see you getting ‘back in shape’ in blogging world, Zainia.:) At this stage now, when you have decided to give a re-entry, please know that through your words, you have been the delicate wings, lifting spirit, stirring up advantageous debate and source of hopefulness for many in the wake of their thoughts, and setting a thousand-some smiles into the frame of their faces. I wonder, who on earth could claim your writings as the mounts of artificiality? For me, each entry of this blog has been fragile, unpretending pieces of you, broken off from the auras of artificiality and hypocrisy, in hopes of leaving an inspiration, a learning upon the souls of your readers. You seem to have a tender-hearted, fervent wish inside you that we will seek the potential of our hearts, dreams, and find peace, love, and fulfillment in our time through these learnings. Artificiality in writings? Where? Your words do not revolve around yourself telling the rest of the world how do you manage to tackle the deals of your life on daily basis but unlike a mere ‘blogger’, you want changing the lives, approaches and behaviours of the relations around you through your major and minor experiences of life. For me and maybe to the rest, you are 90% successful in your work that shows that you put up 100% dedication to do your writings with sincerity. When dedication and sincerity is involved in a job, then where is the place of artificiality? I initially thought to say a lot on this lame claim (I excuse) but right for the moment, I guess, it’s enough.

    You know this well that seeing you writing regularly is one of my first dreams that I had ever seen for you. Have you ever asked any dreamer who’s dream has been fulfilled by the one for whom the dream was seen?:) Ask me the value as I maybe the only one who will tell you its worth, Zaini. Having got restarted, you are not falsely unafraid, but you have penned a promise upon the flesh of your soul, a promise to press forward into the blaze of ambition, to set upon fulfilling my dream to see you a successful woman, bestowing the summation of your life into the magnum opus of love, the crux of doing justice with your pen, and the heart of human equality, of harmony.

    I wish you happiness and peace in your soul. Remember that wherever you go; you are strong, talented, kind, and gifted. You have the ability to move people and I know you want to use that for good works. Whatever you do, let it sing in your heart and enlighten your soul. Let this calling bring you satisfaction of purpose. Ask lots of questions and speak to sages, wherever they may be.

    Have a wonderful journey of writing, Zaini. I hope someday, your writings will let us know where you are and what you are doing. For your readers who will not miss you ever as I always pray you to get published internationally somewhere. You are an inspiration for me, for many.:)

    May your journey give you the peace that you seek. I send you love and good wishes to warm your heart and fill your soul.

    Love and prayers,

    Your Dedi-

  7. Hi…..nice to see u back……

    Bhagwan aapko sukoon de…..

    • Ummm:) Thank you for your concern in my absence.

  8. Welcome back. I hope everything was ok at your end and that everything stays ok Insha-Allah. Hope to see some excellent writings from you. May Allah bless you.

    Take care.

    • JazakAllah for your concern and prayers, Haris :)

  9. Hmmmmm! so you ar back after a fifty days weekend. nice to see you again.

    • Thank you :)

  10. Hahaha… It surely won’t miss you anymore!!! :P And welcome back sweetheart n.n

  11. You were being missed here (:

  12. That pic is intriguingly gloomy!!

  13. Welcome back! I too was wondering that its been a long time since I last saw any blog updates by you in my dashboard.

    As for the disappearance and silence, I can surely relate to it… :) that’s all I would say because one cannot really ‘explain’ certain things in life.

    May Allah be with you. Aameen :)l

    • True you are @ explaining certain things :) That’s exactly what I was feeling while ‘writing’ anything these days.

      Sum Ameen :)

      May Allah be your guider and helper in all you do, Ameen.

  14. Thanko for everything Mo :)

    And yupiee, i LOVE this image :)

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