Prelogomenon.. (Introduction to Blog)

Err.. FINALLY I’ve come up with introduction to my blog:)

The previous one (Introduction ) was actually what i had written in 10 mins on demand of my Sir during first class of ‘Communication Skills’ :P *embarrassed*

But I’ve finally penned down a proper prelogomenon/welcome note for my blog :) Here it is : Prolegomenon

Welcome to world of my writings :)




  1. TEN MINUTES??? Get lost :P I DON’T believe you at all :P :P
    And thanks… I lub being in your world of writing… heheh… :P

    • Lolz. I meant that we had to do it hurriedly:D

      Awwhh :) I lub you having here ;) And did you check Prolegomenon?:O

  2. I’m with MM on this! Ten minutes? :o

    • I meant that we had to do it hurriedly :)

  3. I’m in love with your blog theme!!

    • Awww.. Thanks Priya:)

      Welcome to my blog.. Hoping to be in contact through ‘writings’.

  4. my feedback is at “Prolegomenon”

    • Okies :) Lemme check.

      And welcome again to my blog :)

  5. the new one is even better…and i wish you all the best with writing !

    • Thankew :)

  6. aha aha :)
    too good girlie :D

    • Are you laughing?:P

      If yeah, then why so?:P


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