Defeat from my ownself..

Few days ago i had made a decision in my mind that it’s enough..I have been much angst-ridden throughout and made my beloveds fall into an unlimited desert of thoughts..I decided that it’s all over now and i better stop telling my acts to everyone around me and stop collecting artificial sympathies..I thought that atleast i should not be the reason for the tears in my belevod’s eyes and now it should finish..

But guess what? I got defeat from my ownself..All things happened so unintensionally and suddenly that i could not hold myself and finally let myself come down..

Due to my inner wars,i had much confusion in my mind for many things..Buhat se dar aur khiyalat apna sar utha rahe thay..Aur shayad apne chahnay waloon ko maine isee khauf ki bheent charha diya..

Am getting back to normal now..Can’t thank enough for such support from my belevods..



  1. (:

  2. :)

  3. lol… it’s just attractions, attractions and more attractions between us :D :D

  4. Errrr :P

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