Reminiscences.. Strength or Weakness?

My post is for someone whom I don’t want to see getting faded with the strong strokes of pain caused by ‘recalling memories’.. And for everyone who gets in state of bewilderment by travelling in past routes of life and ones who get haunted by old memories of those who’ve have been special to them sometime, somewhere in life..

Relation.. This apparently simple-looking makes me aware of a lot many moods and conditions in my life. Where I get stuck at solving its never revealed mysteries, I also get surrounded by a strong layer of ecstasy.. Ecstasy which makes me forget everything else, and makes me sense the power of love in my bonds.. (Be they of family,closed ones, siblings or friends). Where this overwhelming of emotions helps me cherish the strength of my linkages, at the same time it places me in desert of fears.. (We’ll be discussing fears at some other time though..!!) But the top one of them ‘now’ has always been a fear of getting this relation ended at a worst turn at any step of life in future.

NO relation is permanent. We all can never deny it.. Can we?! The only relation which has proved its durability always is the relation with relation-Creator i.e Allah Almighty. The way which leads to Omnipresent has no ‘end’ provided the direction is true. But when I fear the ‘type‘ of end of a relation, then it’s because it’s only this kind which can either make us refresh the relation always or can even make high notes painful. It ‘apparently’ possesses the strength to decide the fate of ‘impact’ which a relation leaves on our life.

I close my eyes for a while and while being engulfed by the darkness (not in sense of ‘vision’ obviously) , I realize the power of ‘memories’ on our life. Reminiscences flood in, seeing anything from the Earth to the skies..Swelling hearts and brimming tears indicate the Parting of the Ways; Embittered souls curse unforgiving, unceasing time that flies. And I find someone inside me screaming to have an answer of a question.. A question which says that “Will these young (This youth has to do with ecstasy brought by power of love) hearts ever re-live their memorable days?”

Though mostly I don’t get this answer. But life did make me realize few more answers. On top, lies the realization that we may not decide or do anything (yes, sometimes we really get unable to do something. Poor helpless souls! Aren’t we?? Lol) about the ‘kind’ which a relation opts while being go out of our life (not from our hearts though!) .. But YES!! We definitely can do about WHAT kind of impact will that be going to leave on our lives.. We can do about the effect caused by ‘worst ends’ on our behaviours.. Strange!! Isn’t it?!


Although you may not appear to have the strength to bear the pain caused by haunting demons of memories, do not claim its possession is beyond you. Rather, rejoice in the knowledge that these memories are linked to YOU. They make you what you ARE now!! Do this and you will produce an emotional response which is necessary for seedtime.

Revival of reminiscences becomes source of breakage inside and weakness when there’s disappointment; leading us to a blind alley. It appears to be a bitter pill when our FAITH shatters.. faith in ourselves, our relation, our love, purity of our intentions and most significantly, faith in Almighty.

Have you ever tried burying the pinching memories and digging out the refreshing ones while recalling reminiscenses?? Have you ever put an effort to only remember the good times and forgive/let go/forget the bad ones just for the sake of love you have for that relation? I repeat “Letting go has NEVER been an easy job, I know it isn’t.. but holding on can be as difficult, (trust me it does get at times) for strength is measured not by holding on, but by letting go”. But after letting go, have you ever learned from the experience and lesson that ‘end’ supposed to convey?! Have you ever tried being thankful to the person for making you what you are today, without his support (be that in high notes or low notes, depends on your learning procedure in life) you couldn’t have been the same.. And have you ever tried realizing that your being same can be because of many reasons, reasons which Allah wants YOU to figure out in order to meet the demands of your existence. Have you?!!!

Try doing it for once at least.. And you’ll know how much pain does it release to think that these relations and their memories, no matter WHAT, are your strength NOT weakness :) There are some things in life that don’t go the way you want them to or the way you think they should, but you can’t dwell on these because you’ll miss out on other opportunites. Don’t give up one something just because you don’t think things will work, you won’t know unless you give it a try. But don’t hold onto something that left a long time ago, because sooner or later you’ll realize some things just are NOT meant to be…

Cheer up.. for ALLAH sends relations in your life for some purpose (: Don’t let that purpose decided by ‘Almighty’ fade away because of ‘human’ behaviours. May Allah be guider and helper of everyone of us in all we do, Ameen (:

PS : I know I’m being absent from blog for a long time. I had to come up with details of everything, from my mood to my passions.. But guess everything has an appropriate time to be said (: Will be telling in detail about my present happenings in upcoming posts, inshALLAH.



