Err err err :)

Yeah .. finally I am! :) What else to say?!


I know it’s been 50 days now (: And honestly speaking, at this stage, I dunno what to say. I dunno how to explain that why did i disappear? I dunno how to confess the reasons behind my silence. I dunno how to describe the walls of iron curtain and reticence. I dunno that why did the walls of quiescence inside me became so high that i simply got unable to peek through no one else but myself. Or may be it was my own strong desire of being stifle and choke off which made those walls seem so high.

But whatever it was, I am back now :) And I actually SO strongly feel the need of mentioning few names, which became the ‘real’ source. I feel a real sense of gratitude, special concern and what not for Umeed aapi (AD) , Absar, Kalki and Narendra Sinha for asking about my absence.

While enlisting everything, a voice echoes in my soul… A voice saying that my silence shatters something in her halos of mind. A voice of someone whose shattering I can’t afford (: I would try to come over my silence Dedi :) I wouldn’t have been able to fight with it without your words, like always :)

A heartiest thanks to all those who’ve been continuously checking my blog :)
Mo , your blog won’t miss me anymore :P *huggie*

Lets hope that I’ll overcome the balustrade caused by my demons, and end up being triumphant in the conduit of self-exploration.. (:

Not to forget, that I really need your prayers this time. For ‘everything’ in my life. Only they can do miracles. And i certainly need to have miracles in my life.

Be blessed everyone, wherever you remain. :)