.. :)

Hmm.. KAFEE dinoon se buhat kuch likhne ka sooch rahee thee..As this is the only place left now where i open or describe bit of thoughts going on in my mind.. Magar my mood swings dont allow me to find myself in harmony :$ And anything if not written in harmony is useless..

What to say more??Yeah,wanted to thank Bhaiyya jan for saying me to create this blog..Yesterday was really thinking that i collect and gather my thoughts to post in blog ( it’s though a different matter that i post only a few from those)But really it does help me to make over myself.. The first step to come over any state is to realise main problem..Detection of main thing helps us to come over that mental phase and collecting my shattered thoughts help me to understand myself  (:

Yeh blog jahan aap sab ko mujhe jananay main madad deta ho ga waheen iss nay mujhay bhee apni zaat kay ander jhankanay kaa aik mauqa faraham kiyaa….Humara sab say bara almiyaa yeh hay kay hum apni sakhsiyat ko,..apnay aapko hee kabhee bhee sahee say naheen jaan patay hain :)Hallankay jab tak aqal ka safar khatam naheen ho ga,rooh kay safar ki hum ibtidaa ka tasavur bhee kesay kar saktay hain??Hum apnay ird gird kay hallaat,…duniya main ro-nama honay walay waqiyaat,apnay gid-o-navah ki masroofiyaat tau buhat shauq say mehsoos kartay hain magar apni shaksiyat ka bao`oz jaiza lainay say hamesha katratay hain kyunkay yeh jaiza humain humaree asliyat say aagah jo kar deta hay…….Hallankay bahesiyat-e-insaan aur phir musalmaan,…yehi ghaur -o-fikar insaan ko usski duniya main haqeeqat say roshnaas karva deta hay…Aur yaheen say rooh kay safar ka aghaaz hota hay jo ishq-e-haqeeqi ki janib pehla qadam hay  (:

And thankew Bhaiyya for allowing me to have this chance (:

Aur kya bataoon??Have decided not to discuss any of my thoughts to ANYONE neither on msn nor on phone aur wesay real life main tow aise kisi ke close hoon he nahin abb..Whatever situations are created by my Allah or my luck are to teach me few lessons and i can’t really deny that each and every thing happened taught me a lesson..All this crap is happening to teach me new things from whom i never had gone through before ..

And it’s better for me to understand now that NO one can do anything for me..I myself have to take decisions and steps…

Thankyou all of you for reading stupidities of mine..



  1. Itni ziada Urdu :P *confused*
    Liar. Liar.
    X.X @ “aur wesay real life main tow aise kisi ke close hoon he nahin abb.”
    I don’t like you ):

    P. S. Who is Bhaiyya? The owner of PKF?

  2. Lol (:

    Look at the date honey. It’s more than 2 years back when i wrote this gibberish:P

    You weren’t even in my life at that time :)

    Naaah. Here am talking abt Adeel Bhaiyya. He had said rather ordered me to make a blog initially.

    Uff.. HOW are you reading it all Mo? I myself can’t even read more than one line of this crap. Itni mistakes aur itna kuch ghalat aur fazool:O :$ I wonder what I used to be before *embaressed*

  3. Well, it was surely quite difficult reading it… not because it has (unseen) mistakes…. but because it’s Urdu =D =D

    And you should have included me X.X

    Even if I wasn’t a part of your life =P =P

  4. Lol.. Bilkul pagli he ho tum sach me(:

  5. Sach much main? =D

  6. You’re saying as if you dunno it yourself!:P

  7. lol… I DON’T *shocked expression*… Really :P
    And I don’t know what you did to your blog :P BUT it looks much better and attractive now (;


  8. Oopsss! Thanksh*innocent smiley*

    It’ll look perfect when you’ll be my designer:P :$ :P

  9. You want me design your blog? (;

  10. Do i need to mention it?!*frown*

  11. I’D LOVE TO!!!!!!!!!!
    I’D LOVE TO!!!!!!!!!!

    But on one condition: when I’ll visit you after your finals, you’ll treat me like a princess :D :D

    Okay, I’ve gone crazy… :P

    I’ll do it… let me get done with my last paper… and Era check my blog naw *puppy dog face, tearful*… it has a mention of you (;

  12. Awwwhhh!:)

    Okay girly.. abhi karti hon check!:)

  13. Thanks… Thanko… Thanki :P

  14. :D

  15. Of all the posts from the start, I din’t comment, but this one needs a comment. ‘You both are crazy :P’

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