Beyond Myself..

I had composed this poem about a month ago,i guess..I was passing from an era of my life when i simply didn’t know what to do and where to go!! I am still having such situation in my mind but it’s decreased now..and positive approaches are trying to overcome..So you can say that i am in between stages..


With empty feelings,empty thoughts,
And silence whispering in my heart
I linger towards my destiny.
I restrospect into my life,
And abstract ideas of past race my mind.
So randomly and swiftly they pass;
In my life i finally got all what i wanted,
But somethings left unfulfilled.
That haunt me and i depair my guilt.
Somethings I did I should not have done,
Somethings I did not which I should have done.
But altogether my reality is now lost,
And i stand here tired and exhaust.
No where to go and no place to return,
Standing barely on this boundless ground,
I try hard to hear a sound.
But no one speaks,no one appears,
As i feel down my cheek the tinkle of a tear,
My hands feel numb,
My mind feels dumb,
And stupified i stand,
With no supporting hand.
And thus,with empty feelings,empty thoughts,
I linger towards my destiny..



  1. In this poem, you don’t seem mature…. like you do in most of your writings (:

    You’ve sounded like a sad teenager…
    And I’m glad about it…

    Don’t grow too quick (:
    Maybe you’d regret later.

  2. Lolz!:) Jeee.. Jo hukm aap ka!:P

  3. Hey. I was serious. Mean it.


    Lub you :P

  4. I was serious too:X

    Lub you too:)

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