Na jaane fizaoon main kya dhoondti hoon,
Zamanay main younhee main wafa dhoondti hoon.

Kyun hairat zada ho tum mujh se saathiyo,
Saraboon main chashma-e-Safa dhoondti hoon.

Koi tow Ya Rab bataye kahan hay,
Maseeha ka apne pata dhoondti hoon.

Sakoon na mill saka mujh ko jahan main,
Khudaya tera aasra dhoondti hoon.

Yeh deevaroon ki taqseem kiss nay hay rakhi,
Muhabbat ka darvaza khula dhoondti hoon.

Hira samajh sakee na alfaaz kay mai’ni,
Main shairoon main apne mad’aa dhoondti hoon..

(Hira Zainab)..



  1. It has some difficult words…
    Reminds me of our Urdu textbooks… :D
    I like the rhythm in it (:

    P. S. I wish I could easily understand poetry ):

  2. What was difficult word for you?!:) Am here for translation na!:P

    Aww.. you know? Understanding poetry isn’t merely a matter of understanding WORDS but it’s more of understanding the FEELING behind it. And I bet no one other than you can do it in best way!:)

  3. lol… Was it a joke? *frown*


    • Jee nai jee!*frown*

  4. And how exactly you expect me to understand a poem if every word of it is beyond my reach? :P

    I consider music (songs) understandable, even when lyrics are heavily loaded with difficult words, because music aims to touch our souls. And it can be done with or without the lyrics…

    Poems, however… Well, I don’t have the same views (:

    And the feeling generated by an incomprehensible poem… is one incomplete feelings (:

    In songs, music ain’t incomplete without the lyrics, though (: It has its own individuality (:

    Gosh… I don’t know what I’m saying :P :P English Literature’s fault… not mine *innocent face* :P I should have never studied it :D

    • Ummm!:)

  5. DIng dong :P

    • Ping Pong :P

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