My Birthday (:

Poora din guzarne ke ba’ad abhi jesay main aik thakay haray musafir ki tarah sab kuch qalam band karne ki kooshish karne jaa rahi hoon..Pichlay kuch dino main buhat kuch hua..And i did journey of miles in moments but i didnot get much energy to pen down everything over here (: Aur uss waqt mujhe aisa laga jesay main na-insaafi kar rahee hoon and therefore decided to delete this blog :$ But then i dunno what stopped me from doing so..Whenever i opened page for that purpose any such thing used to happen which did not allow me to go with that (:

Per aaj abhi APNE aap se baat karne ko buhat dil chah raha hay !!!! Wesay tow pichlay kuch arsay main maine apne aap se guftugu karnay ko he apni mat’aa mana aur yehi wajah hay ke i tackled everything by talking to my OWNSELF.. But that conversation with myself is always in form of random thoughts..So i just thought to pen down and atleast try to make them a bit regular (:

Aaj ka din kesa guzra?? Buhat kuch honay ke bavajood bhi din kafi acha raha..Shayad iss ki wajah yeh hay ke JISS JISS ne mujhe wish kiya ya kuch bhi kaha wo DIL say tha!!

My physical weakness is stopping to me go ahead with this conversation (: See ya latter..



  1. “My physical weakness is stopping to me go ahead with this conversation” => It’s not the first time I’ve read about it… Or I’ve been told about it…

    Apna khayal rakha karo na ):

  2. Jee janab e aalia!

  3. What’s janab e aalia? :P

  4. Lolz:P It’s like okay my lady ;)

  5. lol… Am I your lady? :D :D

  6. Oye:P Insan bano. Khud he samajh jao na:(

  7. hmmm

    no comments…

    yet u know wht i wd say…

    agreed on MM’s quotation..

    • BHAIYYA!:o

      It’s TWO years old!:O *frown*

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