Sedated Emotions..(Song Lyrics)

I was told to write song lyrics for an informal art movie..
This is what I could come with:

Scene: End Scene of movie.
Concept is derived from ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost.
Main theme lies in: ”Two paths diverge into a yellow wood’, ‘I chose the path less travelled by and that has made all the difference”.

And in this story it’s applied to Aamir who has made a mistake and his life diverged into two choices; one , he could blame himself and make amends or two, he could go on blaming everyone else but himself and live in neglect forever’ .He went for second option. And blamed Hira (his elder sis) for every failure in his life.. But in end, he realizes his mistake, when Hira had left him with a caring note. And he, for first time, accepts his mistakes and gets ready to fight in his life..


Here I lie, heavy hearted at the end
A solitary wanderer lost amidst thoughts
Fiery and ruddy are the eyes, foggy as tears blend
I try to say, they will rekindle all my dying thoughts

All about me has turned black with gloom,
My bones seem to rack with grim despair,
And oh! All I just feel is pending doom,
Every breath of mine is a gasp for air.

Lying broken and trampled, here I recall
My egoistic fights whenever made me fall
You washed my wounds, made me stand tall
Need you here, now will you not listen to my call?

My sedated emotions are recklessly screaming
I couldn’t comprehend the woe they went through
Numb I stood there, my sentiments were freezing
I couldn’t see your beauty with love false… Or true…

… Ohh! I’ve never been so weak, yet so strong …

Giving warmth in despair, tickling ribs when tense, together we have grown,
In caring, comforting and compassionate acts, our love that we have shown,
Reassuring the heart that despite of parting, we’d ‘never walk alone’.

… Ohh! I’ve never been so weak, yet so strong…

Though during the Parting of the Ways, the bereft heart grieves,
Strong is our bond, my sis and shall not crumble like withered leaves.

… Ohh! I’ve never been so weak, yet so strong …

A new meaning with an old cause.
I will not quit….I shall fight on..

Special thanks to My Dedi aka Imama Hameed for her special concern and support. Without her encouraging words, I seriously couldn’t have written a single verse :) Love you a lot and blessed to have you at my side.



  1. Amazing=)

    • Thanko :)

  2. That was brilliant!
    A job well done! *Applause wala icon* .. :)

    • Aww :) Thanks a lot.
      Your applause matters a lot.

  3. Good work lady ! :)
    I ve a couple of suggestions though, and can tell you if you’re interested.

    • SURE!
      Please go ahead :)

  4. may i just clap and clap and make merry?

    • Awww.. :) You know? This is SO sweet. You really spread a smile on my face :)
      You also keep smiling ALWAYSS!*huggie*

  5. Amazing! Seriously, simply amazing!! And I’m not amazed very easily.

    Especially loved these verses:

    “”Lying broken and trampled, here I recall
    My egoistic fights whenever made me fall
    You washed my wounds, made me stand tall
    Need you here, now will you not listen to my call?”

    • Errr :)
      If you aren’t amazed easily, then i would perhaps say that today is just ‘my’ good day.. Because i don’t find anything ‘amazing’ in that :) It’s just the matter of vision.

      Thanks :) Your comments matter a lot.

  6. Aren’t you a bit too modest young lady? ;)

    • Errr.. No I’m more of a realistic young man :)

  7. Awesome (:

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Hope to see you again, lady (:

    • Thank you for liking:)

      And it was rather my pleasure!:)

  8. oh lady! it is awesome. Hope with pain, wish with struggle, the combination is quite interesting.

    • Thankoo *innocent smiley*

      And the combinations you mentioned, if go together then world becomes a better place to live :)

  9. WOW! That’s awesome! :)

    • Sowiee this comment of yours was in spam :S

      Just saw now!:)

  10. First of all, apologies for now being EXCITED and all that… over their-assigning-you-the-task-to-write-this-song… I was LITERALLY hyperactive :D and I still am begging you…. GET ME ITS TICKET…. WILL YOU? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ :P
    We’ll go together (;
    Anyway, after reading the lyrics yesterday, I was in a state of trance… I didn’t know what to say…. I don’t know I’d EVER be able to write something like this… It’s truly amazing (:
    I admire your seriousness and depth…. you truly are a writer (:
    But you’re my friend…MORE :P :P
    Heheh (:

    • Lol:)

      ……………….. :)*huggie*

      Errmm.. yupie am your friend.. MORE! And am glad to be so!:)

      As far as being a true writer is considered, I still have doubts about that but I’ll try to live up to your expectations:$

      Lub ya!:)

  11. WOW! This is awesome!

    • Thankoooooooo so much :)

  12. Gr8 song girl !
    its touchy touchy :P

    • Thankew so much :)

      And welcome to my blog :)

  13. Since, I have been giving you some informal remarks about this work specifically so let me get some formal here (as it’s officially my first post in your blog at any of your post.) I guess, I might have told you not that this is such a GREAT piece of work written by you which I have ever come to read. In one word, I would describe it as an ‘inspiration’, in three words, ‘more than inspiring’ and in a sentence, I would maybe call it ‘A non-fictional influencing set of four beautiful cantos’. To tell you the truth, this poem is your second verse attempt which I have jotted down privately, and that I nominated few of my other friends in the very night to read it as well. I believe that all of them enjoyed this heavily influencing verse-read.

    Now, let’s be a bit critical here.:)

    What drew me to ‘love’ this work was its opening lines.

    ‘Here I lie, heavy hearted at the end
    A solitary wanderer lost admist thoughts’

    As I defined above and as far as I see, Sedated Emotions is obviously a non-fictional talent of turning base metal into gold. I have also heard poetess describing it as something plain or ordinary but did she ever know that she had actually composed something beautiful and extraordinary in less than 75 minutes? Can’t a literary mind see her as a genuinely talented person of this genre? No, I am not being sycophantic here.:) Most of the people who may read this would be in agreement of my statement.

