Lying Between Optimism and Passimism..

These days i am really getting mad due to fights between my positive thinking and passimistic approches..While moving ahead in life we really come to realise that life is not like what we really read or study in literature..Moral values which are taught to us in childhood are vanished in this world now and there’s noone who can really get you in your real life..

And by knowing all of above facts..It’s simply getting difficult for me to have that optomistic approch again..Afterall i myself HAVE to face the realities one day..I cant deny what’s really happening around me and i HAVE to move in my life by accepting them at all..

I have really got a belief now that farar is not always a solution..Kissi bhi cheez se mun chupa lenay se haqeeqat na he badalti na he humain humaree man chahee cheez mill jati hay..

At the same time i have got a firm belief that money does play a major role in our lives..I never knew that many pple around me are due to this money of my parents..But when this reality was revealed in front of my eyes..i was shocked and those who still think that money is not that much important..they better come out of their self made dream rather fairy land..

But at the end i can’t deny that positive thoughts are constantly approaching my mind (: They are trying to overcome the REALITIES ( so called passimism) of life.. And i am the one lying in between these two phase…

No place to go and no way to return…..Here am I..


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