  1. Assalmaolaikum,

    This is strange. i visited ablog site, from where I gotsamahs site, from where I got Aadils site from where i got your site and I couldnt believe that youa re the same hira I THINK from pkf, right?

    well I LOVE your blog and InsaAllah I will keep on visiting, InshaAllah

    I wonder how you are, May Allah have mercy on you, ameen

    • YES!!! :o :o :o :o am SAME!!!

      Are you ayesha bazi?? Mother of Zakarriya? How’s he?:O Gosh! (:

      How’re you? And how’s everyone back at PKF? (: Been nostalgiac about my time spent there a lot. May Allah be guider of everyone out there, Ameen.

      Khush rehiye :) and you can not believe how much SURPRISED i was to see your comment.

  2. so u haiv comeetid urselph two rytin motiwaytional stouph ?

    • Not really O.O When did i do that?:P

      And well, even if i do, is there anything wrong in that?:O

      It’s just that these days, the NEED of writing overpowers my catharsis. After all my biggest need is to be needed (:

      And what happened to your spellings?:P They used to be good till my last post.

  3. You know what… you should do masters in psychology or something like that :D
    Oh and I still wait for one post ;)

    • You still wait for what?:O

      Err :$ Am not good at ‘psychology’ :P I have come to realize it by now:)

  4. No, I take my words back… It’s NOT just psychology… You’re actually a blend of everything :D
    Really (:

    • It’s just the way YOU look at me :)

      Lub ya:)

  5. I wish relations would last forever… at least, my current relations (:
    Anyway, thought-provoking post… Would look forward to it in case of need…
    But I TRULY hope not to feel the need to do so (:

    • :) I wish same.

      And they DO last forever if we start learning from them (: They become part of our personality then.

  6. people think that it is difficult to forget, but it is not so. just close your eyes for one moment and say ” it is only for you ALLAH” and you will see that how the power to forgive comes.
    hira! hav you ever felt the pain when something bad happens to you from someone you are not expecting. this pain is most bad pain but man has the energy to forgive it, to forget it.
    “Oh ALLAH give us the “sabr” we are helpless and you are the best companion.”

    • :)

      Ameeen.. Sum Ameeen :)

      Jee. I’ve experienced it a lot many times :) but i SO agree that Allah was right there to handle me every time.. You know? This post is NOT outcome of ‘observations’ but of ‘experiences’ :) People who know me closely, know that these things/habits are part of my personality (:

      Man indeed has :) Truly said. JazakALLAH for your comment :)

  7. Yes, that’s always the biggest fear, the relation ending due to any reason.

    • Indeed that is :)

  8. Great post.

    Agree with every word that’s been written. All experiences in our lives, good or bad, serve a purpose much higher than we think they do. They add to the very fibre of our being.

    But then I somehow believe – “Do not let the events in your life define who you are. Let who you are define the events in your life.”


    • Welcome to my blog Isha :)

      Am sorry for being SO late in doing so :$

      Truly said :) But as far as ‘defining’ events is concerned, we may not define ‘events’ but we SURELY can define their ‘impact’ on our lives. And that’s what matters at the end.

      I wonder whether you don’t do blogging or your blog is private because am unable to see any link :) But still your comment is really a valuable one. Hoping to be in contact through world of words.

  9. A stream can never be stale & fusty. Contrarily, stagnant pool has nothing to do with freshness.
    Flowing with time would never end up in a spoiled rotten you;

    Write-up depicts your pleasant attitude towards life.

    • Beautiful comment :) I could never have expected such comment while writing this post. I wonder who you are but your comment is precious for me :) And i would be honoured if you keep on sharing your valuable thoughts.

      Errr.. I wonder about my ‘pleasant’ attitude. May be you’re way too early in judging me :) But my attitudes ‘wish’ to be pleasant. This desire , savoured with ‘faith’, somehow ‘tends’ to make me more of an optimist.

      Be blessed whoever you are :)

  10. and so it is stated that i have lost my mind and i dont feel the same.

    • …. Hmmmm…??!!

      And so it is stated that your loss has made me also loose my mind.

  11. I got my answers which i have been struggling since months HIra, sab kuch jaanti hun but i couldnt come out of my depression…but ultemately i seeked solace in Allaah n my whole being is filled with energy for a new start but for me forgiving is not easy…but i have to for the sake of my peace of mind…

    awesome blog ..bless you.

    • :)

      I dunno what to say Aarzo. All i can say is that i am loving to have you on my blog :) and wish to have a detailed conversation some day.

      Forgiving indeed is not easy IF one willing to stick to what happened in past. Moving on, along with learning lessons, makes forgiving easy :) Try for once at least. Just give yourself a shot to move ahead with power of faith :) And you will experience a miracle in your life, inshAllah.

