In My Solitude..

In my solitude,
Eastern light brushes my face gaily.
North wind transfix me.
West slumbers kick up a shindy with East
South is dusted with amber brown leaves,
Neath this bed,deep deep inside,
Lies a wakened world.

Sky aborned with beams of crimson and scarlet garnet.
Early bluebird sings and dances,hither and thither.
Daisies open their sweet petals
In the depth of praises.
Fearless and innocent.
Pride in their hearts,for pearls of few lay in their folds,
Puff of charming wind touch their silk
With a pacifying sound.
Little specture winnowing and buzzing.
Fields,mushy furrowed fields jublicant,
Wreathed in smiles.
Sulcate of golden wheat lulling.
In this beauteous land, here, yes,
Here I stand,
Though not acceptable,
Yet stands,
A reddened mapple I am
My meeked arms carry new lives,
My brooded leaves lollop,
And midget twidles lurk this
Sight marveled with tranquility,
My commotion can be heard for miles.
Plunged in my world,
I stand,
And see,every stranger,
Every remote land.
I stand,
And hear darting seasons of life,
Reverting back again and again,
With treacherous harmony.
I stand,
And feel cocksy movement of subterraneans.
I stand
And commemorate valourous tales of unknown lands
Appalling lightening
I stand,
In this realm clamorous yet silent,
With pastures swifting to and fro
And with rapt attention,
I hear,
And I’ll hear, till I stand..


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