You there to listen?

It is a Sufi Proverb that,

“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God”..

It’s a fact that people go for making judgments about your personality just by looking at you, and seeing how you act around different people.. However, according to my angle of thought, our personality isn’t merely one-sided but it consists of many aspects which are situations dependent. Hence situations are the ones which defines one’s personality; dealing properly with different situations can even make us matured at a very little age.. I, fortunately or unfortunately, am one of such cases.

I opened my tiny eyes in this large world on January 1, 1991.  It took seventeen years to create who I am today.. Within these years, I have been given the freedom to explore the world in order to satisfy my curiosity towards all the strange and wonderful things in the world around me.

I grew up in a healthy family. With an elder brother, I spent my childhood and early years.  My parents both had stable careers and this provided us with more opportunities to learn what we desired to..

My childhood wasn’t really a catchy and a colorful one. Despite being the first girl in both paternal and maternal families, I had always been an isolated kid with lack of interest in all what used to please other children. That made me search out my interest, and at the age of six,I ended with books.

So here was I, a bookish child. Spent most exciting years of my life in company of books . But with passage of time, my interests started widening and here I am now, with interest in more or less every field..  From art and literature to sports, from collections to entertainment, from innocent stories to scientific logics.. My interest is no more  a ‘bounded’ one.. I am more willing to ‘accept’ life in its all forms..

All my life, I always tend to be a student.. Whether as student of engineering or life, I always am willing to learn lessons and apply them in journey of my breaths. My Allah and my family comes at FIRST for me in this whole universe. Responsibilities associated with them lie on top of my priority list.. Among my self-made relations, there are a few loved ones of mine,who are more of my guiders and mentors.. And I value them with all my heart.. My relations are limited and they are VERY precious for me. People who endured me say that I am a sufferer of wanderlust in desert of thoughts , philanthropy and much more. I have been totally into literature and philosophy, and well perhaps more than desired. Besides having flying colors in innovative approaches and  activities, I’m recently doing Electrical (Major in Telecom) Engineering.  Currently I’ve an experience of seventeen years at my credit..  But am ambitious in turning out my dreams come true in the road(of life) ahead . Journeying through darkness, with a faint hope of leaving behind a spark – that would give reason to my existence.

Quoting Khalil Jibran,

“I am like a blind man who feels his way so that he will not fall.”


The main objective of my life is to fulfill the real meaning behind my existence. I tend to cover a journey through the eyes of what man holds within. And I have a desire for my existence to leave thoughts bewitched. I’m ambitious to pay my utmost concern to responsibilities assigned to me as a student and a human..