And here I stand again!!!
Lost with shattered thoughts..
Lost in the desert of life, blinded by the salty water in my eyes..
Lost in the dillisions of sight, trying to recognize my vagued selfhood..
Lost in the ashes of time, failing to distinguish between right and wrong..
Lost in the storm of realities, trying to understand my perplexed personality..
And again, here I am!!
Here I stand again.. lost having a fogged identity!!!



  1. *speechless*
    It’s beautiful
    But gloomy

  2. Hmmm…..?? Why are you lost dollie…

  3. @ Mo

    I wonder how did you like this crap :) *huggie*

    @ Aapi


  4. And yeah *innocent smiley*

    Lub you both :)

  5. I m thinking either to welcome you “once again” or not….coz…its again a time time since ur last post…

    Kool…. words…

    Thank u for visiting my blog…

    Have Suns…

  6. I lub you back more :P
    And I don’t consider it crap, dear (:

  7. @ Asad

    Lol:) Yeah the fight with my life and words isn’t ended yet. It doesn’t allow me to come up with what I think.

    @ Mo

    Errr:) That’sh because you’re Mo afterall!:P Otherwise it’s nothing BUT crap..

  8. hmmmm,,

    you really sarted it agian ?

  9. ahan..!
    When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me.”

    ~Erma Bombeck~

  10. No, it’s NOT crap X.X
    It’s NOT crap X.X
    It isn’t !!! It isn’t!!!
    I don’t like you *tearful*

    P. S. I’ve an award for you at my blog (:

  11. Write more…unleash…

  12. It’s beautifully written and the gloominess makes it more beautiful (:

  13. Update ma’am , update ! :)

  14. @ Asad

    Ermm.. :) Dunno what to say..

    @ Mo

    .. :)

    I told you the history behind it. It was never meant to be written. I had to write an article but somehow, couldn’t complete it because of lab examiner. So for me, it’s nothing but a jumbled flow of words.

    @ Cavaliere

    I actually have no idea that what made you like it.
    But still, thanks for liking this crap:)

    And ermm.. I’ve update sir!(:


    Errr:) Thanko young lady.. Firstly for visiting my blog and secondly for honoring me with your likeness despite that I don’t deserve that:)

  15. … That’s okay now :P :P

    And do check the award that I gave you )’:

    Hehe (:

  16. Ok i love this !!

  17. Errr errr.. thankew:$

    :S :)

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