Dedicated to my all loved ones :)

Beatitudes For Friends of People with Disabilities

~Blessed are you who take the time to listen to difficult speech. For you help me know that if I persevere, I can be understood.
~Blessed are you who never bid me to “hurry up” or take my tasks from me. For I need time, rather than help.
~Blessed are you who stand beside me as I enter new and untried ventures. For my failures will be out-weighed by the times I surprise you and myself.
~Blessed are you who ask for help, for my greatest need is to be needed.
~Blessed are you who never remind me that today I asked the same question twice.
~Blessed are you who respect me and love me just as I am!!

I had posted it in a forum almost two years back :) Now when I read it, I feel a sense of gratitude and BEING blessed in my heart along with a desire to say out loudly, that it’s ME who’s blessed because of YOU!

Thank you everyone for making ME blessed with your existence..

Love you all (: *group hug*



  1. Just came here to say that I love you too.


    • :)*huggie*

  2. Awhhh.. I was NOT expecting you here at all!:)
    And you know well, that what’s the worth of your love in my eyes!:) So I need not say anything here atleast.

    • That was more than necessary for me, Zaina. Promised you before that I would accompany you in whatever and whenever you write and share. You will always be getting my complete support. InshaAllah.

      I love you~

  3. nICe wORdS….
    Really Touching…
    Now shall I say thank u ..?:P
    May Allah bless u ..!

    • Errr!:)

  4. Hey…. I love you, too…
    And you need not to thank us for anything…
    AND correct the following statement, “Beatitudes For Friends of People with Disabilities” … Actually the whole post, if asked me!
    I literally feel like hitting you with a huge stone *angry, sad face*…
    I love you yaar… And you need not to thank me for any of the reasons above. They’re not justifiable )’:

    • Ermmm:)
      Awhhh:D Dunno what to say!:)
      But I know myself more than my loved ones:P *mocking*

  5. Mujhe kuch bhi samajh nahi aaya ! :(

    • Hain?!:O
      As in?:P Do you want me to translate, or explain the main theme?!:)

  6. :)

    simply speechless.. but i know u can feel the silence :)

    God bless U…

    • Woah!:)Look who has come..
      Am surprised!:)


  7. WOW hira :)
    MA u r just too good…
    like i always say..
    MA baby MA :)

    • Thankoo soo much Fatiiii for coming here :)

      Khush raho hameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshhaaa*huggie*

  8. it was really a very good post but i love to say that”Blessed are you who ask for help, for my greatest need is to be needed.” honestly, it is my favourite one.

    • Yupiee.. It’s something which applies MOST for me as well (:

  9. I don’t really follow blogs, but some things are so true and full of emotions. I really like this line “Blessed are you who ask for help, for my greatest need is to be needed”


    • Errr :) Am surprised to see you here actually.

      Thank you so much for your visit and comment :)

      True, it applies most for me as well :)

  10. @ Dedi

    You support grabs me back to world of writings:) And it’s only your concern which has been pulling me towards this world.

    Love you too:)

  11. janta ne kya kahoon aur kya likhon q k mera ilm kamtar aur mushahida kamtareen he magr phir b kuch kehne ki jurrat ker rha hun beshak jitne logo ne mujhse pehle comments diye mujhse bht behter the her lihaz se
    aksar insan bht se lafzo me b kuch keh ne pata aur aksar kuch lafzo me poori zindagi ka nachoor bta deta he talib aur matloob ki simte hamesha mukhtlif hoti he janti ho is duniya me bht chand khoobsoorat roshte wo hote hain jo apko haath tham k chalna sikhate hain aur jab ap ghalat hote ho ap ko samjhane k baad apka sahara bnte hain

    Duao ka talib
    unhi chand manzilo ka raahi

    • Sab se pehli baat tow ye hai, ke aap ki raye ka aur KISI ke sath mavazna nahin kiya ja sakta, kyunke jab har rishte ki meri zindagi mein apni infiradi jagah hai tow har ik k jazbat se seenchay gaye alfaaz bhi APNI anookhi ehmiyat ke hamil hain.. aur mazay ki baat pata kia hai? Ke rishtoon mein qurbat ba’az auqaat khamoshi ya sada alfaaz ko bhi BUHAT asar-angez bana deti hai..

      Per meri iss baat se qat’an ye matlab na akhaz kijeye ga ke aap ki raye ‘aam’ ya ‘saada’ hai.. Jazbat ko alfaaz ke paimany pe parakhna chor dijeye young man (: Jazbagt ki gehraiye ko unn ki sachaiye se munsalik kijeye.. Karne ki koshish tow kijeye aik baar (:

      Jahan tak unn khoobsoorat rishtoon ki baat hai, sach kaha (: shayad issliye ALLAH ke sath humara rishta SAB se khobsoorat hai.

      Dua go tow hamesha se he hon.. (:

  12. Blessed I am to have you! (:

  13. :)

  14. glares that u r blessed because ur living with ur actual IDENTITY…. poeple know u here WHAT U R ACTUALLY…. :)
    Be Blessed

  15. logo ke pass aksar ilfaz nai hote kuch beyan kerne ke leye =p
    ya ilfaz kam par jate ha =p but ap ne chand alfaz main bohot kush beyan ker dia =p
    bohot he alla =p hira baji =p

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