So called MUSLIM eastern Girls Of Pakistan..

Buhat he afsoos se aaj main yeh haqeeqat tasleem karne per majboor hoon ke main AAJ ki no’javaan nasal ka hisa hoon..Un nau’javanoon main mera uthna bethna hay jo na sirf Islami Aqdaar ko faramosh kar chuke hain bulkey jinn ke nazdeeq zindagi ka maqsad bas ENJOYMENT he reh gaya hay ..Main jiss dharay main beh rahee hoon wahan ki larkiyan apnee sharm-o-haya ko pas-e-pusht daal ke har cheez ka MAZA chakhnay ko durust maanti hain !!

Anyhow,coming back to my topic.. Thing which forced me to create this was a view of DRUNK girls in my college !! Humare college main drugs miltay hain,i knew this (: Kahan se milte hain,i even was aware of this fact..Main yeh bhi janti thee ke larkiyan buhat si doosri sargarmiyoon ka hisa hain,na sirf unn sargarmiyoon ka bulke apni izat ko daao per lagane wale af’aal ka bhi shikaar hain.. But had NEVER viewed all this stuff by myself..

But yesterday,..i got to see some girls who had taken drugs..Masters aur bachelors ki theen.. I instantly complained..And they were caught..Magar OONCHAY khandaan se hone ki wajah warning dey kar chor diya gaya..Also they were good in studies tow iss baat ka bhi lehaaz rakha gaya ke final exams qareeb hain..Afterall my college is ONLY concerned with RESULT which students produce..They dont really care for whatever is happening..Laiken uss ke foran ba’ad mujhe bhi warning mill gayee unn larkiyoon ki taraf se !! Key mujhe unke ma’mlaat main parne ki zaroorat nahin..Main junior hoon junior he rahoon tow behtar hay… Aur yehi wajah hay ke aaj maine college aur academy dono se chuti kee..As i knew key mujhe apne fellows ke kiss kisam ke savalaat ka javab deyh hona hay !! Dair se he sahi mujhe unn savalat ka javab tow dena he hay..magar abb mujhe jazbaat per qabu he rakhna ho ga…

I also know a college in Islamabad..Jahan AISI AISI harkaat hoti hain ke jin ke baray main main sooch ke he sharminda ho jati hoon.. Also wahan ki HAR class main AIK ya do larkiyan aisi LAZMI hain jo BAA’QAIDGEE se smoking aur drink kartee hain.. Mujhe yeh batain..bulke poori poori tafseelaat pehlay bhi pata chalti rehti theen but i never believed ke HUMAREEE larkiyaan aisa kar sakti hain..

One more college in Rwp..jiss main abhi pichlay maheenay larkiyan prohibited medicines aur aik dosre ko injections lagate hoyee pakri gayeen.. Aik aur larki USSI din college se AGHVA ho gayee…Uss larki ki ammi ka kehna hay ke vo larki uss din college NA jane per zidd kar rahee thee magar ussay zabardasti bheja gaya magar chuti ho gaye aur uski wapisi na hoyee .. Aur phir pata chala ke uss ko aghva kar liya gaya hay…

One of my neighbours..Aap uss larki ko dekhain tow she seems to be SUCH an innocent and sweet girly by face..Studying in graduation.. Mama uss ki MAASOOMIYAT ki aksar tareef karti hain..And even I myself believed her to be like that untill i myself heard few statement from her .. Affairs chalana tow kher aaj kal MAJORITY larkiyaan ki hobby ban gaya hay.. laiken vo larki iss say KAHIN aagay niklee aur apne waldain,aur pooray khandaan ki izat daboonay ka bayes bani…

Aur aisee an-gint misalain humain apne ird gird nazar aati hain..Kya hay yeh sab??Yeh hain vo haya ka paikar jinn ko MASHRIQI kaha jata hay?Yeh hain vo islam ki AURATEEN..Aurat DHAKI CHUPI cheez ko kehtay hain jab ke yeh sab tow apni izat,namoos ki khud he dushman bani hoyee hain..Kya hum sab itney apni taleemaat se anjaan ho gaye hain ke humain ZARA se bhi sahi aur ghalat ki pehchaan nahi rahi?Humare diloon per iss qadar qalak mall dee gaye hay ke hum achay aur buray ki pehchaan khoo bethay hain??Hum kiss kisam ki la-hasil manzil ki janib barh rahe hain aakhir..