      Be blessed always :) Hoping to be in contact through world of writings.

  12. Assalamoalaikum,

    yes it’s me Umm Zakariyya :D from PKF too, i got the link to your blog from a few blogs i have started reading, samah’s beelogue and Adil i think.

    I am surprised that you responded to the comment!!!

    MashaAllah a great blog and wonderful writing, rather ingenius as usual. I had been missing you and PKF everything is fine, some things are updated. I hadn’t been visiting myself for some time, but last year have been more or less regular in some odd ways…

    I think its always wonderful to speak to everyone there when one is non biased and open minded..

    How are you and how’s your life going?Exams, seems you chose math after all.. i remember you had good marks in both bio and math and didn’t know which one to choose further, May Allah give you success, so you remember me, strange!!!

    This time my lcomment will prob appear different as I have recently started doign some blogging as well, Im new to everything but it will carry on InshaAllah and nice to elarn something new everyday:)

    • Aww Ayesha Baji :)

      Am sorry for being SO late in replying this time :$

      Why would i NOT respond you?:O

      Ummm ummm :) I have also been TOTALLY cut off from there from more than an year. Wonder how things are there. I though sometimes wish to get back but then the atmosphere there isn’t the same it used to be :) may be .. for me only..

      Aww:) you have good memory indeed mashAllah. Yup i had choosen maths.
      And now I am doing Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. Third semister (2nd year) would soon start in few days, inshAllah.

      Where’s link to your blog? I couldn’t find any link your comment. Do give me link to your blog, if possible :)

      Zakarriya ko pyaar dijeye ga :) Be blessed wherever you guys remain, Ameen/

  13. where art thou?

    • Right here I am .. :) *huggiee*

      Thankooo :)

  14. mind blowing

    • Welcome to my blog.

      Thank you :)

  15. Kidhar gaien baita! :)

    • Idher rahee :) Kesay hain aap?!

  16. Your words are very profound. I like what you said about “Allah sends relations in your life for some purpose”. I have no religious beliefs, but recent experience suggests you may be right.

    • Welcome to my blog :)

      Hmmm :) Thank you for your valuable comment. Hoping to be in contact through world of writings.

  17. amazing. Your words are very profound.

    • Errrr… I dun really think so.. but thank you for your concern :)

      Welcome to my blog :)

  18. where have you been :(

    • ……………… :) *huggie*

      Kaa kahoon aap ko main abb?!:)

  19. whr r u…..

    • Here am I :)

  20. where are u…..

    • :)

  21. you are “tagged

    • Thank you for tagging me. I would reply there ASAP :)

  22. great:)

    • Umm :)

  23. gud to c u back….keep it up !!!!!

    • Errr :)

  24. MashaAllah its so nice to see you back, Zakariyya is MashaAllah a big boy now, Alhamdolillah..

    I think you can click on my name here, and it will lead you to the blog, in any case here’s the address:

    and good luck in your studies.

    I think the environment there hasnt been the same, but then, there’s new people, there are changes, many times we do not want to remain in our own cosy little corner of familiarity, but sometimes changes are good, so I think there are good changes there. I for one thing would like to see it prosper…:)

    • Have checked your blog. MashAllah it’s AWESOME!:)

      Ummm ummm.. :) Changes scare me now, Baji. It’s good to listen that ‘good’ changes are there!:) PKF indeed is one of most significant pillars of my life.

      May Allah bless everyone out there. :)

  25. Hira..

    (and this is not false flattery.. I truly do!)

    and this was the part I needed now,
    ” strength is measured not by holding on, but by letting go”

    Thank you for coming up with such an awesome post!

  26. have you ever tried realizing that your being same can be because of many reasons, reasons which Allah wants YOU to figure out in order to meet the demands of your existence
    i like this n we have not think of it
    i thnnk u should be a writer so that we will get ood lesson 4m u
    really ur post r inspiration 4 me thnkssss

    • My posts can never be anything for anyone =) It’s the light inside your ownself which became your guider and made you enlightened on a dark path.

      Bless thee :)

  27. Such a beautiful collection of thoughts :) Loved them! Keep writing :))

  28. People come into your life and people leave it… you just HAVE TO trust that life has a road mapped out for you. You never leave someone behind, you take a part of them WITH you and leave a part of yourself behind. Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when it was understanable if you fell apart, that’s true strength. As Joseph Campbel said, “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us”. The life which is planned by hands greater than ours, understanding more proper than ours, and submit our will in will bigger than ours.

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