    ‘Lying broken and trampled, here I recall
    My egoistic fights whenever made me fall’

    This particular chunk of this verse really struck home with me. In part of his journey to regrets, Aamir ends up in revealing it to himself that he was actually the victim of his ego. I, being an elder sibling can somehow understand his state of mind here when he chants:

    ‘You washed my wounds, made me stand tall
    Need you here, now will you not listen my call?’

    Without reversing into past 2 years and revealing about the person whose absence once made me to undergo with all this, I am still able enough to feel the pain ‘Need you here, now will you not listen to my call’ contains. Most of the times in our life, we get used to take the love of our beloveds to us as something for granted. We unintentionally believe that they have signed a contract with us which would always make them to love us in the way they do now. Meanwhile, we hurt them, tease their egos, break their confidence and kick them hard without knowing that once we had a relationship of love with them. Love which grows under the shadow of understanding and showers of trust and frankness. One day, these fatigued people walk out of our lives leaving their baggage behind and this baggage ultimately becomes our guilt forever. Then we cry, yell, pray and plead to Lord to give us back what we have lost. How many of us get rewarded by Him then? I don’t know about others but in my case, I guess I have been highly rewarded. I, at last got what I once pleaded for. Alhamdulillah, a piece of my soul which was missing in my life once is with me now.

    I think, I am being too narcissistic here. Ain’t I?:)

    Anyhow, right after when I got done reading it properly; I set the paper down, and realized that poetess should continue writing it in the way she did. As she knows well that I want to inject my dreams of writing in her eyes so that she would fulfill them in the way I once desired to. For so long, she has been writing and been read and told by her friends and nearest ones that she should keep on dong this, because they loved everything she had written. Well, now she shouldn’t be hesitant to write on regular basis because she has always lived up to my (and other’s especially) expectations.:) I so hope that vocalist and composer wouldn’t take this verse as the mere combination of ‘few words’ only and they would try their level best to do proper justice with the pain a sibling could have in another’s absence.

    Well, as you mentioned me in your personal comments right below the poem, I would say that I have not done anything other than to ‘ask’ you for writing this.:) When I was asking you to write it, I didn’t have even a minor hope that you would do it on my asking even. It doesn’t mean that I had doubt you to love me lesser than I do but for me, writing is a form of art in which just like a painter, a writer or poet essentially needs a sense of composition, tranquility, privacy and moreover a mood which a naturally talented artist always value above all else. I don’t know how could you dig it up and write it down so beautifully. Indeed, this is a verse that is hard to write praise for as my words are getting short to do this now, but I will say that I am highly proud of your dedication and sincerity to do this job with full responsibility.:)

    Best of luck for writing ahead, Zaini.:)
    My prayers and support is always with you.

    Love you~

    • My Gosh!!!!

      Then you say that i am good with words. How can I ever think of replying this love-filled reply, enriched with thought provoking lessons and advices and nourished with so much support and care for me?

      It has left me utterly speechless Dedi, with the overwhelming emotions it’s engulfed with. Lemme get back my composure, then I’ll try to reply..

      … :) You know? You are just TOO much!:P *kissy*

      Love you too :) A lot.

    • I know, I am just too much.:) But there are very few for who I get this much intensive and you take a top among them.:)

      You liked the post, fair enough for me, my doll.:)

    • Lub you loads and heaps:)

  14. wow=)

    • Errr?:) This wow was at?

  15. nice hira
    i m eager to c dis superb work in da movie……….keep it up

    • Welcome to my blog Kdeee ;)

      Thankooo :)

    • yeah i’ll definitely try taking out tym for da blog
      n u keep penning down ur motivational thoughts :)

    • Errr :)

  16. m just speach less i dn have words 4 u nd ur lyrics

    • Aaaaaaha!:) Yeh kaun aaya humare blog pe.. Kabhi hum unko dekhain kabhi apne blog ko ;)

      Thankoooo :) *huggiee*

  17. amazing …. its incredible … i dont have words to describe it
    you’ve conveyed the message so beautifully

    • Hey :D Look who has come :)

      Thankoo SO much Aineee:D

      :) really thanks dude..

  18. Thanks for post. It’s very imformative stuff.
    I enjoy to read!

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    • Lol. Thanks.

  19. Love you too.:)

  20. :)

    • Ermm :)

  21. WOW WOW WOW !

    May Allah bless you and your Dedi .

    Stay motivated ! <3

    • Ameen Sum Ameeen :)

      Well I’m in tries to stay so. :)

  22. Thanks alot, Zaufishan.:)
    I appreciate your prayers for us.:)

  23. Hira, I love it :)
    Hats off to you young lady ^^

    • =)
      Thank you! :))*hugs*

  24. that’s brilliant spotless…. :)
    your dee is great inspiration and made you write wonderful piece… hats off :)

    • Thank you =)

      And yesh. She undoubtedly is!:)

  25. really good stuff, mashAllah. You are a strong writer. =)

    • Thank you Anam =)

  26. Someone should seriously start compiling stuff for a book of her own..


  27. Great stuff !! Just showed to a friend of mine whose a great poet herself and finds your Work way above the standard level !!! ART !!!

  28. Ahm hmm! about the lyrics, i felt it deep inside me awesom amazing. I hope there is someone of a great caliber to sing it properly and give a nice body to this beautiful soul :) keep it up great work on your blog and it would be an honor to write on your blog if you allow me :)

  29. This was tremendous! =)

    May ALLAH keep the bond between you and your Dedi STRONG and keep you getting motivated of her. Ameen! :)

  30. This blog post charms me each time.:) Even after a long span, it does.


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