I know i have to suffer a lot for my complain about those girls.. Magar jo cheez mujhe kal se chubh rahi hay ke unn larkiyoon ki family se unn ki sifarish aaye thee..Matlab unn ke waldain bhi iss qadar andhay( Allah maaf kare) ho gaye hain ke unn ko apni betiyoon ke kartoot nazar nahi aatay.. iss qadar nadaaani..Kya koi keh sakta hay key yeh sab batain aik ISLAMI ma’ashray ka hisa hain..Laiken nahin abb islami mash’ra raha kahan ke abb humain iss ki tasdeeq ki zaroorat paray…Hum tow apne aaap ko musalmaan kehlane ke bhi qabil nahin rahay abb…



  1. sabse pehle hum aapki iss koshish se behad khush hain k chalo koi toh hai jisne iss jahaan mein izzat aur imaan ka parcham ooncha uthaye rakha hai…..
    ek aur baat hum aapko kehna chahte hain k aapki soch aur neeyat waakai mein kaabil-e-taarif hain par iss duniya-jahaan ko aur uski gandagiyon ko puri tarah se saaf karna naamumkin to nahi par itna aasan bhi nahi hai…..
    iske ilava hum aapko ek aur baat kehna chahenge k duniya mein har waqt aise misaal aapko milenge jo ek taraf kaamyabi to dusri taraf naakami ko pure taur par pesh karte hain….aise mein ek samajhdar insaan ka kaam hai k woh unse seekh lekar aage badhe…..

    Hamari Hindi/Awadhi mein ek kahavat hai k “Kaajal ki kothri mein kaiso hi sayano jaaye…..ek leek laagi hai pai laagi hai” yaani k “No matter how much learned u are….if u enter in a coal mine (here it is significant of wrong deeds) u will surely get some blemishes on u too”

    So my suggestion to u is that ur emotions are good but don’t try to indulge in them ‘cuz in some or the other way it will affect u too just as in the above mentioned case u said that u had to take a holiday because of that incident in ur college”

    (pardon me if ‘am sounding a bit like lecturer or preacher n forget it if u didn’t liked it)

  2. Gosh!:) It’s TWO years back when i had written this all in my previous blog.

    And you did NOT sound like a lecturer at all:) But it really felt nice to learn under the light of your experiences. Hoping to learn a lot from you always:)

    And jee. I agree with everything you said :) Especially the quote you mentioned. That’s really inspiring and true as well:)

    But again, it’s what i wrote two and half years ago:) Am quite changed now. And somehow, have got a bit idea of how to deal with such situations:) I don’t lose temper on such situations any more.

    Your concern matters a lot indeed. Thank you :)

  3. well…the issue is of relativity… its good that finaly vhave a voice against the values but prob is to curb the source which instigates and provokes for such deranged actions… then the system itself… by and large i feel u did something of….quite a right magnitude and .. you did it right ,,bravo wat the heck… i mean dekhtay hain kia hota hay maslehat say hi to halat yahan tak pohanchay hian..

    • Err err err (:

      True you are at your thought about main source/initial point. Errr (: I did it more than even two years ago. And you know? Among EVERYONE, I repeat everyone who has ever to know of it, you’re ONLY one who said that I did right (: Normally people advice to opt for ‘ignorance’ and bluntly speaking, I also opted ignorance afterwards. No wonder why have we become so much ruthless now..

      And last but by no means least, Welcome to my blog (:

      It’s GREAT to have your valuable comments here (: And I mean it.. really..

  4. Assalamoalaikum

    I thought i had read this somewhere else..:)
    it was amazing to hear this from a part of the generation, I mean normally we would open our eyes to the younger generation and would keepon following our peers with blind eyes and deaf ears.

    I think that goodness can only be spread by us refusing to follow evil. In my case, I have been the one to stand up to things, not to agree with certain things that have been accepted as normal and made my OWn way and Alhamdolilah after the initial resistance people have actullay started following my way. Of not following ANYONES way but they themselves think is right..

    mashaAllah I can already see you making big differences in the world with your pen alone :)

    • Walaikum us salam :)

      Well. I wrote it in time when i used to be regular at PKF. So had posted it in serious discussions of PKF as well :) That’s where you read it perhaps.

      MashAllah :) And jazakAllah for so much moral support.

      Lolz. Now that’s a heavy statement at the end. Pata nahin Baji!:)

  5. Asalamoalaikum
    yes that’s where I had read your article..

    Its strange how I was “lecturing” you about the website a few weeks ago and now I myself would agree with you.. sometimes kids are waay ahead of us olders..:D

    Keep up the good work Hira :)

  6. Assalam O Alaikum,

    Well ur post is great enough to make one realize where they are heading to, reality is always bitter enough to be accepted but it has to be….
    Allah may give sense to girls and to each and every person of society to early learn the lesson rather it’s not too late………….

  7. :)

  8. ‘ If you see something wrong, change it with your hands. If you are not able to change it with your hands, then speak out against it. If you are not able to speak out against it, then at least condemn it in your heart’ – Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

    Hats off girl .

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